How To Fix Suppressed Listing on Amazon Seller Central?

Zeeshan Riaz April 11, 2022

Wondering how you fix Amazon suppressed listings? This overview has discussed easy steps to fix a suppressed listing on Amazon.

While searching for a new product in the market, where do you look first? Mostly the answers will be Amazon marketplace. Just type the relevant keyword, and you can see millions of products on the Amazon page. Nearly 74 percent of US consumers begin their product searches on the Amazon marketplace.

Brands realize the increasing need to introduce their products on Amazon to reach larger markets and escalate brand awareness.

Most retailers are unaware of the reality that Amazon product listings need regular maintenance. Forget to generate success on Amazon by working with a “set it and leave it” plan or strategy. There are many steps that sellers have to take before listing their products on Amazon; it’s also fundamental to know that there is main work to be done while product listing is live.

All Amazon listings must be regularly maintained and optimized because if listings do not meet Amazon requirements, they will be deactivated or suppressed until the issue is fixed. If the listing is suppressed, you lose significant revenues.

amazon suppressed listing

What Is A Suppressed Listing On Amazon?

Suppressed listings result when a specific product listing is not meeting Amazon standards. These suppression guidelines make it easy for consumers to research, identify and buy products from its platform. To avoid Amazon suppressed listings, including all product details and info is necessary.

Why Is My Amazon Listing Suppressed?

The examples that can result in suppressed listings are:

  • Those product listings lack at least one main image.
  • Listing (other than categories like fashion, books, or shoes) without comprehensive product description.
  • Clothing or accessories products title with more than 80 characters.
  • Products lacking the type of category.

How can I fix Suppressed Amazon Listing?

Lacking Amazon FBA suppressed listings can be fixed without too much effort. The difficulty only lies in regularly getting updates on listings to ensure everything is going well and fluent. If you avoid being updated regularly, you might be in a suppressed amazon listing.

These 5 steps can fix Amazon suppressed listings.

1. Go to your seller account and locate “Manage inventory” under the inventory tab.

2. If any of your listings is suppressed, you will see the option of “suppressed.” If there are no suppressed items, you are going perfectly with your listings.

3. If there is an icon suppressed, click it and select that particular suppressed listing.

4. Now work on the things that need more information. If you haven’t included the image of your products, you may also face suppressed issues with your listings. There is a product summary page for every product listing on Amazon that includes all suppression and issues of quality.

5. Once you have fixed all issues, click save and finish to exit this process.

If the Listing is Incorrectly Flagged

Even if your listing follows Amazon standards, it may get suppressed due to an unintentional prohibited claim. Amazon’s prohibited claims guidelines ensure that customers receive accurate and honest information. However, a few times, the Amazon algorithm incorrectly flags certain claims. Sellers can be notified of this issue in two ways: Stranded Inventory and Performance Notifications.

Stranded Inventory

Under the issue of stranded inventory, ASIN will be detached from Amazon. You can locate it on the “Manage Inventory” page as “Stranded Inventory.” Amazon will provide you with a reason for stranded inventory like missing attributes or unintentional prohibited claims. You can either appeal or fix this issue.

In most cases, this problem is fixed by adjusting the copy in the listing. Eliminating words like insects, bugs, and mold typically eliminates ASIN from stranded inventory status if you want to resolve a pesticide claim.

Performance Notifications

When the ASIN is flagged because of the sellers’ performance issues, they will receive performance notifications. Within this issue, the product detail page might be removed from Amazon, or an error may occur that needs fixing during the selling process. If you want to resolve a performance notification issue, the submission of a Plan of action is required with three parts:

  • Root Cause
  • Corrective actions
  • Preventive actions

To analyze the flagged ASIN issue, you can visit the Voice of Customer dashboard and find any comments that resulted in a performance issue by Amazon. Afterward, the performance notification will be deleted when you submit a proper plan of action.

Impact of Amazon Suppressed Listings on Your Business

The probability of your product listings getting suppressed by Amazon increases when it does not match the standards and requirements of Amazon. If the guidelines of Amazon are not considered, you might lose your sales immediately by remaining unnoticed by customers. So, following the instructions of an E-commerce giant is compulsory.

If one of your Amazon seller listings is suppressed, that particular product will not be visible to the customers through search results. You can understand that sales will reach zero when the products are imperceptible. Experienced sellers know that when your product listings are suppressed for a few hours, you can lose thousands of dollars depending upon the product category. So always follow the instructions and guidelines of Amazon to evade such issues.

Amazon suppressed listing isn’t only fatal to hunting the revenues of your business, but it also badly influences your customer base. If your products are not prominent on the front page of a certain product category, customers will switch to other brands, thus impacting your brand image and customer base.

Hence, in the aggressively competitive business environment of the Amazon industry, maintaining your product listing is important to sustain market share. Being a seller, ignoring your product listing regular audit will result in revenue loss.


With millions of sellers operating in the ecosystem of Amazon, following the standards and guidelines set by this e-commerce giant is imperative. Any mistake resulting in the suppressed listing will cost lost revenues and declining growth in the long term.

This article includes in-depth information about suppressed listing Amazon. Multiple aspects are discussed, like how suppressed listing occurs in Amazon, how you can fix it, and its impact on your Amazon business. After going through this guide on Amazon suppressed listing, remember to overview your product listings regularly to avoid any hurdle in your sales.


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