Secret Amazon Prime Day Tips and Tricks

Secret Amazon Prime Day Tips and Tricks

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The annual Amazon Prime Day event has proved to be the biggest E-commerce shopping event of the year, outperforming Cyber Monday and Black Friday. In fact, to compete with Amazon sellers, few retailers offer will offer sales during Prime Day. That is why we prepaid this Amazon prime day tips and tricks guide for you.

Prime Day sales are continuously rising year after year. In 2021, the total sales reached new heights, amounting to 11.2 billion US dollars. 65 percent of the total share of these sales came from the USA. The enormous sales figure communicates a massive opportunity for sellers to take advantage.

The dates of this event haven’t been confirmed yet but based on the historical data; we can expect it to happen in summer. Being a seller, you should consider how I should prepare for the prime day as an amazon seller? To prepare you for this event, we have prepared the best tips and tricks to succeed. To achieve remarkable results, you should start preparing for this event at least one month before Prime day.

Amazon Prime Day Tips and Tricks

Let’s start with how to prepare for amazon prime day – Tips and Tricks.

1. Preferable Products to Promote on Prime Day

Brands should look at ASINs having strong ratings, a proven sales history, and relatively high conversion rates to extract the maximum benefit of traffic increase on Prime Day. These products will provide you with a good return on investment (ROI) and a huge sales ratio.

If you want to launch a new product on Prime Day to grab audience attention, make sure your campaign is strategically planned out. If the objective of your campaign is to escalate brand exposure, it can result in a great advantage if you have a reasonable budget. To promote more effectiveness, you can couple the new product with an already established product that consumers trust and love to utilize.

2. Maintain Inventory levels

The worst thing a brand can face is running out of inventory during peak sales events and being unable to meet customer demand. Failure to maintain inventory will negatively impact product ranking and sales ratio and mess with Amazon’s Algorithm. To avoid this, keep your inventory levels up to the mark.

Amazon Press Release notified best selling categories worldwide for Prime Day 2021 were beauty, nutrition, electronics, baby care, apparel, and household products. To attain the same successful results for 2022, brands under these categories should prepare their strategies to grab customers.

3. Deals and Discounts

The competition among sellers on Prime Day is aggressive as all of them try their best to capture customers and conduct sales. Providing deals and discounts is helpful to grab customers’ attention and increase sales. There will be a huge influx of deals on Prime Day, and it’s vital to choose the promoted products having strong sales history and high product ratings.

Another effective method to increase product sales is lightning deals, as they appear prominently on the deals page. If your brand has a loyal customer base and shoppers trust their products, you should only then use these deals.

Recently, the lightning deals timing length has been increased by Amazon from four to twelve hours. The disadvantage to this is that sellers cannot choose hours to run their campaigns which leads to the possibility of the budget running out sooner.

Another effective way to uplift sales is through coupons. These coupons attract price-conscious consumers, and they appear on the product detail page with an orange badge. Customers can also witness a product banner to highlight discounted deals used as a catalyst to grab consumers’ attention. Amazon shoppers will look for the best-valued deals on Prime Day, so providing discounted deals will surely grab their attention and increase sales.

4. Marketing Budget and Strategies

Promoting your products on Prime Day can be pricey as it’s the most awaited event of the year. Product optimization is the authentic way to increase organic growth, elevate sales, and increase conversion rates. Since sellers can’t add anything about Prime Day specials on their product detail page, optimizing product images, descriptions and titles is a possible way to enjoy a successful Prime Day.

Ensure strategic planning before running Prime Day campaigns to avoid running out of budget. It may be possible that buyers can see your ad and switch without making a purchase. Prepare to spend at least three times the amount of your daily advertising budget on this mega event. For budget management, sellers should invest in campaigns for Prime Day-focused keywords to ensure appropriate product rankings.

5. Competitor Analysis

Sellers can generate maximum value after doing a competitor analysis under high competition. Find your competitors, analyze the difference in products, and fill the existing gap to generate maximum revenues. You can also track high search volume keywords for similar products and bid on them to appear on top search rankings.

There are also opportunities that prime day offers to other retail giants like Walmart, Target, and more. Leading brands have gained excessive revenues from Prime Day, which has boosted E-commerce sales even after the event ended.


As a seller, now you know about the Amazon Prime Day event and how to prepare for amazon prime day – Tips and Tricks, you can start preparing yourself for this huge opportunity.

Remember, start your efforts for this event before the month to extract the maximum benefits of this offer. Practice the above-mentioned points and strategically apply them to ensure a successful Prime Day.

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