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White Label PPC for Agencies

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You should be aware that to profit from PPC advertising and make it available to your clients, one does not have to be an expert in the field. There are white label PPC for agencies to bring sales on your behalf. Each individual has a piece of limited knowledge and skillset. It does not necessarily follow that you are an expert in PPC advertising simply because your company offers digital marketing to clients. Maybe it has nothing to do with your knowledge but rather that you lack the necessary time or resources.


PPC services have traditional limitations that can include:

  • PPC campaigns are not within your area of expertise and knowledge
  • Managing multiple PPC campaigns for clients takes up too much time
  • The scale of the services requires more than what you can handle in house
  • There’s something you need to know: you shouldn’t let a lack of knowledge, time, or people limit your success.

PPC advertising does not require any knowledge of how it works in order for you to sell it to clients. But how? White-label PPC. Would you be able to provide your clients with White Label PPC Management services? This is the focus of this post.

What is white label PPC?

A white label PPC service is a marketing service that B2B companies can purchase, brand, and resell with their branding. There are several types of white-label PPC solutions, including campaigns, reports, consulting, etc. By incorporating these into your business, you can expand client advertising opportunities!

White-label providers can deliver PPC services under a client’s brand. They sell the PPC campaign to their business clients after commissioning the agency to manage the campaign under their agency brand. Your brand can resell it to small businesses as a managed digital advertising service.

As an example, here’s what it looks like:

  • Digital Agency resells white-label PPC (pay-per-click) services from a white-label provider.
  • Let’s say Volt Tech, a business client, is then sold and rebranded with the digital agency’s logo.
  • Suppose Volt Tech purchases PPC services from the white-label supplier. Their digital advertising team will fulfill those services under the Digital Agency brand from where Volt Tech acquired it initially.

6 Reasons to Utilize Services of White Label PPC for Agencies

Getting white label PPC for agencies is cost-effective, a hands-off solution to manage paid search campaigns. The management of your PPC campaigns can be outsourced to an external team of experts in order to guarantee excellent results for your clients. In addition, you save time and money, reducing the initial investment. Thus, ROI (return on investment) increases, and growth is promoted.

PPC and SEO for startups in a white label model

White label PPC agencies that specialize in white labeling can’t specialize in all areas, especially in the beginning. The early days of an agency can be limited by money and personnel limits, which limit your agency’s ability to focus on all facets of digital marketing. Are you a web design agency? Do you offer social media marketing services? Are you a professional in reputation management? If you’re a rounded-out agency, you can try some things, but only the behemoths who have a massive budget and team will be able to do it all.

Time-limited PCC that is white labeled

A well-established agency may find itself strapped for time when it comes to being able to offer PPC services. A large agency must devote a great deal of time to creating PPC campaigns and organic SEO campaigns. There is hardly enough time for your agency to add more cogs to maintain on the machine to keep its business running and fulfill the services that it already offers.

The importance of individualized branding:

Brand value is of utmost importance in the modern world. Generally, big brands are interested in getting as much work done in a short period as possible while maintaining the value of their brand. White label services maintain the brand’s attractiveness while simplifying the processing of work.

Reducing expenses is possible

In order to reduce the cost of your work, you can easily outsource your major tasks to another agency. Investing in other areas of your business can be accomplished by reducing your hiring costs. Some companies are unable to hire the necessary resources for certain types of work. White label PPC for agencies enables them to achieve both ease of work and a low campaign budget by getting complex work done.


There are times when a company’s management is stressed out due to a high workload. If you outsource your work to a company, the process becomes more straightforward. Effortlessly taking on the most complex tasks becomes possible. You will have access to updated, well-organized, and up-to-date results that will allow you to make proper decisions for your business.

A comprehensive solution

It is better to acquire external expertise rather than gain knowledge in each area yourself by looking beyond your agency’s expertise. This can be achieved through white label services. If your company has digital advertising experts, you could take advantage of their expertise and share it with others. Using this method, your agency will become an expert in PPC while avoiding the expense of hiring extra SEO experts or learning the craft for years on end.

