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How to create a bundle listing on Amazon? We’ve all been there. 

You’re buying snacks for movie night, making sure to grab all the essentials—candy, cookies, and something fizzy to wash it all down. When you finally boot up Netflix, you come to a horrible realization: you forgot the popcorn! If only the grocery store sold movie night snacks in a bundle—that way, you could grab one package without forgetting anything.

As an Amazon seller, you can create that kind of convenience for your customers.  In this article, we’ll answer some of your burning questions like what is bundle listing on Amazon, how can I bundle a listing on Amazon and so many more.

Let’s get started. 

What is an Amazon Product Bundle?

An Amazon product bundle is made of two or more complementary products sold together in one listing. Providing value and convenience, the customer can get everything they need with one click.

Bundling products isn’t just for big brand names. Third-party sellers can bundle popular products, leveraging existing brand awareness to boost their unique brand. With this method, you purchase other brands’ products at wholesale prices, create a unique UPC code, and package them together under your own brand name.

How To Create a Bundle Listing on Amazon?

A listing must be created as part of a bundle. The primary requirement for creating a bundle is that it must be a new listing. More than one listing cannot be combined into one bundle. Follow the steps below to learn how to create a bundle listing on Amazon: 

1. According to Amazon, this bundle is treated as a single item and requires a unique ASIN/UPC. A GTIN exemption can be submitted to avoid this problem, allowing a listing to be created without a new UPC. 

Whenever possible, submit your exemption request under the name of the manufacturer if all the products are marketed under the same brand. In the absence of a branded bundle, a generic bundle may be submitted. 

The requests are generally approved quickly, although it may take up to a few days in some cases. You can monitor the status of your GTIN exemption within the Inventory section of your Seller Central account.

2. When you have completed this step, you should log in to your Seller Central account and click the “create a new listing” button.

3. Now, as you would normally do, you should be able to create a listing with all its features, you must be aware of some bundle-specific requirements.

These are the simple steps you need to create a bundle listing on Amazon.

Guidelines for Amazon Bundles

It is now possible for you to create a bundle listing on Amazon. However, you must abide by a few guidelines established by the company. Amazon’s bundle policy page contains a complete list of bundle requirements; however, we will provide an overview of the main ones you should be aware of.

Which products are appropriate for this application?

When you create a bundle listing on Amazon you need to follow a few guidelines. Bundling policies at Amazon include: 

  • Bundles on Amazon need to include items that complement each other.
  • The primary product may not be in the video games category, nor may it be in the books, music, video, or DVD category.
  • Video games and BMVD products may only be included as secondary products if they support the primary product.
  • Duplicates and prepackaged kits are not considered bundles.
  • Please do not include generic products (without any brand name), as Amazon does not want generic products to be misconstrued as branded ones. There is no need to brand the bundle according to the highest-priced item, however, you can include items from different brands.

The process of categorizing bundles

  • Even though bundles can contain items from different categories, they may only be listed in one. The category for the highest-priced item should be considered when a bundle contains items from more than one category.

Listing Page Requirements

  • It is advisable to include the word “Bundle” in the title of your listing, along with the number of items in the bundle. You may list fewer items if the bundle contains only a few.
  • Describe the primary item and the total number of items that make up the bundle if it contains many items.
  • As the first bullet point of the product detail page, the writer must indicate that all the items in the bundle are listed individually.
  • Even though the product is a bundle, the product page must specify which products are included in the bundle.
  • Each product in the bundle must be included in the main image.

How to do a product listing for a bundle on Amazon?

There should be a separate listing for each bundle. The practice of adding a variation to an existing product is against TOS; not only will such an action result in your inventory being stranded, but it is also prohibited.

1. Adding a product

Click on Inventory > Add a product to begin creating your listing. Select the Add Product option.

2. Select the appropriate category

Ensure that your bundle falls into the appropriate category. Please ensure that you pick the category for which you have been approved if you have a GTIN exemption.

3. Creating a listing is like creating any other listing.

Please ensure that you enter the same brand name as you listed on your application for GTIN exemption (if applicable). As you write your titles, descriptions, etc. when you write them, please refer to the following Amazon guidelines.

  • In order to have an accurate unit count for a bundle, we need to know whether there are products within the bundle.
  • Amazon has established a listing policy requiring bundle titles to be no longer than 200 characters (including spaces).
  • Ideally, the title of the product should include both the word “Bundle” and the number of items included in the bundle.
  • This should be stated in the first bullet point of the product detail page. You should identify each individual product in the bundle separately.
  • It is imperative that you specify on the product’s detail page that this is a bundle. In this document, the items in the bundle should be identified (model number, color, size, etc.).

