How to increase selling limits on eBay in 2022

how to increase selling limits on ebay

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How to increase selling limits on eBay? When new sellers start their business journey on eBay, there are certain limitations that they need to follow and understand. New sellers on eBay face these selling limitations that constrain the number of products they can sell every month. Sellers have to sell their products by following these quantity limitations by eBay.
Every seller wants to gain success and grow constantly. They can achieve consecutive business growth by breaking the limits of the total quantity being sold to the customers. Therefore, existing and new sellers need to know the eBay seller limits and how they can achieve higher selling limits.
This article will provide you with helpful information on how to increase your selling limits on eBay.

how to increase selling limits on ebay

How to Increase Your Selling Limits on eBay?

There are many ways to increase eBay account rating and selling limits. Below are some of the proven methods on how to increase selling limits on eBay.

Automatic Increase

If the seller account meets all the requirements set by eBay, the selling limits will automatically increase. Every month, the eBay algorithm scans every store once a month and analyzes its performance.
If you are eligible to increase your account selling limits, an email is sent to you. When your seller limit is automatically scaled, that indicates you are in the right direction. It means your performance is good, customers are satisfied, and conversions are increasing.

Contacting eBay via phone

Sellers can contact eBay to increase their selling limit via phone. This option is not available for all accounts. Before contacting, make sure you have this option or not.
Click on the Help and Contact tab. At that point, click on Browse help articles and click on Selling. Afterward, move towards listing your item and click on selling limits.
On the bottom page, you will see multiple options for contacting eBay to increase the seller limit. One method includes contacting via phone, and the other provides chat or email. If the phone option is not available, try contacting them with other available options.
If your query is how to increase monthly selling limits on eBay? You can also solve it via email.
Once you contact them, they will analyze your account for its eligibility and communicate with you as soon as possible.

 How to Increase Selling Limits on eBay Without Calling?

You can follow the options below to increase your sales limit on eBay without a call.

Contact via chat

The direct method to contact the eBay team is through chat. You can chat with their team about your eligibility as a seller to increase your selling limits.
While chatting, be courteous and assure them that you are a serious seller. Tell them that enhancing customer service is your top priority and you are committed to solving customer problems.

Contact via email

You can also contact the eBay team through email. Click on the Need more help section and move to email us, which requires you to fill out a form where you can ask for a selling limit increase.
eBay will contact you within 48 hours and if they deny your limit increase application, try again after one month.

Additional Information to increase your selling limits on eBay

Before knowing how to increase selling limits on eBay, you should know new sellers’ total selling items limit.

 Limit for New Sellers

As a new seller on eBay, your limits will automatically be set to sell up to 10 items per month valued at 500 US dollars. eBay levies the limitation for enforcing sellers to show their credibility before receiving more comprehensive access to their online platform. Unfortunately, buyers have to pass this stage before becoming big sellers.
The utilization of the new seller limit is up to you; you can either choose 10 same items, 10 different items, or a mixture of both.
We suggest selling a few different items with a quantity of 3 to 4 per item. If one item sells, you can adjust the quantity on another and escalate the number of popular listings. This way, your popular listing will be shown in search engines, allowing you to increase sales.

 Duration of eBay Seller Limit

eBay selling limits can take 90 days or more, depending on your efforts of increasing eBay limits. It depends on the performance of your seller account and how you are trying to utilize eBay limits. On the 20th of every month, eBay reviews sellers’ accounts, and they can update the limits of your account without asking them.
If you are running a good service by ensuring customer satisfaction and customers are happy to purchase your product, eBay will increase your selling limitations.

Checking eBay Seller Limit

You can easily check your seller limit on eBay. Login to your account and open the seller dashboard. Then move towards “My eBay” and click on “Selling.” After this, you can see all the relevant data regarding selling limits, promotion, traffic, and others in the seller dashboard.
The seller dashboard acknowledges the total selling limits and the limit left for the particular month.

Things to Know Before Applying to Limits increase

There are a few things to consider before applying to increase the limits of your seller account. Following these elements will know how to increase personal selling limits on eBay.

Ensuring utilization of full limit

Firstly, ensure that you are reaching the maximum limitation set by eBay. You should be capable of selling the maximum items allowed by eBay.
If you haven’t reached that total limit set by eBay, continue listing your products until you reach that limit. Through this, you can probably increase the selling limits of eBay.

No unresolved cases

Resolve all the pending cases of customer queries in the orders section. If there are any unsolved cases, resolve them before applying for the increase limit request.

Good seller rating

Your seller account rating needs to be good. In the seller dashboard, the rating and information of your account are available. eBay selects top-rated or meeting above standard levels sellers for increasing seller limits. If your account rating is below average, you need to follow the below tips for improvement.
Shipping the products on time.
Updating tracking information according to eBay policies.
Resolve the unsolved cases without allowing eBay to intervene in your matters.

Ensure availability of items

The next thing to emphasize is guaranteeing that your active listings are in stock.  From the listing tab, you can examine the available inventory.
In the listing tab, check for active listings and out-of-stock listings. Afterward, remove those items out of stock and replace them with available items.

 Verified PayPal account

You need to have a verified PayPal account to increase your eBay seller limit. If you are using eBay managed payment service, skip this step. Otherwise, you need to link your verified PayPal account with your eBay seller account.
Move towards eBay account settings and on the left menu, click on PayPal account. If there is no link to your PayPal account, it means your account is verified.


Every seller on eBay wants to increase seller limits and earn more profits. If you are following the criteria of eBay, your selling limits will increase automatically.
But if you are having difficulty understanding how to increase selling limits from 0 on eBay. You can find all the necessary information about how to increase selling limits on eBay. Practice them, and you will see positive results for your business performance.

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