How to Drive External Traffic to Amazon Listing?

Zeeshan Riaz March 16, 2022

There is no denying the fact that Amazon is a very powerful company. As of now, around half of the total number of product searches online are conducted through Amazon. Therefore, Amazon is the primary location for individual e-commerce sellers looking to get started. Moreover, Amazon continues to expand both within the United States and internationally. To capture and drive external traffic to Amazon listing is an excellent way to gain an advantage over your competitors and build your business into something more than just a mere Amazon store.

how to drive external traffic to amazon listing

In light of this, you may be surprised to hear that Amazon’s top sellers all drive traffic to the marketplace. Let’s discuss how to drive external traffic to your Amazon product listing and its significance.

How to drive external traffic to Amazon listing?

The following list is your answer to how to bring external traffic to the Amazon page of your listing:

1. Amazon Sponsored Display ads

Vendors and third-party sellers with a Brand Registry account are eligible for Amazon Sponsored Display ads. It is possible to create display advertisements on and off Amazon using this tool. In addition to being displayed across Amazon search results and product detail pages, your display ads will also be displayed to customers on third-party sites such as Google, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

2. Facebook ads

Would you believe that 21% of consumers start their search for products on social media before they even lay eyes on a product? Such is a high number that cannot be overlooked. It is possible to target specific demographics and interests with Facebook Advertising to market to those who are more likely to make a purchase and look for products you sell.

In addition to creating Instagram ads, you can also use the Facebook advertising platform to place those ads in users’ feeds as they scroll. Facebook and Instagram advertisements can be extremely effective in boosting Amazon FBA sales when carried out correctly.

3. Utilize Google AdWords

Social media sites are the most effective method of driving traffic externally to your Amazon listings, but you cannot ignore a company like Google. It has always been the first place for us to turn to when searching for information or when seeking the appropriate products.

Using marketing channels other than Amazon has a number of advantages. Using these channels can help your business grow. Even though you should prioritize optimizing your traffic and conversion rates within Amazon, you should not overlook Google.

4. Make a video of the product.

Video content is a major source of entertainment for about a third of internet users. A good video can influence a person in the right way if it is produced suitably. In addition, if you are already registered as a trademark or brand on Amazon, you can also take advantage of the Amazon Brand Registry program.

The uniqueness of your products can be achieved in one of the most efficient and effective ways possible. With its enhanced brand content (EBC) video feature, you can effectively promote your brand. Despite the fact that this feature is extremely valuable, not enough brands are using it to its full potential.

5. Affiliate blogs

Affiliate blog is the initial and most fruitful strategy to drive external traffic to Amazon listing. Unless you own your niche blog site, you will not have full control over this option. Regardless, it is a great way to help drive traffic to your Amazon products.

You can find many niche websites on the Internet run by content creators affiliated with the Amazon Affiliate program. An affiliate link will be included in their writing about a specific product. Therefore, they earn a commission for every click on their link and each purchase made on Amazon through one of their blog visitors.

If you find websites, blogs, and YouTube channels relevant to your niche, contact them and ask if they consider displaying your product on their blog or YouTube channel.

6. Create a mailing list

Your eCommerce business’s email list is one of your most valuable marketing assets. An email list enables you to maintain a contact list of former and prospective customers who have already interacted with your brand in some way. Using promotional messages and special deals tailored to their interests, you can remarket your products to them. That is why email collection should be one of your top priorities in driving external traffic to Amazon listing.

Why is it important to drive external traffic to Amazon listing?

Considering Amazon’s increased competition and the increasing costs of sponsored ads, you must stay ahead of the competition. You must identify other methods of driving qualified traffic to your listings. If you do not advertise outside of Amazon, you may be sacrificing sales by not taking advantage of Amazon’s powerful internal advertising solutions.

In order to drive external traffic to Amazon listing, you must first make sure that your listings are properly optimized with a decent conversion rate. With poor-quality listing images, a sparsely written description, and few or no reviews, even the best off-Amazon marketing will not be enough to convince most customers to purchase the product. As a result, you will waste a great deal of your time and a great deal of money as well.

The following elements will make up a fully optimized listing:

  • Images of the highest quality
  • Copy that is SEO-friendly
  • Detailed product descriptions and informative bullets
  • Content from Amazon A+ (if applicable)

External traffic to Amazon has the major advantage of funneling directly to your Amazon storefront. This is free of competitor listings and ads instead of relying on only three of Amazon’s PPC ad types.

  • Best Seller Rank can be increased.

