Guide to Buy an Amazon Seller Account

Guide to Buy an Amazon Seller Account

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Despite how straightforward and simple the possibility of a profitable business seems, do not be shocked if you don’t immediately succeed. Beginning an Amazon FBA business requires a lot of commitment and time, it may take as much as 3-6 months for a new seller to learn the ropes, as you’ll have to go through many ups and downs before you can hold a steady pace

Just like purchasing a brick-and-mortar store, you will also be able to buy an aged Amazon seller account, depending upon how old the account is. Sellers and buyers alike always make money from Amazon-owned FBA warehouses. Every business has its advantages and disadvantages. You have to bear in mind certain factors as you purchase an Amazon account, so it is best to consider them before deciding.

Before transferring ownership, you need to consider a few things. If you wish to buy an existing Amazon seller account, you just have to update your seller central account with accurate and up-to-date information.

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Pre-conditions to Buy an Amazon Seller Account

What do you need to know before purchasing an Amazon business? Before purchasing an Amazon business, you should keep the following in mind:

1. Records of Accounting

If you are considering to buy an Amazon seller account, you need to check its records first before you decide whether to buy it or not. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to manage accounting records of this kind. But, if you are having problems with accounting, there are many services that can help like  Xero and QuickBooks that can help.

2. Find out more about the suppliers

A key aspect of its business on Amazon is its relationship with its suppliers. The success of your business relies in part on the relations you have with your suppliers, so make sure to read the agreement carefully, making sure you better understand the terms, lead times and unforeseeable costs involved, if you want to know what it’s like to work with the manufacturer, you should talk to them first.

When talking to your suppliers, bring up the following topics:

  • Check if you can get a discount when buying large quantities of certain items. Also, check the price breakup by quantity for the individual items.
  • Lead time. Essentially, this is the amount of time needed to produce and ship the item.
  • Standards for manufacturing. Please request any certificates from the manufacturer that attest to the quality of the product that you may be required to submit to Amazon if necessary.

It’s always advisable to maintain good communication with your suppliers and to make sure that the terms of your agreement are clear and concise so that both parties have a clear understanding. Don’t cross the limit when it comes to bargaining to save some cash, it could have a bad effect on your relationship with your supplier or the quality of the product also, it’s important to ensure that the legal aspects of the product are handled correctly. To review the process and the product safety data sheets, you may want to call a lawyer who is well versed in the process for assistance.

3. Become familiar with advertising metrics

To maintain your visibility and remain competitive in the marketplace, you need to take advantage of Amazon-sponsored advertising. Get your hands on as much data as you can about Amazon advertising. You should find out as much as you can about Amazon advertising data covering the past 90 days. Check out the monthly and bi-monthly reports and get an idea of how your PPC campaign is performing. To stay on top of your game, you’ll need to know CPC rates, ACoS, and other critical metrics. There are also keyword research reports and historical data that can help you learn more. You can set realistic and attainable goals this way and figure out how profitable an ad campaign will be.

4. Keep an eye on your seller account

To understand FBA’s viability, one needs to look at Amazon account health. How come? Amazon requires each seller to meet certain criteria to be allowed to sell on the platform. Sellers who fail to meet these criteria will have their accounts suspended. Hence, before you buy an Amazon seller account, make sure that the metrics of the account are up to par. A good way to understand how healthy the account is by checking the feedback score. You should be vigilant here, a suspended account is extremely difficult to reinstate, and you would not want that to happen.

5. Costs of Amazon FBA

The profits from Amazon sales may be difficult to estimate for Amazon sellers. Basically, this occurrence is caused by the fact that most of them are not aware of how Amazon fees work. Therefore, you have to learn to understand the storage fees, referral fees, and other fees on Amazon that you cannot avoid. You may be charged 15% or more to ship your product if you are using FBA.

Meanwhile, referral fees can consume anywhere from 8-20% of a company’s gross revenue. Ensure that the seller is not falsifying these figures to deceive you by showing profits.

6. See what the latest giveaways and promotions are

Amazon’s A9 algorithm can be influenced in a number of ways. One of the most reliable methods to build your sales history is to use product promotions and giveaways. It is true that sometimes giving away your inventory to clear can be profitable, but that isn’t always the case. It is true that Amazon also counts purchases that are discounted or promoted. But then again this isn’t the case for everyone. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to review the promotional history.

7. Look at your social media and email lists

Engaging with loyal customers through social media platforms can be an incredibly powerful tool for approaching new customers. Growing an Amazon account with an established, loyal following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is a significant asset. You may be able to create additional sales and drive traffic to your product listings through promotional offers or giveaways for these customers.

