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If you are a new seller on Amazon and thinking of how to create a new listing on Amazon, this article is for you. Amazon’s success highly depends on creating a perfect product listing. But, as a new seller, you might find it difficult. Don’t worry; creating an ideal product listing isn’t tricky and much easier. We will discuss everything you want to know in this article.


You have to prepare a few things to create a new listing on Amazon. Ensure to have all the required information. These three critical things are essential to know:

Product ID

If you are selling a new product on Amazon that’s never been sold before; then you need a product ID. It’s a unique identifier for commercial products. These are UPC barcodes, and EAN that are variations of Global Trade Item Number (GTINs).

There are many websites available selling GTINs for a low price. But, Amazon doesn’t allow these GTINs. If you purchase GTINs from these websites, there is a high probability that your account might get suspended because Amazon might think that your products are fraudulent. Amazon recommends GS1 platforms to buy UPCs, or you can purchase them from authentic GS1 sellers.

Product listing keywords

Keywords are the main elements of your product listings to get notified from customers. Search for the right keywords appropriate for your product listing based on relevancy, search volume, CPC, etc.

When your concern is how to add new product on Amazon seller, you need to have unique keywords for your product title, description, bullet points, and backend search items.

Product Images

Make sure you have an attractive set of images for your product. Photos play an influential role in urging customers to buy your products.

High-quality images enhance your product’s appearance. Capture the pictures of your product from different angles. Develop lifestyle photos to showcase the use of your product in daily lives. Use infographics to showcase the ability of your product to be different from competitors. Also, highlight all the USPs.

Now let’s go through how to create a new item listing on Amazon.

How To Create A New Listing On Amazon?

Now let’s start with how to create a brand new listing on Amazon.

Sept 1: Sign in to Amazon Seller Central Account

The first to create a new listing on Amazon requires signing in to your Amazon seller account, clicking on the inventory section and moving toward adding a product.

Step 2: Add new or existing product

You can see two options in this section. If you are selling a product already existing on Amazon, choose the option of finding your products in the Amazon catalog.

If you have any ASIN, product ID, or ISBN, you can type it in the search box.

On the other hand, if you plan to sell a new product, click on I am adding a new product not sold on Amazon.

Step 3: Select product listing category and subcategories

Now choose the suitable categories for your product. If you think your product qualifies for two or three different categories, then look at the sales of that category that other sellers are earning and choose the one making the most sales.

For instance, if you have chosen the product “protein powder” and its best-seller within its niche. This product comes under the category of health and household, sports and nutrition, protein powders, etc.

Step 4: Filling out Product Listing Information

After choosing the relevant category of your product, you will be taken towards the most critical section of product listing, which is incorporating listing information of the new product.

There are different tabs in this section, and the first one is vital info.

This part contains all of your product listing essential information like brand name, product name, package quantity, product ID, etc.

Step 5: Filling out listing information

If your single product has different variants based on its color or size, choose variations. A seller can create a parent ASIN and list child ASINs under it.

Step 6: Selecting the Fulfillment channel

You will have two options under this section: the first is merchant fulfills, and the second one is Amazon fulfills. If the seller is handling all the shipping requirements and packaging and orders, then its merchant is fulfilled.

If Amazon handles these shipments and packaging elements, including customer service, then it’s fulfilled by Amazon.

Step 7: Uploading product images

Moving onto the image section, here you can add your product images. High-quality photos are exceptional for your product to gain customers’ attention. It’s suggested to add at least five pictures. At the same time, Amazon allows adding at least 10 photos.

Add one thumbnail of your product image, and the remaining images can relate to showcasing product details and lifestyle images.

Don’t add any logos or watermarks on the product images. Once images are uploaded, step towards the advanced view. You will be shown multiple options that were hidden.

Step 8: Adding product description

The product description is a core part of your product listing where you incorporate the product information. Five bullet points are allowed to maximize your product visibility to customers. The keywords are added in the description.

Create useful product information with potential keywords that different people search for. Adding valuable keywords will make your product visible in front of consumers when they search for your listed item.

Step 9: Add keywords

Any part of creating an optimized and successful product listing is adding relevant keywords for the product. The first option that arrives here is search terms that are backend keywords. If you are thinking of any synonyms or other interrelated keywords that you want to add to your listings, you can incorporate those in this tab.

Click save and finish, and you are done with creating a new product listing on Amazon.

There are also some Amazon product listing restrictions. Make sure to avoid the following mistakes:

  • Avoid using terms like best, free or subjective terms like cute, etc.
  • Don’t use trademark words and amazon words like special amazon deals.
  • Keywords stuffing is not motivated by Amazon and even customers.
  • Don’t include incomplete information to avoid suppressed listings.
  • Avoid using time-sensitive information like the best-selling product of the month.
  • Don’t include shipping details in the product description like free shipping.


You have gone through all the necessary information on how to create a new listing on Amazon. Simply follow the above-listed steps, and your new listing will be updated on Amazon. These are the same steps for how to list a product on Amazon FBA.

Incorporate all the necessary information about your product to get customers’ attention and increase your sales. Making your Amazon listing attractive is the lucrative option to start a successful selling journey. If you think your FBA listings are not good enough you can opt for top Amazon listing creation services.

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