How to Open a Second Amazon Seller Central Account?


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Are you the one who is thinking of the possibility of having multiple seller accounts on Amazon? The answer is yes, but according to Amazon, you should have an authentic business need to create a second Amazon account.

This article will illustrate what qualifies as a legitimate business need and the things you have to do to develop a second Amazon seller account. We will also discuss how sellers are using Blackhat’s strategies to open several Amazon accounts and why you should avoid them.

How To Create A Second Amazon Seller Central Account?

As mentioned before, you must have a legitimate business reason for opening a second account on Amazon. Whether the cause is fair or not, it’s up to Amazon to decide. However, opening a second account will increase your business accounting work and overall maintenance.

If you have a legitimate business reason as an Amazon seller, then you should follow these steps:

  • A separate bank account is needed for each Seller Central Account. Multiple Seller accounts on Amazon will not be approved if they use the same bank account within the same region.
  • Every seller account should have a separate email address.
  • The products and services in every account must be different.
  • Your account’s performance metrics and business financial health should be good.

Even though Amazon illustrates that you don’t need their approval for opening a second account, it is suggested that you should request permission from Amazon to be safe.

Can You Have Multiple Seller Accounts on Amazon?

In April 2020, Amazon changed its policy on multiple accounts, and now sellers having legitimate business needs can open various accounts without Amazon approval. Amazon articulates:

Selling Partners having legitimate business needs can open multiple seller accounts and don’t require Amazon approval. However, Amazon highly recommends opening multiple amazon accounts if you have a valid business need and your current accounts are in healthy financial condition.

You don’t have to acquire clear permission from Amazon to open multiple Amazon seller accounts if there is a legitimate business need.

What Does Legitimate Business Mean?

The terminology of legitimate business needs is unclear in the Amazon marketplace. In short, you can open another account on Amazon for nearly any reason as long as your other Amazon account isn’t suspended or in danger of being suspended.

Note: Most people have a misconception about needing a separate business for Amazon accounts. You don’t need a separate company to open a second account. All you need is a different bank account and credit card.

Sometimes people open multiple businesses to open different Amazon seller accounts. Don’t ever do that, as it can make your life much harder in managing distinct companies.

Why Need Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts?

If you have multiple brands operating under the same company, you need to have another Amazon buyer account, as it’s challenging to manage all the brands under the same account.

Another factor linked with opening multiple seller accounts on Amazon is getting a new IPI (Inventory Placement Index) score. Some sellers have a low IPI score, and resultantly they open new Amazon seller accounts. Many people have faced troubles after opening an account for this reason.

However, numerous sellers want multiple business accounts because they are intentionally breaking the rules and regulations of Amazon, and they are afraid of getting their accounts terminated. When one account gets terminated, they simply start selling on the other account. By working on this strategy of multiple accounts, they can hedge their bets.

There are multiple stories of Amazon sellers who suspended their accounts for illegitimate reasons. If you are an Amazon seller who has spent all of your life savings in the Amazon business with a couple of employees working for you, having all your eggs in one basket is not an effective business decision in this case. Many Amazon sellers create a second Amazon account to mitigate risk even if they follow all terms and conditions of Amazon.

Keep in mind that Amazon is sharp in detecting whether the same person owns multiple selling accounts, even if you don’t mention any information.

How do Black Hat Sellers Open Several Accounts?

Amazon is smart in detecting sellers who create a second amazon account, so black hat Amazon sellers need to be highly conscious of being caught.

Creating multiple Amazon accounts requires the following things:

  •  Different credit cards
  •  Email addresses shouldn’t be the same
  •  Separate bank accounts

Amazon doesn’t require any of the above-listed points to match the seller entity name. The seller entity part is tricky, although one can use another personal name (your relative or friend) or register a new company.

The most challenging part of having several seller accounts is dodging being spotted. All of the black hat sellers around the globe have multiple ISPs and computers. Every computer is interlinked with one particular internet connection. They take every precaution to avoid being detected by accidentally operating multiple accounts under the same internet connection as it would instantly notify Amazon that the accounts are from the same sellers.

How does Amazon Spot Multiple Accounts?

The ways in which Amazon can detect that a seller might have a second account are as follows:

  • IP address
  • Credit card information
  • Bank account
  • Device ID
  • Company name
  • Billing or shipping address
  • Phone number


This article gives an overview of how sellers utilize multiple Amazon Seller accounts to extract maximum advantage over you. With the upgradation of Amazon policy on opening multiple accounts, having a second Central Account can be beneficial.

Do you have multiple Amazon seller accounts? If yes, is it paying you positively or not? Well, there can be many questions circulating in your mind. You can contact us if you have questions about creating a second amazon account or the pros and cons of this process.


Can you have two Amazon accounts?

Yes, you can have two Amazon accounts, and as per Amazon, you should have a legitimate business need to do so.

Can you have multiple Amazon accounts?

Yes, you can have multiple accounts. Each account should include different products, emails, bank accounts, etc.

Can you have multiple Amazon seller accounts?

The short answer is yes; you can have multiple seller accounts.

How does amazon detect multiple accounts?

Amazon can trace accounts in multiple ways, from your IP address to browsers, from computer operating systems and cookies.

How to cancel the amazon seller account?

For closing your amazon seller account:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Account info
  • Click close account.

Afterward, you will receive a confirmation once your account has been closed or an email detailing why your account can’t be closed.

How to combine Amazon accounts?

  • Click on the pull-down menu and look at the portion that says link accounts.
  • After clicking that option, you will be asked to select either an adult account or a teen account, depending on your selection.
  • After following these steps and your accounts will be linked.

How to merge Amazon accounts?

  •  After signing in to the Seller Central account, click on global accounts from the setting.
  •  From the Global accounts page, select the option of merging account tabs.
  •  Follow the page directions and select the accounts you want to merge.

In the end, having multiple accounts is possible, but it is on you to manage all the hard work and pain associated with opening various Amazon accounts.

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