Nothing is a better barometer for performance than what our past & current clients have said about us and our work. Take a look at some of the things they have said below:

“Urtasker’s work has met all our expectations. They are efficient and detail-oriented, helping us rectify crucial accounting issues that will save us $15,000–$20,000 in the long run. Their organized approach has managed the project seamlessly. Urtasker is a multitalented vendor that consistently drives results.”
“Our sales increased by 100% within the second month of our engagement with Urtasker. Additionally, our overall Amazon costs have reduced by 15%. Urtasker produces effective results and possesses an excellent work ethic. They maintain regular, transparent communication and are experts in their field.”
“Our sales are breaking records and improving month-over-month since partnering with Urtasker. They laid out a clear and transparent process that has led to excellent execution. Their effective project management style and honest feedback always have our best interests at heart.”
“Thanks to Urtasker’s work, our business grew from nothing to almost $10,000 in sales per month. The team immediately knew where I needed support. They were amazing from start to finish. It’s been a good partnership.”
“Urtasker achieved a 40% reduction in advertising costs and a significant improvement in sales just two weeks after taking charge of account management.”
“Urtasker helped us increase traffic by 80% and double our sales monthly. They flexibly held meetings in a prepared manner based on our available schedule. Overall, they have been a professional and highly driven partner, always prompt and consistently delivering on their promises.”
“Thanks to Urtasker, we’ve observed significant improvements in our PPC campaigns, including a reduction in ACOS from 80% to 30% and a halving of our monthly PPC advertising costs from $5000 to $2500. Additionally, we value Urtasker’s approach, which is grounded in systematic data analysis.”
“Thanks to Urtasker, we’ve experienced a 100% increase in revenue across all our Amazon stores, and they’ve successfully resolved all existing issues within our account. Their collaborative team demonstrates exceptional communication and planning skills, ensuring a seamless workflow.”
“Since entrusting our e-commerce store to Urtasker, we’ve seen major improvements in sales and other key metrics. Their team’s hands-on approach, marked by attentiveness to detail and strong project management skills, has ensured a seamless customer experience for us.”
“Since we began working with the Urtasker team, our sales have increased by 30%. We’ve been particularly impressed with their hard work during development and their persistence in ensuring that we achieved the right results.”
“We engaged Urtasker to build an Amazon marketing strategy for our Pet Notify Intellitag. This involved product presentation, ad scripting, and implementing a marketing strategy through Amazon posts and PPC campaigns. Our goal was to increase our product sales and customer reviews by 200%, a target we easily reached within 6 months.”
“Urtasker has helped us achieve a 45% increase in year-over-year sales, a figure that typically would have been just a tenth of that each month. The team has demonstrated excellent communication and reporting practices. They also proactively impart Amazon-related knowledge, which we greatly appreciate.”
“Because of Urtasker’s contributions, we have experienced an increase in domestic sales, and the efficiency of our operational processes has improved as well. We now ensure clients receive replies within 24 hours, and our shipments are consistently on time. Urtasker excels in timely delivery, effective project management, and maintains clear communication via Zoom.
Urtasker has been excellently managing our SEO assets and providing invaluable recommendations, which has been instrumental in driving our business success. The team communicates robustly, being informative, transparent, and supportive throughout our ongoing engagement. Overall, they have impressively delivered realistic results.
We have been thoroughly impressed with the level of quality that Urtasker delivers. The team provides a more modern and functional approach to development, and we are particularly impressed with how they take professional ownership of each project.
Urtasker not only handles various aspects of our business effectively, but they are also constantly in search of new avenues for our growth. As a result, we are now enjoying a massive increase in our sales. We’ve found them to be a reliable, hands-on, and supportive partner.”
On a weekly basis, Urtasker has been able to activate two listings and submit keyword and pricing analysis reports for us. Their expert team has also thoroughly addressed all our questions and concerns about Amazon. They are highly responsive and constantly available.
Urtasker’s support has been instrumental in improving the performance of our products. We meet regularly to go over goals, and they even suggest their own ideas to enhance the project. Having a project manager has been a key factor in driving the success of our collaboration.
