Why Is Your Amazon Account On Hold? Here’s How To Check It.


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Amazon is a company that sells everything from books to clothes to electronics. It’s an online marketplace that has been expanding rapidly in recent years and now has the resources and infrastructure to launch its line of products.

Amazon started as an online bookstore that sold books in the late ’90s but later expanded into digital downloads, streaming video services (including Amazon Prime), music streaming services, and more. In 2011, it launched its first physical bookstore in Seattle, followed by several others nationwide.

In fact, according to a survey by Hasselblad, B2C companies that sell on Amazon have an average annual sales growth of 17% compared to those that don’t. So it could mean you’re missing out on sales opportunities if you’re not selling on Amazon!

Your products will also have more exposure and reach through Amazon. Therefore, more customers will likely find them, which means more sales. This article will provide complete insight into why they can put your Amazon account on hold.

What is the first action if you find your Amazon account on hold?

If your Amazon account is on hold, you should first contact Amazon customer support to find out why the delay is and what steps you need to take to resolve the issue. It’s essential to act quickly and proactively to address any problems that may have led to the hold.

How can you start selling on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon is one of the most effective ways to increase sales and build brand awareness

  1. It’s easy to do. You don’t need any experience or special knowledge, just a laptop or computer and an internet connection.
  2. You can start selling now! Sellers can create their brands and make money from day one.
  3.  Amazon will continue to become famous as more people become familiar with their platform. In addition, people discover an easier way to shop online than through Amazon.

Do you have an Amazon Account on Hold for Disputed Transactions?

If your Amazon account is on hold due to disputed transactions, it is not because of the wrong product or service. Instead, your account is on hold if you disagree with a transaction made in error.

Suppose the seller responds within 30 days. They will be refunded, and you will receive your money back once repaid. If you have not received the ordered item, you should file a claim through Amazon. The seller will be notified and allowed to respond within 30 days. They will be reimbursed if they don’t respond within 30 days, and you will get your money back after they have.

If you believe they hack your Amazon account, check for unusual activity on your account. If there are no suspicious activities in place and everything looks normal. Go ahead and contact Amazon customer service.

Top reasons Why your Amazon account is on hold?

Was Your Account Hacked? 

Suppose you’ve received a message from Amazon that says your Amazon account on hold temporarily. It shows that they have hacked you. Check out our guide on how to hack a password. So you can change it immediately and get your Amazon account back without waiting too long.

Suppose the email states that Amazon account is on hold customer service issues (e.g., billing). Contact them immediately with the contact form or phone number in their emails.

Did you Violate any Amazon Policies?

If you believe your account is on hold for no reason. Then it’s time to take a look at the policies and rules of Amazon.

Amazon has a list of prohibited products and activities that sellers must follow. It may involve selling fake items. It may also use illicit tools to track the sales data of rival businesses. It can suspend your account until you comply with these rules if you do (or risk permanently ending your account).

In addition to those on this list of forbidden goods and conduct, additional justifications for removing a product listing from an Amazon seller’s store include:

Policy Violations: One of the most common reasons for an Amazon account to be placed on hold is to violate Amazon’s policies. It can include anything from selling counterfeit products to providing false information in your account.

Poor Performance: Another common reason for an Amazon account to be placed on hold is poor performance, such as a high order cancellation rate or a high rate of customer complaints. It can indicate that a seller needs to meet Amazon’s customer service or product quality standards, which may result in the account being placed on hold until the issue is resolved.

Did you Buy your Feedback?

Your Amazon account is on hold because the seller who sold you the product has negative feedback. If this happens, it’s time to get a refund or do something about it before things go south with Amazon.

You don’t need to be concerned if you purchased from a reputable provider and have never had any problems. But if it’s someone with a bad track record. The record includes complaints/negative reviews from clients who made purchases from them. Then don’t freak out! By purchasing good feedback from merchants who are prepared to do so for reasonable amounts ($5–$20), it is possible to get around this issue.

Did you sell used, refurbished, or damaged products?  

