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If you are selling on Amazon, you might want to boost your profitability with Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. It is a very common term familiar among all Amazon sellers. As a valuable internet marketing tool, PPC allows the business owner to pay a fee each time someone clicks their ad. You only pay for the ad that has been clicked by the customer, which makes it unique from other forms of advertising.
You will find many management tools for Amazon PPC, but this article is a complete guide to finding your business’s best management tools.

Why Do You Need A PPC Management Tool?

PPC management tool can help manage ads more easily as it offers automation support. It offers ease of usage and efficiency in ad management where promising results are provided. These tools can help scale your campaign without additional investment in hiring internal resources to manage ads.
PPC management is important to enhance your product visibility. There are more than 12 million products on Amazon, and having no PPC can considerably reduce the search engine visibility of your product. Moreover, most sellers also do not have time to manage their Amazon PPC. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a PPC management tool.https://www.urtasker.com/ppc-management-for-small-business/

Important Features to Look at In the PPC Management Tool

Most Amazon sellers are confused regarding which tool to use for PPC management of their Amazon accounts. Here are a few things that make an app the best Amazon PPC management tool.

Detailed and useful metrics

Metrics like CPC, CTR, clicks, impressions and many more metrics are important to evaluate before ad placement. These metrics should be available for optimum results in any PPC management tool.

Advanced keywords

The most important feature is a keyword search that boosts your product’s visibility. The PPC management tool should be able to provide the keywords that ensure the campaign’s success with a maximum conversion rate.


Sellers demand time-efficient tools to help save time in developing business strategies. The business’s strategic formation can be compromised if the maximum time is spent on advertising. It is important to use tools with AI to automate PPC.

Cost-benefit analysis

The tool’s pricing needs to be affordable based on the key features and market rate. It is also very important to evaluate the trial period as it can help test the software before making a major investment.

Support services

Many software promises to provide the resources and support to use their tools. For beginners, there can be difficulties faced by the business owner in using the tool. In such a case, the support services ensure the correct usage of the tool for optimum results.

7 Best Amazon PPC Management Tools to Consider


One of the best Amazon PPC management tools is Teikametrics which has helped thousands of sellers and brands to grow their businesses on the Amazon platform. As an Ad optimizing software, Teikametrics helps make smart decisions by presenting essential metrics and reports. It supports different ad types and regions based on your business needs, which helps gauge promising results.
The software can make effective decisions for you based on its advanced AI technology. With minimal supervision, you can optimize your ad and grow your business with this platform, making it the best choice for your Amazon account.


Pricing and trial

• The tool comes with a 30-day free trial for testing the Flywheel 2.0 AI.
• The AI-powered tool comes with a 3% charge if the ad spend exceeds $10k.

Key features

• The basic services are free forever for sellers of all shapes and sizes.
• The AI tool helps in automated campaign development to help meet the product sales objectives. It also has the feature of automated targeting, which adjusts the keywords to match the audience.
• The tool is helping to meet the KPIs that are set for the business and grow on Amazon, Walmart.com and other platforms.

Business usage of Teikametrics

Amazon sellers trying to foster business growth, sales, and revenue can use Teikametrics at the beginner or expert level.
The details related to packages and features can be seen on the website of Teikametrics.


Helium10 is also used for beginners at Amazon because of the simplicity and advanced features of the tool. This tool can help to optimize not only the product revenue and ranking but also the profit margins.
This powerful tool has access to a wide range of market data that can give you access to market demand, opportunities, and ways to improve your competitive market strategy. The unique advantage of using Helium10 is that it offers a single platform for several services of Amazon that covers all the business needs. Thus making it the best Amazon PPC management tool for the marketplace.


Pricing and trial

• The users introduce three packages with different price ranges and features. The most popular is a platinum package with many solutions for growing your business.

• A 30-day money-back guarantee is being offered, which can be claimed in case of unsatisfactory outcomes



Key features

• The tool provides predefined campaign strategies and templates to achieve business goals and KPIs.
• AI features help in automated campaign management, smart, automated suggestions, etc.
• It is a single all-purpose platform that will cover all your Amazon marketing needs.
• It has predefined templates that sellers can use even at the beginner level.

Business usage of Helium 10

Business owners or marketers looking for an all-purpose platform can use Helium 10. It can be best suited for Amazon sellers’ user PPC.
Additional details about the management tool can be found on the website of Helium 10.


Sellics is another best Amazon PPC management tool that acts as a benchmarker and allows advertisers to compare their KPIs with the competitors of a similar category. It also compares the ad-format level for ensuring success rate. The software has a high success rate in addressing the needs related to improved SEO, product listing and much more.
Sellics will save you a lot of time managing your business because of the multiple ranges of services available on its platform. Sellics also has AI features that easily automate a seller’s campaign management. Data and performance metrics also assist in making smart decisions for your business.


Pricing and trial

• The best feature related to pricing is that it has a custom pricing option and three other packages. The Pro package is the best one with $550/month charges. It covers almost all the service needs related to Amazon account handling. It helps to fit the user needs related to Amazon marketing.

• 14 days trial is present, allowing business owners to consider their choices among the best Amazon PPC management tools.

Key features

• Powerful marketing intelligence reports are being offered to make smart decisions.
• Actionable, custom data insights allow for evaluating the key strategies
• Ad optimizing features enhance the ranking and foster business growth
• AI algorithm adjusts the campaign based on the insights generated by the tool
• The tool comes with a mobile app that allows evaluating the marketing results anytime

Business usage of Sellics

It can be used at the beginner or expert level to achieve high PPC and marketing success.
Visit the website of Sellics to subscribe to its services.