Digital marketing agencies can resell white-label SEO and PPC as their own services at a profit with white-label services. This is a method by which agencies are able to increase their profits without adding additional work themselves. Taking advantage of time savings will enable you to scale your business and focus on other business areas.

The best way to ensure the success of your company’s PPC campaign is to outsource this service to a specialist firm that has a dedicated team of PPC experts. Your clients believe you are performing all the heavy lifting for them, which is the cherry on top.

Essentially, white-label PPC (pay-per-click) works like this:

  • Your agency doesn’t need to do anything extra to provide it
  • PPC campaigns are handled by an expert team, which delivers great results for clients
  • As a result of your service, your clients achieve great results, making your agency look great
  • Providing digital marketing services to businesses is a new revenue source for your agency since companies are eager to learn how to do it effectively

How do you deal with the challenges posed by a white label PPC reseller?

It is possible to face certain challenges while getting white label PPC for agencies. Here are a few of them:

Getting access to your accounts

While operating a Google Adwords account, certain problems may arise. The Google Ads account might not be able to be accessed if two email accounts are used. The PPC agency can use a common login and the company to solve this issue.

Reports of different types

PPC reports can be produced in different ways. The company and the agency must both agree on a single format in this case. There are occasions when the client’s preferences may differ, leading to confusion and delays in the completion of the project. It is equally important to decide in advance the frequency at which the report will be delivered and at least six months before undertaking any project.

The role of intermediaries

It can be challenging for agencies to act as an intermediary between a client and the advertisement campaign that is being run. It is common for clients to have questions regarding PPC campaigns. It is important to respond to those questions promptly. This may be resolved by always preparing answers that relate directly to work done and keeping them on hand for possible requests from clients.

Benefits of White Label PPC for Agencies

White-label PPC services provide a number of benefits

You and your clients both benefit from white-label PPC campaigns. When expert digital advertisers oversee a campaign’s optimization and management, you can expect high-quality results.

Run a conquest campaign and geo-fence your competitors

White-label SEO can target the right audience for your client’s businesses through programmatic and location-based targeting technologies. The target audience for this advertisement consists of competitors’ customers, residents near the location, and past customers.

You can serve your clients’ target customer’s ads and notify them about your clients when they visit their competitors’ websites.

Measure the metrics that matter to you

Business owners may not understand the concept of click-through rates (CTRs) or return on investments (ROIs), which is why tracking real-world results is imperative.

The anonymous analysis of customer phone calls and geolocations of audience members could reveal in-store visits. Your customer’s campaign is linked to these real-world actions, which give your business clients a sense of value.

It’s basically something you can track if someone sees your client’s ad and calls them or stops by the store. You can track the results of your PPC campaigns by moving customers to your clients’ stores and onto their lines.

Reports on Return on Investment

When you offer any kind of digital marketing service, you need to show your clients real results. A white label PPC for agencies offers a way to prove the value of PPC or SEO services.

Other white-label services

In addition to digital advertising services, all types of digital advertising can build your brand and bring in new revenue. A successful agency doesn’t have to be limited by knowledge, time, or people due to white-label PPC and other managed services. Additionally, white-label services offer benefits beyond PPC services. You may also receive social media management, review response, and website building as part of the right white label PPC pricing.


With every passing day, digital marketing continues to grow. Advertising online has become a necessity to increase a company’s growth. Due to the fact that they handle the work well and with the utmost caution, white label PPC outsourcing is rapidly gaining popularity. Outsourcing the work to a company lowers overhead costs. They do not have to hire specialists for each area of work. Instead, their work can be easily contracted out to an agency. The brand of a company remains intact and data remains secure by partnering with a White Label service provider. This makes client retention easy.

To be satisfied, clients deserve timely project completion, prompt responses to work-related questions, and regular updates on campaign progress. Reputable white label PPC service providers can achieve all these objectives. Here is where white label PPC for agencies is becoming quite popular.

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