If You Answered Yes to any of these, You’re in the right place.

Do any of these sound familiar?  

  • You’re overwhelmed with the day-to-day management of your Amazon account and don’t have the time to focus on strategic, growth-centered tasks 
  • You’re looking for a dedicated and experienced partner to manage your Amazon business 
  • You need help running successful Amazon sponsored ad campaigns  
  • Your store is already profitable, but you’re ready to launch more products and expand 
  • You’re looking for a market opportunity to launch profitable products in other marketplaces 

Launch, Revive, and Grow Your Amazon Business 

Our world-renowned team of experts offer full-service Amazon management that helps you launch a new business, revive stagnant sales, and grow your revenue and brand presence.  
We cater to Amazon businesses of all sizes, including first- and third-party sellers with a set of highly-specialized services geared towards:  
          * Optimizing profit-generating activities  
          * Monitoring trends to give you a competitive edge 
          * Freeing up your time to spend on other tasks 
          * Managing and reporting analytics to inspire growth  
          * Keeping your Amazon seller central account healthy 

Succeeding on Amazon – Why Do It All Yourself?  

Our Amazon vendor management services provide a clear and uninterrupted path to success.  
Amazon sellers that focus on building their presence, improving their position in search results, and growing their customer base reap huge rewards. But getting to that point can be a headache and a time-suck – particularly if you’re trying to do everything yourself. 


Instead of trying to figure it all out on your own, let our team of experts guide you. We’ve worked with Amazon brands, both big and small, all over the world, helping them identify profitable activities and providing growth-focused strategies.  

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Why Urtasker?

Proven Knowledge & Experience 

We’ve worked with over 500 wholesalers, B2C manufacturers, online retailers, and third-party sellers. Our years of proven knowledge and on-the-ground experience are unrivalled, and we want to help you succeed!  

Fully Customized Solutions

We know that no two Amazon businesses are the same. So, whether you’re just getting started or are already an established seller, we’ve got you covered! Through fully customized and uniquely individualized solutions, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.  

Free Account Audit

We determine the health of your Amazon account before we get started and use this to create a strategic plan. Amazon account management has never been more effective thanks to our team of experts who are dedicated to help you and your business.  

Specialist Skills

With proven expertise in Amazon product listing services and optimization, we skyrocket your Amazon sales and help you stand out from the ever-increasing competition. 

We Love to See Amazon Sellers Succeed 

Highly-Skilled Ecommerce Team 

Our team is highly skilled in all major ecommerce channels, including Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. Every team member goes through continuous training and development programs to keep them at the top of their game. 

Your Own Personal Account Manager 

We provide you with your own individual account manager who works with you from day one. They know your business inside out, keep track of your performance, and provide daily reports.  

Cost Effective Solution 

We don’t make you sign a long-term contract and we don’t charge agency fees, which makes our prices incredibly competitive, especially with the amount of knowledge and experience we bring to the table.  

We Work to Your Schedule

We want to make managing your Amazon account as easy as possible for you, which is why our team works to your schedule. You can reach out to us at any time via direct US phone line, Skype, or email – whatever suits you best.

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Services for Every Kind of Seller 

Amazon is constantly changing and successful sellers need to evolve with the times. Our wide range of services provide a complete catalog of growth-inspired activities that cover the abundance of Amazon selling and marketing opportunities.  

Our Amazon Account Management Services 

Profitable Product Research


We carry out research into the most profitable products in your sector to help you drive more sales and improve customer experience.


These include:

  • Price analysis  
  • Identifying high demand, low competition products  
  • Researching product feedback or score 
  • Product confirmation using our suite of specialist tools 
  • Competitor analysis  

Product Listing Optimization


We create powerful product listings geared for conversion using a unique framework and key data points. This includes: 


These include:

  • Product copywriting, including titles, bullets, and description 
  • Gathering essential data, like price, product, SKU, and UPC 
  • Ensuring products are listed under the right category 
  • Image editing to meet Amazon’s high standards 
  • Uploading and managing products in bulk 

PPC Management


We create highly-optimized ad campaigns that increase exposure and get your products in front of the right people. This includes: 


These include:

  • Keyword research to find profitable phrases 
  • Big management and optimization 
  • Overseeing both manual and automatic campaigns  
  • Custom, data-driven strategies 
  • Monthly reporting 

In addition, we also offer key services that help you grow your Amazon business and streamline every part of the selling process. 

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