Zon.Tool is another Amazon PPC management tool with automation software that allows you to optimize and boost your ad campaigns and increase sales. It is also one of the leading PPC platforms used by hundreds of Amazon sellers.
Zon.Tool is a game-changer for advanced PPC as it offers varied insights that ensure the success of your campaign. It is powered by proprietary AI technology, which automatically optimizes the PPC campaigns and allows you to grow your sales while freeing up several hours of your time. Therefore, this Amazon PPC automation tool is highly recommended to use this tool for your business.


Pricing and trial

• There are three packages, including Analyzer, Masterer and Dominator packages, with pricing of $9, $19 and $25, respectively.
• These packages come with a 30 days trial with $1 a day charges.


Key features

• Zon.tool allows you to automate your PPC campaigns
• You only need to check thresholds and launch advertising campaigns, and Zon.tool will take care of everything else

Business usage of Zon.Tool

Amazon sellers can use this tool with basic to advanced PCC needs having less time to manage their accounts.
To check the details features of this best Amazon PPC management tool, visit the website of Zon.tool


SellerApp is an All-in-one seller tool for Amazon PPC which has advanced features for ad optimization, market research, and AI-based automation. With the help of the seller App, the business owner can gain access to smart data, which allows for Amazon growth, PPC campaigns, calculation profits, in-depth keywords, market research, analysis of the competition and much more. Such features make businesses easy to handle.
SellerApp has features with AI-powered intelligence that helps sellers and retailers at Amazon evaluate their potential in the marketplace. It uses next-gen optimization and ML models in a SaaS interface, providing promising results for increasing business profitability. So if you are looking for this SaaS-based Amazon PPC management tool, you should opt for it.



Pricing and trial

• There are three packages: Freemium, Pro Lite, and Professional package. The freemium package is free, with basic features available. Pro-Lite has more features with $39 per month charges. The professional package is the most advanced, with $79 per month charges covering almost all Amazon business needs, including PPC.
• This best Amazon PPC management tool offers a seven-day trial period for using Pro Lite and the Professional package.

Key features

• AI-based targeting allows to adjust of bids and keywords automatically
• The PPC dashboard has the metrics and insights to make smart campaign-related decisions
• It has a simple and efficient platform for easily understanding how profits can be generated and selecting the best keywords.
• The negative keywords are highlighted to provide a warning related to poor choices of keywords. It is best for beginners that are new to Amazon.

Business usage of SellerApp

SellerApp covers basic to complex business needs based on the Amazon account. It can be used for all types of businesses to foster profitability.
Explore more features of SellerApp.

PPC Ninja

PPC Ninja is a lifesaver for those who have no time to manage their Amazon accounts and have made huge investments in building their account on the Amazon platform. This tool is easy to use and saves time for Amazon sellers who want to run PPC campaigns. The company has over 22 years of market experience managing PCC programs in the US and Canada, which ensures 100% optimizations based on seller requirements. Therefore, using the best Amazon PPC management tools for your next ad campaign is highly recommended.



Pricing and trial

• There are four packages starting from $1500 that can be chosen based on the business needs.
• There is a 14 days trial for the software usage.


Key features

• Time management insights are provided with efficient PPC campaign management.
• Keyword planner analyses keywords in an easy way
• Multiple Ad Groups can be made
• The competitor’s ads can be reviewed and analyzed
Bid management with high control is provided in this tool
• Valuable insights are provided with market analysis and metrics

Business usage of PPC Ninja

People looking for time-saving solutions to manage PPC ads at Amazon can use PPC Ninja.
Click here to find out more about PPC Ninja.


Perpetua is a single platform used to manage the brand’s cross-retailer eCommerce ads. It is a single platform that serves almost all online marketing needs with efficient spending across multiple channels and marketplaces. It has the aspects like advanced targeting, dedicated data, DSP management, and much more, which can help scale your brand. It can be one of the most intelligent choices where the brand can enhance sales and visibility of its products. With the help of Perpetua, it becomes simple to create, launch and optimize the PPC ads with a helpful mechanism. 

Amazon Advertising toolsPricing and trial 

  • Four packages are being offered: Starter, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise. The packages start from $250 and end at $550 per month. However, the enterprise package helps to customize the package depending on the business needs. This makes Perpetua a very convenient software tool for PPC.
  • There is no free trial available for this software, but market research shows that it is highly reliable and easy to use

Key features

  • Advanced targeting for customers
  • Delivery of dedicated data to manage smart decisions
  • DSP management for the brand
  • Applied for both Amazon and Walmart sellers

Business usage of PPC Ninja

This tool is best for brands and agencies who want to advertise online. The tool can be perfect for media buyers and PPC managers at agencies. Amazon and Walmart sellers can benefit the most from this tool.

More details about the tool are given on its website


To be concise, all the aforementioned tools can help you save incredible time and effort in managing your Amazon PPC ad campaign. All 7 tools are the best Amazon PPC management tools with AI-based advanced features, which are likely to boost search engine visibility with minimal supervision.
One might wonder which tool best fits Amazon’s business needs. A simple rule applies in this aspect in which the Amazon seller can conduct the cost-benefit analysis of each tool. It can include using the tool which offers the most efficient solution based on current business KPIs and objectives. Ideally, the best decision related to tools will provide a high return on investment in a short time.
Do you want to make your Amazon PPC campaigns profitable for your brand? Click here for consultancy.

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