As the owner of a small family-owned business selling health and wellness products online, I’ve experienced better sales and advertisement performance thanks to Urtasker. The team consistently meets deadlines and exceeds expectations. Their timely responses and communication throughout our engagement have been invaluable.
Since beginning our partnership with Urtasker, our ad expenses have dropped significantly. We’ve achieved the expected outcomes and plan to continue our service with them in the long term. Urtasker is highly regarded for their skills in e-commerce and dashboard tracking.
Urtasker’s work has attracted new customers and increased our sales. They are a dependable team that always gets their work done. By delivering top-notch work, they’ve developed a strong partnership with us.
Providing full-service management of our Amazon shop, Urtasker has performed exceptionally well throughout our engagement. Their team offers insightful digital marketing recommendations. They keep us regularly updated via email and Zoom, ensuring everything runs smoothly.
Within the first six weeks of our engagement, Urtasker significantly limited ad spend on our campaigns. This cost-cutting enabled us to expand the reach of our campaigns and see a better return on investment than before. Their team is also highly responsive via email.
As a personal care brand, we hired Urtasker to manage our new sales channel on Amazon. The team at Urtasker consistently hit all KPIs, exceeding our expectations. Their level of expertise makes them a trusted and efficient partner. We particularly appreciate their transparent approach, underpinned by detailed processes and workflow.


“I’ve been with Urtasker for 2 years now and I am very pleased with the services they provide. I use them for e-commerce account management, Website Design and Development Services and they get it done right. Their team is also very reliable in case a representative becomes unavailable, they source and train a new rep to ensure work continuity. Their rates are very reasonable when compared to local services. Highly recommended.”
“Before hiring Urtasker I was trying to manage all aspects of my business myself. After consulting with Urtasker I realized how much more my business could grow by using their experience in specific areas. I would recommend them to a friend based on their level of professionalism and expert-level knowledge in their services.”
“The greatest benefit I have seen so far since working with Urstasker; I have freed up a lot of my time so I can focus on the parts of my business that need me direct attention, which will enable growth. If you are a small business owner and are in that space where you need help but are hesitant, I would recommend giving Urtasker a chance to provide value, it could be the best decision you make for your business.”
“The Urtasker team assists us with Amazon PPC and content as well as with our new website creation and marketing through their Virtual Assistant program. From top management to the VA’s working on our projects, everyone is professional, courteous and they work very hard to make us more successful. We are very pleased with the progress we are making.”
“As a woman-owned business and solopreneur, I find myself stretched too thin trying to do all the tasks required to be successful. A friend referred me to Urtasker and with hesitation I contacted them not really knowing what I expected. I saw the results right away in my productivity and in my sales on my Amazon store. Being more efficient at work has allowed me to have more time with my family. I highly recommend Urtasker.”
“I have been working with the Urtasker team for a few months now. Their team is made up of all kinds of specialists from web designers to ecommerce and PPC experts. Whether you need help for Shopify, Amazon, Walmart or just image editing. They will get it done. I would recommend them if you need someone in your back pocket for any project.”
“Urtasker has a highly trained team of VA’s who understand the ecommerce space- especially Amazon. I have been very pleased with the work. I recommend Urtasker to anyone with a growing online business that needs to take daily tasks off their plate and wants the work DONE RIGHT.”
“I was feeling a bit lost and needed some help with my Amazon account, especially running ppc. I hired Urtasker and I found them very helpful, professional and hard working. I would recommend them to anyone that need some push in the right direction… or if you need some time off and want to leave your account in good hands, they didn’t disappoint.”
“We hired Urtasker earlier this year. We wanted an expert to run PPC on a new product. I was initially thinking to hire them temporarily just through the launch but now I can’t imagine running a business without their insight and services. Best investment for your business! I recommend them.”
“I’ve had the Urtasker team working for me for almost a year. These guys offer exceptional service. I would totally recommend them for all of your FBA needs.”
“Been using Urtasker for a few years, very happy with the value and services they provide. Highly recommend!”
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