How Much Should I Budget for Amazon PPC?


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How much should I budget for Amazon PPC?

Every day there’s increasing competition on Amazon Marketplace and keeping your campaign competitive requires advertising, but make sure to ask yourself: how much should I budget for Amazon PPC?

The scope of this blog post is to discuss Amazon PPC and how to set up your brand’s Amazon product’s daily budget and then help you understand the question you ask: how much should you plan to allocate for Amazon PPC? As more brands and advertisers compete for customers on Amazon, advertising is becoming increasingly competitive. This requires brands to develop effective PPC strategies. Identifying the correct daily budget for your Amazon PPC campaign is one of the most important aspects of setting up a successful marketing strategy on Amazon.

How to define Amazon PPC daily budget?

In Amazon PPC, daily budgets are the amounts advertisers allocate for advertising campaigns per day. By setting a daily budget for Amazon PPC campaigns, brands can restrict their spending on PPC campaigns. The process is really simple:

  • Sign in to your Seller Central account.
  • Click on the ‘Campaign Manager’ tab under advertising.
  • Afterward, select Settings and indicate how much you want to spend per day on ads.

It varies from campaign to campaign how much you should budget each day for Amazon-sponsored products. It depends on what your brand aims to accomplish and what the right budget is for your business. Other factors, such as the level of competition, product categories, ad targeting, and ad placement, may affect your Amazon PPC campaign daily budget. You may need to rethink how much should be budgeted for Amazon PPC. Your brand’s budget may need to be adjusted if these factors are considered.

Setting an Amazon PPC budget is important for various reasons.

  • Prevent Wasteful Spend: You cannot overspend on your PPC campaigns if you set a budget for sponsored product advertising per day. Your brand’s ad campaigns will cease to run once your ad budget reaches the limit. If you make mistakes when bidding on keywords, you can avoid losing money by capping your advertising budget.
  • Maximize Return on Investment: By setting a monthly budget for each campaign, you’ll be able to keep your spending in balance; it will allow you to see how much money you are spending on advertising. The profitability of individual campaigns can also be used to allocate daily budgets and optimize campaigns to maximize return on ad spend. 
  • Budget Allocation: When your business has a fixed daily budget, you have more control over budget allocation. The ability to forecast and adjust your advertising budget based on its profitability enables you to better plan your campaigns.

How To Set Your Amazon PPC Budget?

With an understanding of what an Amazon PPC budget is and why it is essential for Amazon brands, let’s change our focus. Next, we will go over the steps to follow to set a marketing budget and understand how much should I budget for Amazon PPC that works for the company.

What Are The Best Ways To Allocate PPC Budgets?

You can allocate a PPC budget effectively by following these four steps.

Step 1: Identify Your ACoS

Identifying your average cost of sale (ACoS) is the first step in building a brand PPC campaign. A business owner should review his or her ACoS before deciding how much to spend on product advertising. An ad campaign with a low ACoS is more likely to be profitable.

Consider a situation where you sell a product for $100, and all other costs and fees total $60. That means your profit margin (in percentage) is 40%, if you want your business to be profitable, your ACoS should be less than 40%. Therefore, determining your ACoS is important to determine how much advertising you can spend and remain profitable.

Step 2: Understand Your CPC (Cost-Per-Click)

Advertisers are charged a cost-per-click each time a user clicks on an ad. To determine the right bid amount, it’s crucial to calculate your cost-per-click when setting up your Amazon PPC. To maximize your leads and stay profitable with Amazon PPC, starting with a low CPC is advisable. However, you might want to increase your CPC if you’re not receiving enough clicks.

Step 3. Decide how long your campaign will last

A campaign’s duration affects your advertising budget, so you must make sure you choose the right one. You should make sure that you have enough funds to run your campaign for one month if you want it to run for that long.

Step 4: Find Converting Keywords

Brand owners should choose relevant keywords that attract quality leads without spending too much on advertising. Also, long-tail keywords are recommended to increase conversion rates. What are the advantages of targeting long-tail keywords instead of general ones? Long-tail keywords tend to attract more buyers, and shoppers who search with these keywords are more likely to complete a purchase. Helium 10 is one tool that can be used to locate converting keywords.

Using the above steps, you can choose a PPC budget easily.

How do you define Amazon PPC monthly budget and what performance to expect?

Ads typically cost between $5,000 and $9,000 per month for small and medium-sized Amazon businesses. Every advertiser or advertising company comes across the same question: how much should I budget for Amazon PPC? Different approaches vary from business to business, spending nearly $300 per day and generating around $1,000 in sales as the result of paying $0.81 per click for an advertiser. Each advertiser’s results will vary depending on their product categories and the products they sell. Ideally, you should set goals and benchmarks for your business after you optimize your PPC campaigns.

How should I split my Amazon PPC daily budget?

Three distinct components make up the parts of how much should I budget for Amazon PPC: sponsored brands, sponsored products, and sponsored display campaigns. There are pros and cons to each of these, so you must determine which one is most suitable for your products and sales plan.

