Our Trusted Partners

In 10 years we've met some great people who provide excellent services.
Here's a breakdown of who we trust and wholeheartedly recommended:

In entire time as a company to more than 1000 sellers, we have never found a more powerful, professional, and results-getting partner than Linton when it comes to manufacturing, logistics, quality assurance and all facets of production. We have witnessed Ben Kong (CEO) and his team improve bottom-line margins of brands time and time again. If you are manufacturing products, and want to bring an incredible team to audit and develop your supply chain to give you the best margins possible, we cannot recommend anyone higher than The Linton Group.

XMars has burst onto the scene of Pay-Per-Click AI, Automation, and Reporting in way that few other channels we have witnessed. We are proudly using them for every Emerald PPC client, and their performance, customer service, and capability continues to develop – what seems like monthly. It’s rare that we find a tool/service that positively impacts our clients like XMars has, and we are proudly looking forward to a long future with them.

A pioneer in the space and in business since before Helium10, Seller Labs is the quintessential tool for data visualization and reporting that we use to help make all of our strategic decisions here at Urtasker. Will Christensen and Brandon Checketts are masters of their craft and have helped us bring Urtasker from an agency that uses Excel and pivot tables to a powerhouse in data and number-crunching that allows us to work on what really matters for our clients.

Esquire Go is the ideal partner if you need an attorney to protect you and set you up to take on “The Big Guys” – specializing in Walmart Law, Amazon Law, and Intellectual disputes – they have been a long-time partner that we can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who has a major problem that needs fixing, professionally.

A great partner that we tackle projects together on, Blazon and Urtasker have extremely similar philosophies on what it means to be a partner with Amazon Sellers. They specialize in Account Management very specifically and are performance-based, just like us. If you are looking for Account Management that is performance-based and a powerful AI/PPC solution, our best work is done with Blazon and Emerald PPC working in tandem!

Using consumer insights to make data-driven decisions is vital for any e-commerce seller to do, and PickFu makes this easy. PickFu instantly connects Amazon and e-commerce sellers with a built-in panel of real people in their target audience. Just run a poll or survey and within hours, you’ll have in-depth feedback on your product designs, images, packaging, and more. We highly recommend PickFu as a tool for optimizing listings, standing out against the competition, and boosting your bottom line.

We are end-to-end logistics solution for retailers and eCommerce clients with a niche for solving logistic headaches for Amazon FBA sellers (we are once sellers ourselves). This means we provide services for every step of the supply chain: freight forwarding, customs clearance, drayage, 3PL warehousing, and speedy trucking into Amazon.

Empire Flippers is the largest curated marketplace for online businesses. We’ve sold over 2,000 businesses, helping more than 80 entrepreneurs become millionaires along the way. Whether you’re looking to sell your eCommerce business or add another business to your portfolio, our marketplace is the place to be.

Viably is the digital banking platform and working capital provider, designed to help ecommerce sellers scale. Level up your e-commerce business with Viably’s flat-fee funding, business banking, and forecasting tools. E-commerce businesses often face marketing needs, inventory shortages, and seasonality which have a big impact on their cash flow. Viably was built for e-commerce sellers to overcome those hurdles. By integrating with your shop’s finances in real-time, Viably can provide immediate access to funding and digital banking tools – saving you time and unlocking the capital you need. Achieve your growth goals with Viably.

Data Dive empowers companies to scale with the world’s most powerful e-commerce tools available. By aggregating large amounts of data, combining it with our knowledge of Amazon’s algorithm, and providing easy-to-understand and implementable strategies, we help accelerate your business growth.

To explore partnership opportunities with Urtasker, please contact us at partnership@urtasker.com

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