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Every day, Amazon becomes more and more sophisticated. From the way you purchase to selling items, Amazon is working every day to make sure your Amazon experience is the best it can be.

Unfortunately, third-party Amazon Hackers are working tirelessly to steal from your personal Amazon account, along with your Amazon seller account. Even though Amazon is working to protect your account and your Amazon seller account, there are countless things you can personally do to make sure your Amazon seller account is adequately protected from third-party hackers.

What are Third-Party Amazon Hackers?

Before you can protect yourself, you must have an understanding of what a third-party Amazon hacker is. Third-party Amazon hackers are individuals, or organizations, that attack Amazon seller accounts, along with personal accounts, to gain valuable information.

This information they are aggressively seeking out can result in losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are a few common ways that hackers try to attack accounts to steal money.

Traditional Hacking Techniques

A common way third-party Amazon seller hackers attack Amazon seller accounts is through traditional hacking techniques. These techniques include finding basic information about a specific Amazon account and using that information to break into accounts.

If they can successfully log into your account, they will be able to take money, credit card information, and information from your current customers.

The best way to protect yourself from this type of hacking technique is to make sure you choose sophisticated account information. Rather than making your account information related to you as an individual, you should make your account login information extensive and unrelated to you or your company.

Also, make sure that you are using unique emails and passwords for all your accounts for all the platforms you use. Even though hackers may still be able to guess your account information, this technique will deter them from going after your account.

Impersonation of Existing Amazon Seller Accounts

Another common way hackers will attack your Amazon seller account is by aggressively impersonating your Amazon seller account. From taking your product pictures and descriptions to stealing your logo and brand name, hackers will imitate you. They hope that individuals will not notice the difference when they are searching for products.

If an individual purchases a product from the imitation page, the hackers will take that money and not send them the desired product. They will also use information that the buyer submitted to try to hack the buyer’s accounts too.

Not only will this harm your potential customers, but it will also harm your brand. If this were to happen too often, people might perceive your brand as the brand that scams and takes money from people, or other collective assumptions that will deter people from purchasing from you. This will ultimately damage your reputation and negatively affect your revenue.

The best way to combat this hacker strategy is to monitor your Amazon seller account. You must monitor product title changes, bestseller ranking, product suppressions, and many other factors. Even though aggressive monitoring is a 24/7 job, it must be done to make sure your brand and Amazon seller is protected.

Fortunately, many will help you monitor your account for you. We at AMZAlert are dedicated to making sure that your Amazon seller account is being monitored at all times. We will look around the clock for hackers, hijackers, product suppressions, and other malicious activities that may harm your account. Not only will we monitor your account, but we will do so at a competitive price. Coming in 3 different price points, our Amazon monitoring packages are determined to help you monitor and protect your Amazon seller account.

Be Aware of your Amazon Seller Account

There are thousands of hackers that are on the prowl to find poorly guarded amazon seller accounts. Even though knowing common hacker techniques and understanding impersonation techniques will help you protect your account, the best way to protect your account is to simply, be aware.

Despite the fact that using an Amazon monitoring program will do most of the job for you, periodically checking your account, your competitor’s accounts, and your products will help you tremendously.

Many people think that once you set up an account, you can sit back and watch the sales come in. However, setting up your account is only the beginning of your new job. Meet and exceed your bottom line with AMZAlert! They have even decided to offer 50% off of their services with coupon code “AMZ50OFF” when signing up! Click Here for 10 Day Free Trial


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