Increasing your sales is likely if your products convert consistently from direct traffic from Amazon. In turn, this results in increased Bestseller Rankings as more qualified outside traffic is directed to your listing. As a result, your sales will increase.

  • It is possible to improve your keyword ranking.

According to Amazon, it appears that it prefers listings that drive external traffic to Amazon – as long as those sales are being generated. This offers a number of benefits, including the possibility of improved rankings in organic search results.

  • By understanding your customers better, you will gain valuable insight.

You get an Amazon Attribution powerful analytics tool if you’re enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry program. As a result of attribution, brands will gain detailed information about which non-Amazon marketing channels are working most effectively.

  • Drive external traffic to your Amazon listing and earn a bonus

On July 15th, 2021, Amazon announced that it would launch a new Brand Referral Bonuses program. You are eligible for a reward for each sale brought about by external traffic from Amazon’s Brand Registry if you are enrolled in the program.

You will be eligible for a bonus only if you use Amazon Attribution tags to measure the sales you receive from non-Amazon marketing channels. Programs such as this one can help brands save money on referral fees, allowing them to use that money to improve their off-Amazon advertising.

  • Ensure you stand out from the competition

There are so many people joining the FBA bandwagon that it has become very difficult to distinguish yourself from your competitors. It would be best if you always were looking to optimize your Amazon listing first and foremost to increase organic sales. It would help if you did not forget, though, that your competitor is also doing the same thing.

Keep in mind that your Amazon rankings are not the only challenge you face. You will also find that your competitors can purchase paid ads to jump ahead of your listing on Google.

  • It is an opportunity for your brand to be showcased.

When you drive external traffic to Amazon listing, you make your brand word of mouth. Selling on Amazon is currently a highly competitive market. One way to survive and thrive is by building a strong, recognizable brand. The brand should distinguish them from all the cheap resellers. However, Amazon offers few opportunities to distinguish them from the cheap ones. This is because Amazon wishes to promote its brand.

As an Amazon seller, you are subject to a number of strict restrictions, and pushing those boundaries could lead to dangerous consequences. You have the creative freedom to advertise outside of Amazon. Your brand voice should be unique and something memorable to your customers. In order to differentiate your products from the ones sold by other sellers on Amazon, you need to build your brand. In addition, by protecting yourself against Amazon directly, you also protect yourself from the competition.


How do I increase page views on Amazon?

An Amazon page view measures how many times an Amazon customer has viewed your product listing for each of your products. To increase page views, consider the following factors:

  • Make sure that you use the correct words in the correct context

Your listings receive a large amount of traffic due to the keywords included in them.

Whenever a customer uses a keyword, not in your listing or search terms, your product will not appear in the Amazon search results.

  • Amazon advertising

Amazon offers two methods for advertising your products:

  • Sponsored Products – are designed to promote/advertise individual listings.
  • Owners of brands with three or more listed products may purchase Headline Search Ads.

Start promoting sponsored products today. There is a $50 credit available for those who are just getting started. This will drive traffic to your listing, which is very easy to do.

  • Your main image should be improved.

How is your product on Amazon displayed to a customer when they search for a product similar to yours? Your primary image. Your main image must stand out among your competitors to receive more clicks and increase traffic.

  • Take a look at the pricing strategies you are using.

Getting the right price can be tricky. It’s important to check the price to find out if a prospective customer will click on your listing or one of your competitors. Don’t mark your price up too high, or you’ll drive people away. Even low prices can drive buyers away, suggesting a lower quality product.

Does Amazon like external traffic?

Yes. Organic traffic from Amazon is supplemented by external traffic. The extra traffic you generate from any source is a bonus. Instead of counting on your potential customers to find your products, you can locate them on your own and find ways to generate sales from them. So keep trying to drive external traffic to Amazon listing folks!

What is Amazon traffic?

Amazon receives traffic in two ways:

  • Internal traffic
  • External traffic

Generally, Amazon sellers rely on “internal” traffic and sales as their primary source. This refers to internet users who search for your product on or open the Amazon app. They find your product in the search results or either by clicking on your sponsored ads.

In addition to internal traffic, there is external traffic. As an alternative to waiting for a consumer to visit Amazon, you can engage them somewhere else online rather than waiting for them to go to Amazon and find your products. For example:

  • Paid advertisements (Google, website advertisements, etc.)
  • Use of email or instant messaging
  • Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Referrals from websites

Ending Note:

We hope this article helps you understand the importance of driving external traffic to Amazon listing. Along with helping you attain information about your customers that other Amazon sellers cannot get, this will also help you increase sales and brand awareness.

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