How to Create a Product Listing on Amazon?


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In the shopping mall, consumers know about brands through storefronts. After witnessing their items, analyzing the shop design, and talking to employees, customers form a business impression and make their purchasing decision.

Buyers make their online Amazon product impression through customer reviews, product images, and detailed descriptions. Similarly, on Amazon, your product listing plays the role of the storefront. Your product pictures, title, and description urge customers to click on your listings.

Amazon listings provide all the necessary information to communicate your product knowledge to customers. As a seller, crafting your product page with care is essential to grab buyers’ attention instantly.

To help you, we will enlist essential steps on how to create a listing on Amazon to draw buyers’ attention and drive sales.

Let’s start this Amazon listing optimization journey.


What is Amazon Product Listing?

Amazon listing is the product’s information page for every item sold on Amazon. This listing incorporates information about products like their name, price, description, and customer reviews. Before diving into how to create a listing on Amazon, let’s know what it means.

Sellers need to make proper product listings to attract customers. A customer can get all the necessary information about the product in the product listing. Shoppers make their purchasing decision by going through your product information and outlook. Therefore, if your Amazon listing is well-optimized, it can help you differentiate from competitors and capture sales.

Learn How To Create A Listing On Amazon

  • Firstly, decide which seller account is beneficial for you: individual or professional. If you sell less than 40 products per month, an individual plan is better for you, while if more than 40 products are being sold per month, then the professional plan is best. Initially, you should go for an individual account as a new seller on Amazon.
  • Create an account for your Amazon business if you are not registered yet. Open Amazon.com and log in to your account. If your Amazon account is already activated, you can sell your products on Amazon. Once you are logged into Amazon, move toward seller central by clicking on this link.
  • Click on Catalog at the top of the navigation menu, then add products. Afterward, you can either add existing products or create a new product. If your selling product is already available on Amazon, you have to locate it. For instance, if you are selling vinyl, it’s already available for sale on Amazon. However, if you want to add a new product (like tee shirts made of unique material), click on create a new product listing.
  • Choose the category of your product that you include in your listing.
  • Next, you will need to fill in all the necessary information about your product on the Vital info tab. There will be different options depending on your product type. The red boxes must be completed before moving forward to the next steps. New sellers should also have to follow the requirement of barcode numbers. The handmade products don’t have any barcode numbers. You can go to eBay and search for UPC numbers. You can buy many of them and utilize them to list your products on Amazon.
  • After completing the Vital info tab, fill out the remaining tabs and input the remaining piece of information. Enter the color or size information in the variation tab, and pricing is incorporated in the offer tab.
  • To create a new product listing on Amazon, it is recommended to add images. Images with borders, additional texts, and watermarks are forbidden in Amazon. Photos with a background are ideal for Amazon product listings. You can find further information on photo requirements on the image upload page.
  • Once you are done with the process of uploading images, click the Save and Finish icon at the bottom of the page. Your first product on the Amazon catalog is added.

Now you know how to create a new listing on Amazon FBA.

How To Create A Custom Listing On Amazon?

Now, let’s talk about Amazon custom listings.

1. Sign up for Amazon Custom.

2. In Amazon Seller Central, you can add a new product from the drop-down menu

3. Insert your custom product’s customization information.

4. Congratulations! your custom product on Amazon is live.

You Don’t own the listings

After adding your product to the Amazon catalog, a different seller can list a similar item for sale using your product page. You don’t own the listings you created.

Amazon Shipping

During your product listing, you are sometimes unable to specify shipping prices. Amazon also has a standard cap for every category, unlike other marketplaces. It means that they have a maximum limit that you can charge your customers for shipping. One cannot exceed that limit.

The allowed price isn’t enough for shipping items to customers in most cases. To tackle this problem, remember to price your product accordingly.

Getting Paid Through Amazon

Those sellers on Individual selling plans receive payment once a week and are processed through ACH to your bank account. The new seller might face a delay in their payment procedures. The standard time for the delay is 21, but it can sometimes exceed that.

Those sellers on professional selling plans receive payments twice a month. New sellers under this plan may also face payment postponements.

You can’t request the processing of your payments sooner through a professional or individual selling plan.

Drive Sales Through Carefully Optimized Listing

After going through how to create a listing on Amazon Seller Central, you should know the importance of a carefully optimized listing. In the presence of millions of sellers running their businesses in the Amazon ecosystem, getting yourself notified as a seller isn’t easy.

If you include all the necessary information about your product and optimize your product listings, it will attract customers, and resultantly they will buy the product. Always include all the required information about your product required by Amazon in your product listings to impose a good impression on customers.


Creating a new listing on Amazon isn’t a complex task. You have to go through this guide on “How to create a listing on Amazon,” and you will know the way.

A good listing can make your brand shine and show customers why they should purchase your products or care about them. You must ensure that your images and product description include information that motivates buyers to buy your product.

By examining how a customer can perceive your listing, you can construct an evident and good-looking product listing on Amazon.

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