How to Give Your Agency Amazon Seller Central Multiple Users Access?

Zeeshan Riaz April 28, 2022

How to Provide Amazon Seller Central Multiple Users Access?

In the past few years, E-commerce platforms captured the attention of buyers, and consumer behavior shifted towards online shopping. Amazon became the leading E-commerce platform worldwide by reaching revenue of 469.82 billion US dollars in 2021.

According to the estimation for 2021, Amazon has 1.9 million active sellers, and the number of sellers is expected to increase in the future.

Amazon businesses are not easy to manage by a sole person, and therefore they require help from renowned marketing agencies to scale their businesses.

When you are hiring services of an agency, you will be required to provide Amazon seller user permissions to them. You will need to add your agency partner to your Amazon Seller Central account at a specific point or after the sales process. Learn how to add a user and update permissions.

Below are the steps you need to follow and enable Amazon seller central multiple users’ access.

amazon seller central multiple usersProvision of Access Through Email

Your partner agency will require access to your Seller Central account and you can provide them with permission for different aspects like Inventory, Order Management, Pricing or others. If you want to provide your partner agency access to your Amazon account through email, send amazon secondary user verification to their email address. After the acceptance from a partner, you can provide the right permissions based on what you want them to do.

After allowing access, your partner agency can manage your account.

Setting User Permissions in Seller Central

Step 1: Go to the Settings option and select User permissions from the listed options.

Step 2: Enter the name and email address in the boxes. Once you have sent the access to your account, anyone from your agency partner has to accept the invitation. You can email your project manager to provide the notification. Once the invitation is accepted, you can manage the actual permissions inside your Amazon account.

Once the successful approval of Amazon account access comes the other step. 

Step 3: Access Manage Permissions for the new user.

User Permission Settings

Inventory Access 

Step 4: Click the Admin option. We will need access to all things in inventory.

Pricing Access

Step 5: Click the Admin option. We will need access to all things in pricing.

Advertising Access 

Step 6: Click Admin. We require access to all things in advertising.

Orders Access 

Step 7: Click the Admin option. Needing access to all things in Orders.

Amazon Store Design Access

Step 8: Click Admin. We will require access to all things in Store Design.

Amazon Pay Access

Step 9: Click the Admin option. We will need access to all things in Amazon Pay.

Amazon Reports Access 

Step 10: Click the Admin option. We will need access to all things in Reports.

Amazon Setting Access 

Step 11: Click the Admin option. We will require access to all things in Settings.

It is essential to mention here that we don’t need access to Tax and Bank information. Please grant us permission for everything else.

Media Upload Access 

Step 12: Click the Admin option. We will require access to everything in Media Upload.

Internal/ Administrative Tools Access 

Step 13: Click the Admin option. We will require access to everything Internal/ Administrative Tools.

Performance Access 

Step 14: Click Admin Option. We will need access to all things in Performance.

Press the continue icon at the bottom of the settings page to save the changes you made.

Last Step: After doing everything, leave an email to your manager and let them know you have updated all the permissions. The project manager will cross-check and let you know if anything is left out or if we are good to go.

Provision of Access Through API/OAuth

Your agency partner delivers you the URL that you used to provide OAuth access. The tool will then programmatically access Seller Central to perform operations.

During the process of providing access, ensure to log in using your Amazon account. It is a very safe and secure way of providing access to the required tools because of the use of OAuth and Amazon login for authentication.

Several tools supporting Amazon Seller Central require access to Amazon Advertising API and MWS API access.


1. Can two people use the same Amazon seller account?

You can only add multiple users to your professional seller account, but you can’t transfer it completely.

2. How do I add multiple users to my Amazon seller account?

For inviting new users:

  • In the portion of settings, click User Permissions.
  • Inject information about the new user and click on send an invitation.

3. How many users can use an Amazon seller account?

You can invite users through a process to use your Amazon Seller account.

Bottom Line: Next time when you see amazon notifying ‘you do not have access to merchant,’ simply follow this guide. You can easily give Amazon seller central multiple users access to your partner agency. You can add users with two methods, either by email or API/OAuth.

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