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Would you like an opportunity to monetize your skills in social media? If so, you may want to look into the Amazon Influencer Program. 

Through your influence, you can earn money by promoting products you know your audience will find of interest. You don’t have to invest in inventory or create product listings, and you do not have to incur any upfront expenses. 

Anyone with a niche website can become an Amazon Influencer and gain commissions on sales from Amazon.com. This program is an extension of Amazon’s Affiliate Program. You may earn anywhere from 1 to 10% of sales, depending on the type of product you promote. 

Though there is one difference between the Amazon influencer program and the Amazon affiliate program. The Amazon influencer program requires that applicants meet specific requirements and be accepted into the program. 

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In what manner does the Amazon influencer program operate?

Owners of niche websites or blogs can earn commissions on sales generated through their blog or website when they participate in the Amazon Associates program. To be eligible for the Amazon Influencer Program, you must have both a large and loyal following of social media fans on Facebook and Twitter. 

Recently, influencer marketing has become increasingly popular and effective, and Amazon has capitalized on this trend in order to reach new audiences. Influencers receive commissions for bringing Amazon sales to their brands. They work similar to Amazon Associates. 

Among the major differences is the manner in which programs direct their audiences toward the products they endorse. When users are part of the Affiliate program, they automatically receive affiliate links that can only be shared on their own websites or social media accounts. Members of the Influencer Program have their own customized Amazon storefront. 

By using this method, an influencer’s followers will be able to access all of the products he or she recommends, on a single page. There is even the possibility for influencers to categorize their products within their store so it is easier for customers to navigate.

What are the requirements for becoming an Amazon Influencer?

Now let’s examine what the Amazon influencer program requirements are. 

You only required a website or blog in order to participate in the Associate’s program. Amazon Influencers are screened to determine whether they are a good match for the program based on an analysis of their social media accounts. 

In the course of the application process, Amazon will ask you to provide feedback on the public social media accounts where you have the most influence. Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are the options available to you at present.

Even though Amazon does not specify a minimum number of followers required for an influencer to be considered, one’s number of followers will be considered. You do not need to have hundreds of thousands of followers to be considered eligible – having followers is merely a benefit. 

Influencers who have loyal, legitimate followers who are engaged with your content gain more value than those who have a large following but are not engaged with it. Additionally, Amazon also evaluates the number of posts, consistency of posts, as well as the number of followers – which is what plays the most important role in your eligibility.

What are the steps to applying for the Amazon Influencer Program?

Consider joining the Amazon Influencer Program now if you have an engaged following on social media. 

The market for influencers is growing. There are approximately 6% of third-party Amazon sellers that are utilizing influencers to market their products. In a survey, 32% of respondents said they plan on using social media, influencer marketing, or another channel other than Amazon to grow their business.

By registering through your Amazon Associates or customer account, you may also benefit from Amazon’s services. Click the “Get Started” button at the top of the Amazon Influencer Program page, and this will lead you to the application form. You can create a free account by clicking “Create an account” if you do not already have one.

A social media account must be linked to your application so Amazon can assess your eligibility. You have the option of connecting with Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, as discussed above. 

You will know if your application has been approved immediately if you apply through YouTube or Facebook. The decision by Amazon may take up to five business days if you continue with Instagram. The most popular Instagram account should be used to apply – it is worth the wait to apply through Instagram.

What is the compensation for influencers?

Among aspiring influencers, this question is frequently asked. There is a similar payment structure to that offered by the Amazon Associates program, which is the Influencer Program. 

The commission rate for influencers on Amazon varies according to the category. There is a 10% commission on categories such as Luxury Beauty, Luxury Stores Beauty, and Amazon Coins. 

You should always take the time to review Amazon’s Commission Income Statement before making your decision on which category to promote. It is true that commissions for some categories may seem low, but the fact of the matter is that they are really built up over time! And the best part is, if you ask Is Amazon influencer program worth it, you need not worry about the cost of including your storefront link in your Instagram profile or YouTube description. The answer is yes! You will not regret participating.

What are the best methods for marketing your Influencer Store?

Your store is only half done once you have been approved and created, now you must promote it. In order to be approved, you are required to have a large following on social media. 

Tell your audience which products you recommend for your particular niche that you love and like. People will trust your product recommendations if they are engaged by your content and respond to it. 

Amazon offers several suggestions regarding how Amazon Influencers can promote your store to increase your commissions. Consider trying them out and seeing if they are effective for you and your followers. 


  • Ensure that your bio contains a link to your influencer page. Please include a link to your influencer in your post captions so that your followers will know where to find your recommendations 
  • Click the link in your bio to shop the products you post
  • Showcase your personality on Instagram Stories, engage with your followers authentically, and broaden your following. By pinning high-performing stories to your profile, you can attract new followers to your product pages or to your daily stories.


  • Your “About” section should contain a link to your influencer page 
  • Your Facebook Stories can be an Instagram Stories-like platform for promoting recommended products.
  • You can link your Facebook profile to your Amazon influencer account by adding a “Shop Now” button
  • Your influencer page and the product detail page should both be linked in every product-related post


  • Include a link to your influencer page in your channel’s “About” section
  • The video description should also include links to products mentioned in the video. The description or “About” section of your video should include a link to the video’s online store.


  • Your Twitter bio should link to your influencer page
  • Include your influencer link when possible in your tweets or direct followers to your bio to receive regular product recommendations

Website & Blog

  • You should consider the types of products and content your readers would be interested in and create blog posts to complement them.
  • Keep your readers engaged by posting new content regularly. Refer readers to your influencer page to view all of the products you recommend at once by including links to recommended products, as appropriate.


  • Using Snapchat Stories, you can provide followers with a glimpse of your influencer page as well as recommended products.

Promoting Services

  • In addition to recommending products for sale on Amazon, you may also advertise Amazon services – in the Affiliate program, these are called “Bounties”. The services offered by Amazon include:
  • Free trial of Prime Video Channels
  • Registries offered by Amazon
  • Business at Amazon
  • The Amazon Home Service
  • Free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited

For each particular service that an affiliate or influencer promotes, Amazon offers fixed commissions or bounties.


1. How much do Amazon influencers make?

In Amazon’s eyes, influencers can make anywhere from a few dollars to $1,500 a month. Their earnings are dependent on the number of purchases made from their Amazon storefronts by their followers, viewers, or readers.

2. How many followers do I need for the Amazon influencer program?

An Amazon influencer requires a substantial following (between 100,000 and 500,000 followers) across multiple social media platforms. In addition, they should also be capable of engaging this audience in order to provide them with value while simultaneously advertising Amazon’s platform.

3. Can anyone become an Amazon Influencer?

Signing up for the program allows people to become Amazon influencers. Amazon examines your number of followers and your level of engagement with your followers carefully. This will help determine whether your content would make a good candidate for the influencer program, based on the niche your target audience falls into.

It is not strictly based on the number of followers that you have that you are approved into the program. If you can prove to Amazon that you have engaged with your audience in a meaningful way, Amazon will also consider micro-influencers and nano-influencers.

The value of an audience would likely be the primary factor for acceptance to their influencer program. It is, therefore, more likely that you will be accepted if you have a good relationship with your audience.


A custom Amazon storefront may allow you to earn income by promoting your favorite products as an Amazon Influencer. 

Would you consider yourself popular on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube? Would you like to be more popular on these platforms? Become an Amazon influencer and earn money by recommending products your followers will enjoy. It makes sense to join this program if you wish to monetize your social media skills.

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