Social media and emailing can be extremely helpful for future product launches within the account, keeping an email list can also be extremely beneficial. It is possible to create Facebook audiences that look like former customers for further advertising purposes by using a list of past customers. Furthermore, you can use drip email marketing campaigns to maintain your audience’s engagement and make them return for further purchases.

You need to include a key inclusion in your purchase agreement: access to social media accounts, fan databases, mailing lists, and mailing lists. Make sure you also check the history of the ad to see how much traffic the brand has gotten from social media.

8. Get to know your competition

You need to study your competitors before you can buy an Amazon seller account. Look at the keywords they rank for, reviews they have received, and how they fulfill their orders. Use third-party tools to assess your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.

The factors that affect the value of Amazon FBA

The following factors are also very important to consider when to buy an Amazon seller account, in addition to the ones above. FBA business value is influenced by these factors:

1. Business type

2. Business age

When it comes to determining whether a sale will be profitable, each of these factors plays a significant role. So, let us examine each one in turn.

Business Type

You may already be aware of the following business:

  • Labels that are privately owned
  • Reseller
  • Products that are proprietary

Labels that are privately owned

Although you own the brand, consumers can purchase the same product elsewhere as well. You will gain some leverage in this type of business, and the buyers will be more willing to purchase since the supply will be consistent. Having had a long history of sales, the item has a high probability of continuing to sell.


It is envisaged that a reseller will buy products from the wholesaler and then sell them on Amazon with a profit margin. Amazon retail arbitrage is another name for this model. There are a variety of reasons why buyers may find this type of FBA business less profitable.

  • First of all, the industry and the products can be quite volatile, and there is no shortage of competition.
  • It is impossible to guarantee to find an item during high-demand seasons as everything must be purchased and sold individually. Thus, managing demand and supply can be challenging.
  • It is only the seller’s central account that the buyer is purchasing. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will be able to make a large profit from this transaction.

Alternatively, if you can negotiate exclusive contracts with wholesalers, you may have an easier time.

Products that are proprietary

A particular item or group of items can be purchased only by the seller or his company. The seller is the only person who can purchase the item. Consequently, the item remains unique and lucrative for the buyer.

Business age

If you are thinking about selling or purchasing your business, you need to consider its age.

  • Three or more years – better
  • Two to one year – Good
  • A few months – Expect low-value offers

What is the process of selling your Amazon business?

People are most of the time interested in to buy an Amazon seller account.  The process, however, may become complex and time-consuming based on the size of the organization. Below are the steps that are commonly involved.

  • A seller decides to sell the business he owns on Amazon
  • Obtains the business valuation
  • Prepare a business prospectus (include facts and figures about the company)
  • Locate buyers for the sale of the business
  • Negotiate the terms and price of the business which the buyer must pay
  • Transfer all the assets of the business to the buyer
  • Training the new buyer to become familiar with the pace of the business

How to update your Amazon seller account after purchasing one?

The following items need to be updated once you have purchased the account:

  • Method of charging. Amazon charges seller fees based on a method of charge that should be appropriately updated. The correct credit information needs to be updated.
  • Information about your login. Confirm the username and password with the seller and update the account information.
  • Details of the bank account for the deposit. To progress, you must provide Amazon with the correct bank account details.
  • Details regarding taxes. To complete account ownership, the new account owner should update their tax identification number or social security number.
  • Email address and account name. To ensure that your account name and email address are updated in Amazon’s database, you should update the corresponding information. The email address you used for your account will be used for future communication.


Can you buy an Amazon seller account?

Yes, you can purchase an Amazon seller account. When making your final decision, you will need to consider several factors. This article describes several account insights and factors. It is important that you read the article carefully before continuing.

How much does it cost to buy an Amazon account?

The cost of purchasing an Amazon account is not fixed. Several factors determine the price, including how old the account is. How many sales have been made by the account? What is the amount of PPC it uses? What percentage of the inventory remains?

Is it legal to sell my Amazon seller account?

There is no doubt that you can sell your Amazon seller account. However, although it is a violation of Amazon’s Terms of Service, many people still do it and do not seem to have difficulty doing it. You should make sure you change your password and tax number after you change your account.

Can you start Amazon FBA with no money?

Yes, you can start an Amazon FBA without any money. However, it doesn’t stay this way forever. Once you start making sales, you are charged 15% of referral fees by Amazon on each sale you make and an Individual Per Product Fee once you are a professional seller.


A buyer’s risk tolerance will determine whether they choose to purchase an FBA business. All business owners have personal as well as business goals and objectives. Selling on Amazon FBA can bring enormous rewards, but it is not without risk. The challenges are sometimes overwhelming. Before embarking on this venture, it would be prudent to determine your priorities.

We hope this article answers all your queries on how to buy an Amazon seller account and also whether buying an Amazon FBA account is a good or bad decision.

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