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Carlos Alvarez
Carlos Alvarez
00:18 20 Mar 19
Working with Urtasker for additional staffing in my agency when there is a sudden gap has been amazing. Urtasker is the only staffing agency I go to for critical expert level staffing to compliment my in house teams.
Matthew Stewart
Matthew Stewart
19:46 10 Mar 19
I’ve had the Urtasker team working for me for almost a year. These guys offer exceptional service. I would totally recommend them for all of your FBA needs.
Yona Smith
Yona Smith
02:32 09 Mar 19
I was feeling a bit lost and needed some help with my Amazon account, specially running ppc. I hired Urtasker and I found them very helpful, professional and hard working. I would recommend them to anyone that need some push in the right direction... or if you need some time off and want to leave your account in good hands, they didn't disappoint
Peshy Friedman
Peshy Friedman
23:52 05 Mar 19
Excellent service, VA is very knowledgeable and eager to learn more in areas not that familiar with. Very willing to please and get the job done right. Has been an excellent experience so far, would recommend this service to any growing business
Bear Strength & Conditioning
Bear Strength & Conditioning
18:08 22 Feb 19
Before hiring Urtasker I was trying to manage all aspects of my business myself. I had heard about issues my friends were having with their own VAs and just thought I should do as much as I could on my own to avoid those issues. After consulting with Urtasker I realized how much more my business could grow by using their experience in specific areas. I would definitely recommend them to a friend based on their level of professionalism and expert-level knowledge in their services.
TACS International
TACS International
00:33 20 Sep 18
Urtasker services are really amazing, the VA's are professional and easy to work with.
Filip Crvenkovic
Filip Crvenkovic
00:24 20 Sep 18
Urtasker has been fantastic in providing our company support in key areas, especially with Amazon FBA (handling support, key issues & tasks we need resolved). Very happy with their team and service, they are proving to be an invaluable part in delivering awesome work for our clients.
Huma Samma
Huma Samma
23:51 19 Sep 18
So far my journey with Urtasker has been great. They are a team of professionals willing to listen and work hard towards your goals. They are very knowledgeable, highly approachable and friendly.
C. Valkenberg
C. Valkenberg
19:54 19 Sep 18
The URtasker team assists us with Amazon PPC and content as well as with our new website creation and marketing through their Virtual Assistant program. From top management to the VA's working on our projects, everyone is professional, courteous and they work very hard to make us more successful. We are very pleased with the progress we are making.
Muhammad Awais Sarwar
Muhammad Awais Sarwar
16:20 18 Aug 18
Amazon and ebay specialist, I can't say anything about other platforms, as they served me on these platforms. very active support with satisfactory results and leads. Thank you
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Do you need help in managing and growing your online business?

Hire an Amazon, eBay and Shopify Expert

  • Grab the chance of expanding your business with new ideas
  • Work with an industry expert to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Focus on developing strategies to increase sales while we handle your routine and time-consuming tasks
  • Reduce operational cost with a cost effective outsourcing solution
  • Stay ahead of competitors by working on your weak areas

Our Services

  • Amazon PPC Managment

  • Audit existing Campaigns
    Build strategy to boost sales
    Reduce ACOS ratio
    Campaign Management
    Weekly Campaign Reporting
  • Amazon Acc. Management

  • Product Research
    Product listing
    Listing Optimization
    FBA Reimbursement
    24x 7 customer support
  • Amazon Ungating Service

  • Documents Review
    Category Approval
    Sub-Category Approval
    Brand Ungating
  • eBay Account Managment

  • Product Listing
    Inventory Management
    Order Management
    Performance Management
  • Jet.com & Walmart Expert

  • Walmart product listing
    Inventory Management
    Fulfillment Node Setup
    Jet.com API Configuration
    Product Listing
  • Shopify Expert

  • Store audit
    Store Development
    Product Listing
    Product Research


Our Success

Having served over 200 clients worldwide, we’ve successfully transformed the lives of business owners and the fates of struggling businesses – forever! We’ve accomplished this by providing businesses with highly trained and skilled Virtual Assistants that handle the daily tasks, processes and crucial functions of various aspect of the business – virtually and in real-time from anywhere in the world! This has helped business owners to work on growing their businesses, whilst seeing increased productivity, decreased downtime, lowered costs and unparalleled profit generation.

How  we can help?

The need for effective functional, growth and development solutions in online business and E-commerce through a refined, revolutionary and winning approach is utmost crucial. Understanding, applying and maintaining this dynamic, whilst attaining consistent success with valuable resources, tools, knowledge and a results-driven approach is what we offer through our globally renowned and highly reviewed Virtual Assistant services

Our Vision

Armed with an unwavering desire for professionalism and unbounded drive for perfection, our assurance to our global clients and their businesses is based on the fundamentals of Knowledge, Strategy and Execution, which we call the K.S.E formula.


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