Amazon is a rigorous company. It would not allow you to sell used or refurbished products if the item is opened and returned, even if it’s been tried on and inspected by someone else before purchase. They may remove your listing from the site. They have harmed the same rule holds if the item is in any way. It includes water damage and physical harm. It may be scratches and dents brought on by leaving the shipment at your doorway after moving.

Amazon does not allow you to sell used or refurbished products. For example, suppose the item has been opened and then returned. Even if it’s been tried on and inspected by someone else before being purchased, however, may be purchased from somewhere other than Amazon. Therefore, your listing may remove from the site. The same rule holds if the object has suffered any damage. Such as water damage or bodily harm from being dropped off at your doorway when moving.

Did you have your Amazon FBA Product Stolen?

As a service, Amazon FBA enables vendors to store their products in warehouses. Then they sell them on the site. An item from one of your Amazon listings will be marked as “stolen.” The seller will be informed that another party has taken the thing. The best way to prevent this is using two-factor authentication (2FA). They may do this via applications like Google Authentication. This offers extra protection for entering into accounts when purchases are made. This can be online or by email/text messages from other platforms like eBay or PayPal.

Even if your account has 2FA enabled, observing your listings and checking for any changes is still essential. For example, the possibility exists that an item might be stolen on eBay and reported as stolen on Amazon. Also, suppose someone improperly accessed, modified, or altered your data or preferences. Then, Amazon can make your Amazon account on hold.

Suppose you want to avoid this from happening. Then, keep a tight check on your listings and check for any modifications. For example, an item could be stolen on eBay and reported as stolen on Amazon if someone gained unauthorized access to or modified your data or preferences.

Why Do we need to know Why our Amazon Account is on Hold?

If you are wondering why your Amazon account is on hold, then there are some things that you can do. First, let’s check whether it is a temporary or permanent hold. Your Amazon accounts are on hold temporarily because of an issue with our system. Finding out is best done by contacting customer service at Amazon (1-866-216-1072). They’ll be able to inform you of the reason for the delay and how long it will last.

If this doesn’t work, we advise reviewing your Seller Dashboard to see the following:

Suppose there are any open orders in your account. Suppose there were any problems with payments from purchasers.  If there are no open orders, you must contact customer service again and ask why your account was banned. 

Suppose you continue to experience problems with your Amazon account. You can appeal their decision. You can do this by submitting an appeal form on Amazon’s website. Suppose you have questions about this process. In such a situation, before making any hasty judgments, we advise reading the material they present for you because it will address your questions.

Why is my Amazon Account on Hold?

Amazon put my account on hold for a specific reason. For example, suppose you make one or more purchases not authorized by your payment method (such as an unauthorized charge from another merchant). They may review your account until the issue is resolved, and they can enable your payment method. 

In addition, if you attempt to make purchases using an invalid credit card number or other similar attempts at fraudulently using someone else’s information, this could cause Amazon to place your account on hold! Moreover, this would cause them to suspend and cancel any pending orders while investigating these matters further.

How long does an Amazon account stay on hold?

Account hold by  Amazon is a temporary restriction placed on your account while Amazon investigates a potential violation of the Amazon seller agreement. The time Amazon takes to resolve an account on hold can vary. If Amazon has placed your account on hold, you’ll receive an email notification explaining the reason for the delay. You can also check your seller account to see if they have placed it on hold.

If Amazon has suspended you, there are likely a few actions you might take to obtain your account back. The first thing to do is contact customer service immediately if you can. We have paused your account so they can investigate why this happened and rectify the situation as soon as possible.

In some cases, an email from Amazon stating that they have suspended an account because of suspected fraud may come up when trying to log into your account. However, this does not necessarily mean that fraud has occurred—it could simply be an automated response after receiving suspicious activity from third parties such as credit card companies or banks (which happens quite often).


If your Amazon account on hold, don’t panic. The first thing to do is contact customer service and let them know that your account has been suspended, so they can investigate why this happened and rectify the situation as soon as possible. In some cases, an email from Amazon stating that they have suspended an account because of suspected fraud may come up when trying to log into your account; however, this does not necessarily mean that fraud has occurred. Urtasker offers the best solution to all your business problems on Amazon.


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