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How to edit an Amazon listing? Step-to-Step Guide

The world of E-commerce has enormously changed in the past few years. Every seller on Amazon wants to know “How to edit Amazon listing?”. Amazon stands out as the world’s most astonishing and largest E-commerce company in COVID-19. 

The supply chain and product deliveries of Amazon are the main areas in which they have shown remarkable progression. That progress results from their talented human resource department and massive sellers who are selling their products using the FBA service. 

FBA is “Fulfillment by Amazon,” a service to assist Amazon sellers in their supply chain management. Businesses using Amazon FBA service only have to send their products to chosen fulfillment centers, and the rest of the delivery procedure is handled by Amazon. 

Before using the Amazon FBA service, the seller needs to have registration and product listings on Amazon by using their seller accounts. 

A unique ID is associated with every Amazon product, and the seller has to notify Amazon about the details of these products. After this, Amazon will approve and sell these products. 


Let’s dive into the process of editing your Amazon FBA listing.

Why Editing FBA listings?

To answer how to edit an Amazon listing, it’s important to know why this is important. If the products are well listed on the Amazon marketplace, it ensures the provision of great conversions and sales. The information in your listing should be accurate, top-notch, and straightforward. 

If your product listings are not edited perfectly, it will result in low sales and conversions. Every product enlisted on Amazon has to meet specific requirements set by Amazon. Therefore, enhanced and polished listings have a significant impact on sales. 

How To Edit An Amazon Listing?

Every seller can easily edit their FBA listing for different products available in inventory. Firstly, the beginning procedure of editing a particular listing is important. These steps also answer your query about how to edit an existing listing on Amazon. You have to follow these steps: 

  • Log in to your Amazon seller account. 
  • Then click on inventory and choose “manage inventory.” 
  • You can view listings of every product inside your inventory. 
  • Select the listing to be edited or amended among your active listings, and then click on the Actions link. 
  • Click on “Edit details.” 
  • Now your window tabs will guide you in editing, adding, and changing listing contents. 
  • Ensure saving changes after editing completion. 

Editing condition type of a listing

  • Log in to your Amazon seller account.
  • Then click on inventory and select “manage inventory.”
  • Open your active listings by using the search feature. 
  • Once the listing to be edited is found, click on the actions link next to the enlisted item. 
  • Include required and necessary information. 
  • Click on the “Save” icon and finish.

Editing information on the quantity and price of a listing

  • Log in to your Amazon seller account. 
  • Click on inventory and choose “manage inventory.”
  • Open your active listings by using the search feature.
  • After finding the products that need modifications in listings, changes can be typed directly in text boxes. 
  • Save and finish the progress.

Editing Product listings pictures

  • Log in to your Amazon seller account.
  • Then click on inventory and select “manage inventory.”
  • Open your active listings by using the search feature.
  • Find a listing where you want to add the picture.
  • Adding one product image is essential, and you can add eight other pictures within your listing. 
  • Afterward, include images from your device. 
  • Click “save” and finish.
  • While creating the listing, it’s not fundamental to add photos. You can include pictures later.

What if the listing can’t be modified using your seller central account

Sometimes it happens when you cannot edit your Amazon product listings or product page by using your Amazon seller main account. 

In this situation, sellers should ensure that they are using the correct and accurate ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), a unique ID utilized by Amazon to differentiate products listed in their marketplace. 

If you are using an accurate ASIN and unable to edit listings, the control for the product page of that list should lie with another seller.  

Don’t worry; you can still tackle them and change your product listings. Occasionally, the product manufacturer holds control of its Amazon page, and it might be that they don’t allow vendors to edit images. 

Under this scenario, you have to send Amazon seller services your proposed corrections or amendments using the contact us form: 

To have a contact us form, you need to: 

  • Log into your Amazon seller account.
  • Moving to “Navigate to help.” 
  • Click on “Contact us” and move towards “Selling on Amazon.”
  • Choose “Products and Inventory” and click on “Product Page Issue.”
  • There will be an option of “Fix a product page.”
  • Now find Amazon products using ASIN
  • Amazon will require information about what you want to edit on the product page.
  • Choose the option you want to be modified from the drop-down menu, like “Product Description.” 
  • After this, Amazon investigates your suggested effectiveness and is liable for adaptation or not.
  • You should provide references to back your arguments; generally, an authentic source will complete the job. 

Amazon always ensures clarity between buyers and sellers. If sellers want to smoothen their editing process, they must explain every editing detail to Amazon clearly and smoothly. 

The protection of consumers is the central goal of Amazon on which they never compromise. Every buyer should get accurate information and details about their desired products for creating a satisfying shopping experience. For this reason, Amazon made it easy for sellers to edit their product listings. 

Duration for The Changes to Appear 

Most of the changes can easily be seen and updated in a few minutes within the marketplace of Amazon. However, a few major changes can take approximately 6 hours to appear. 

In addition to this, if the product description you have edited is longer than 500 characters, it may take 8 hours to be updated. Moreover, if you edit or add product images, it can take up to 24 hours to be updated on-screen. 

Millions of sales and deliveries are managed by Amazon every day. Along with this operational management, Amazon also ensures the best possible clarity between buyers and sellers. 

Duplicate Listings Problems 

It’s not difficult to become an Amazon seller. However, managing the Amazon business effectively is a big challenge. Moreover, some malicious sellers on Amazon aren’t doing clean business. 

These malicious sellers create new ASINs for themselves. That ASIN is already allocated to a product on Amazon. Different products will appear on buyers’ screens when they will search for this ASIN. 

This issue is very serious, and sellers must be attentive to avoid this. Sellers should watch marketplaces to find these duplicate listings, and if they find any malicious content, they must contact Amazon. 


Amazon is providing millions of sellers with a platform to conduct their online business. It’s vital for Amazon sellers to communicate accurate product details on the Amazon platform. You can find the information on “how to edit Amazon listings” in this article.  

However, sellers have the liberty to update their product listings when it’s necessary. By using an Amazon seller account, a seller can edit all product details, or they can ask the Amazon seller center to make crucial changes. 

In sellers’ inventory, you can edit every piece of information related to product listings. You can add images, product descriptions, prices, and quantities in that section. 

Sometimes it’s not easy to find which seller controls the product page. If you still want changes, you can contact Amazon and provide them with the necessary arguments for conducting change. 

Few malicious sellers on Amazon conduct nonprofessional business by duplicating product ASINs. When sellers communicate and report this unethical conduct to Amazon, immediate action is taken. Sellers should expose them as soon as possible. 

Sellers should professionally scale their business and provide authentic product information in their listings. I hope you understand how to edit Amazon listing? Tag us to resolve your queries. 

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