Bundling wholesale products on Amazon

It is much easier to introduce a new wholesale product to Amazon’s market that way, as opposed to creating, sourcing, and launching a new private label product to market. It is a great way to stand out from your competitors who are following the same model. If you already purchase and resell other brands wholesale, we recommend taking this step.

When it comes to selling wholesale products on Amazon, you must understand how it works. As a wholesaler, a brand that currently sells well on Amazon can be resold there without creating a new product. 

There are many advantages of selling on Amazon, but you may have to compete with other sellers for the buy box. With the combination of complementary products, you can create a standalone listing where you act as the sole seller. You will therefore have no competitors to contend with.

Selling bundles has another benefit, these products are usually more profitable than wholesale products individually. You do not have to worry about another seller undercutting you since you can set your own price. Often, customers prefer to purchase a bundle pack due to its convenience.

Where can I locate products to bundle?

It is important to perform product research as part of any business model on Amazon FBA. 

You should not only make sure that the products you will bundle are complementary in functionality or purpose, but you should also ensure that they will sell well together.

There is often a section referred to as “frequently purchased together” on Amazon listings. Using this feature, you can see the items that customers frequently order when they order a particular product. A product bundle recipe if you will.  

A Good Tip. Would that be the same strategy used on Amazon to bundle products? Based upon these insights, you may be able to create an exclusive, bundled product listing to save your customers’ clicks and dollars. The customer does not need to order two separate items, for example, if you package kitchen tongs and spatulas together. 

Find out how to conduct research on product bundles

Visit Amazon and type in “Bundle”

It is common for sellers to include the term “bundle” in the title of their listings. The convenience is obvious and the result can be quite satisfying when done properly. If you would like to search Amazon’s entire product catalog, select a specific category and then type in the keyword “bundle.”.

Consult the “Frequently purchased together” section

There will typically be a section entitled “Frequently bought together” on most listings. In addition to the current product that you are viewing, you will find additional products that others have purchased.

Utilize the product database

You can find Amazon bundle products by using a third-party database. Whenever you are looking to bundle wholesale products, you should look out for listings with multiple sellers, as this is an indication that the company allows wholesale orders. There is a good possibility that the listing only has one seller, meaning that it is a private label product, and therefore cannot be bundled. 

The frequently bought-together section on Amazon offers a great way to find great wholesale opportunities for the brands you want to include in your virtual bundles.

Bundling products has its benefits

Customers who desire a value-oriented offer will be attracted to Amazon’s product bundling. The buyer doesn’t have to click around looking for complementary items to their original purchase. All items are displayed on one page. Aside from the benefits to your organization, Amazon FBA bundling also offers several advantages:

1. Increasing the average order value of your business

Your customers are more likely to purchase more than one product in one purchase when you bundle your products, which increases your average order value. You may offer your customers the option to purchase a pizza blanket as part of a bundle with a pizza pillow.

2. Reduction of inventory waste

It may be possible to bundle and sell products at a discount to eliminate dead stock and reduce inventory waste. It will also increase your IPI (index performance index), resulting in a reduction in warehouse expenditures.

3. Supports the launch of a new product

Will you be launching a new product soon? You may wish to bundle it with one of your best-selling items to market it. You can reduce your marketing expenses through cross-promotion while increasing exposure for your new products.


1. How to set up a UPC code new listing on the Amazon FBA bundle?

A five-step process is required to obtain and utilize UPC barcodes for your products:

  1. Calculate the number of barcodes your business requires
  2. It is possible to license a U.P.C prefix or a single GTIN
  3. Give each product a unique number
  4. The UPC barcode should be accurate for each item
  5. Managing and validating UPC product data

2. Can you change the bundle title on the Amazon listing?

Following the saving of the bundle, the following attributes of the ASIN can be modified: title, description, bullet points, and images. The SKU or the bundle products, however, cannot be modified once they have been saved.


There will always be competition on Amazon, regardless of the business model you choose. Thus, you should think outside the box when it comes to how and what you are selling. Bundles of products that are tailored to your customer’s needs and wants are a wonderful way to stand out from the competition. By following the steps above, You can learn how to create bundle listings on Amazon and earn a sizable profit.

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