Important Hacks and Tricks to Optimize Your Amazon Products Listing – The Right Way!

important hacks and tricks to optimize your amazon products listing

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Amazon is the world’s all-you-can-eat buffet of products and any seller or marketer’s throne for kingdom-hood. With millions of transactions every day, an Amazon product listing is your voice to the world. Many are now starting Amazon businesses on a daily basis. There is a list of things one needs to do in planning to jump into Amazon wonderland.

The Solution

A powerful Amazon product listing copy that converts is crucial to being an A-List Seller. And to put a halt to your sales sucking-spree!

Here are some ‘Secret Sauce’ Hacks, Tips, and Tricks on how you can 10X your Amazon Product Listing today!

Focus on Your Product Title

Following are the steps Amazon listing specialists follow:

Character Count

Just as with Google title tags are very important, but instead of 60 characters, you get 200 with Amazon. Also unlike Google, the longer and more detailed the title, the better. With Amazon it doesn’t have to be compelling or grab a viewer’s attention; it just has to give off enough information for someone to make a purchasing decision.

For this reason, using all of the 200-character limits is encouraged. If you look around Amazon, you’ll notice that the products with long, keyword-rich titles outrank those that are simple and clean.

Capitalization and Relevance

Capitalize the first letter of each word. Use the most relevant keywords first, and ensure that numbers are written as numerals ( such as 1, 2, 3, etc.)

Now, it can be hard to get used to this after coming from optimization for Google, but it’s an important step. According to an Amazon help page, you should follow a formula to help create your titles. For example, the style for many products may be:

Brand + Model Number + Model Name + Product Type, Color

One example of using this formula for a title would be:

KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan 5-Quart Mixer, Empire Red

Things Not to Include in Product Titles

One of the biggest mistakes Sellers make is committing self-suicide by contaminating their product titles with the following:

● Price and quantity
● Using ALL CAPS
● Using promotional messages such as “Sale”
● Using suggestive commentary such as “Best Seller”
● Using symbols such as ($,!,?)
● Putting color in the title even though the product does not come in multiple colors
● Putting size in the title if the size is not a relevant detail

Compelling Photos – Crucial Elements

Human beings are visual creatures. Image psychology plays a fundamental role in buying behaviors. Knowing and maximizing this is critical. Here’s how:

● Utilize all 9 image spaces if possible
● Size images to be at least 1000px to activate zoom function
● Add a video if at all possible
● Utilize a white background for the main image
● Use infographics to convey the scale of the product
● Include some lifestyle images, showing the product in use
● Have an image showing your product packaging

Use Bullet-Point Content Form and Focus on a Description

You often see bullet points for a product on Amazon under the title. This is a great place to add keywords and really show what you’re all about. It’s close to your images and actually appears above the title, so make sure you don’t skip this step.

Here are some more tips on this:

● Use all 5 bullet points if you are able
● Put yourself in the shoes of the customer, why should they buy your product over competitors?
● Focus on applications of the product
● Keep it product oriented
● Include any guarantee or warranty you are offering
● Does the product solve a problem? Explain how
● What’s your product’s fundamental value proposition?

Because the bullet point feature is so prominent, sometimes companies get confused about the description and forget to add it altogether (it’s not required after all!). The description still appears it just appears further down on your page.

This doesn’t mean that it’s not as important, it’s just not as important as the bullet point section. It is crucial to still add in a description, not worry too much about keywords, and make it detailed but short and sweet all at the same time.

Humanism in Description

It’s also important that your description adopts a ‘humanistic’ tone, in that it speaks to the human element of the audience, and not as a ‘drone’ programmed to sell on auto-pilot!

Here are a few ways this can be achieved in a compelling manner that evokes emotion, incites interest, creates desire and inspires ‘action’ in the reader’s mind:

● Lead with the features and benefits to the customer, and talk about the product secondary to that
● Make the visitor believe that your product is something they need
● Keep it relatable – use language that you would use if you were speaking to someone
● Include your target keywords but don’t keyword stuff and make it difficult to read
● Tell a story that highlights the product’s value
● Choose the best text formatting for your description

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