Using Amazon ads instead of Google Ads is another strong reason to divert money from Google Ads. Even though the ad spending breakdown varies depending on the overall strategy, many brands we work with start with a structure like this:

  • 75% on sponsored products
  • 20% on sponsored brands
  • 5% on sponsored display

Sponsored products, brands, and display

The highest levels of click-through rates are associated with sponsored products. With this type of ad, sellers will see the best return on their PPC ad investment on Amazon. A quality database can also be generated for future campaigns, so this can be an asset.

A seller can pay to have their product lines listed at the top of the Amazon search results page, which can be a very powerful tool. Click-throughs can lead to your Amazon store page or a product listing (you can promote your entire product line and not just one). By sponsoring display ads on Amazon, you can showcase your products to customers who have viewed similar items on Amazon and ease your way into the quest of how much should I budget for Amazon PPC. The same ads will appear across all of Amazon’s display ad categories, following shoppers around.

For retailers just getting started, a heavy focus on Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Displays can be troublesome, planning carefully will pay off. Investing too much budget in Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Displays can hinder success. CPMs are more expensive than cost per click, while negative targeting isn’t available in the latter. The way you target should be determined by what you are trying to accomplish.

How much does Amazon PPC cost, and how much should I budget for Amazon PPC

When you have decided how your money will be spent on Amazon PPC, you need to figure out how much it will cost. If you decide to advertise all your products on Amazon, you must decide whether you want to do so. A common approach among many large retailers is to focus only on the top 20% of the items that they sell rather than spread themselves too thin or spend too much on advertising.

To answer the question of how much you should spend on Amazon PPC, it’s recommended that you spend approximately 10% of your total revenue on Amazon. Adding advertising to your existing campaigns or starting new ones as sales grow will feed into your advertising budget.

You will determine how much you choose based on your break-even point and margin. You may need to reduce your margins to increase the number of customer reviews on Amazon. Regarding your Amazon PPC campaign, you should look for a decent amount of data, starting with a daily click-through rate of 20-30 per day. You can find out what your competitors are bidding for by checking the suggested bid feature on Amazon.

Optimize your Amazon PPC campaign over time

Keeping an eye on your Amazon dashboard will let you know everything you need to know about your campaign’s performance. It is Amazon’s policy to provide sellers with PPC reports, so they can analyze their campaigns and tweak them to increase the performance of their campaigns. So deciding on how much budget for Amazon PPC should be allocated is a step you need to take from the very start of your campaign. There’s a good reason this data is there; don’t just leave campaigns running.

Initially, they won’t be as effective as normal PPC campaigns. However, you can refine campaigns over time if you use the data that accumulates wisely. 

Optimization tips for the Amazon PPC campaign

PPC reporting from Amazon is more comprehensive than other channels, such as Walmart and Instacart, and this information can be used to optimize a brand’s PPC strategy over time.

Here are some important tips for optimizing your Amazon PPC campaign:

  • When you are in Amazon’s dashboard, you can use the ‘Almost or out of budget filter’ to see if your campaigns are hitting their daily budget early.
  • To determine the impact advertising has on Total Sales, brands should combine their advertising reports with their business reports (for most Amazon brands, 25 to 30% should come directly from PPC ads).
  • You can use the advertised product report to see impressions, clicks, spend, sales, and Acos breakdowns on a product level, and compare to the ASIN business report for more detailed information.

A simple example of how PPC campaign runs

Let’s say you sell a $200 product on Amazon with a 40% conversion rate. In the scenario where one buyer converts for every five prospective customers who click on your ads, your default bid would be:

40% x $200 x 40% =$3.2

Based on this example of a successful PPC campaign, you will pay $3.20 per click for your selected keyword.


What is the right amount to spend on Amazon PPC?

The cost of Amazon clicks fluctuates between $0.81 and $2, based on competition, keyword selection, and budget. The cost per click will vary greatly between advertisers, depending on the category of product.

What Are My Budget Options for Amazon PPC?

Understanding the ACoS, the CPC, and the campaign duration is crucial to setting and answering your budget for Amazon PPC, your Amazon PPC budget. A PPC campaign on Amazon can be successfully managed using these parameters.

What is the best budget for PPC?

As far as budgeting for PPC is concerned, there is no precise answer. Your goals, the size of your brand, the duration of your campaign, ACoS, and CPC are all factors that could influence your decision.

How Do You Calculate A PPC Budget? 

Use the following formulas to calculate your PPC budget:

PPC Budget = {Number of Customers / CR2} / CR1 X CPC

Number of customers = {Revenue / Sales Period} / Average Sale Amount


Your Amazon PPC campaigns must be budgeted appropriately if you wish to maximize their profitability. It makes all the difference in how you optimize your campaigns when you know where your money is going.

You should set up a budget that will generate 20-30 clicks per day if you are just getting started with Amazon PPC. Using your revenue to scale your budget is the best way for you to ensure your budget stays in check as you gain experience and more data at your disposal. 

Getting out there and advertising on Amazon is the first and most important step. You’re already closer to having optimized campaigns that outperform your competitors after just starting with a small amount of ad spend. Now you will be able to tackle the question: How much should I budget for Amazon PPC? Be sure to monitor and tweak your campaign performance to ensure you achieve the best results. Your campaigns should not be left to run without regular optimization to find the best return on investment.

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