Tips to Avoid Negative Feedback on eBay [Updated]

Tips to Avoid Negative Feedback on eBay

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Got a negative review on eBay? Looking to remove negative feedback on eBay? Here you are, stay with us to get some tips to avoid getting negative feedback on eBay.

Firstly you have to know about the eBay feedback system; it is basically based on a member to a member evaluation system that moves your wheel in the online commerce market. You are recognized by the feedbacks you get from your customers. Sellers having a great number of positive feedback are most likely to get more attention to new customers.

Also, sellers get Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR) based on item descriptions, communication, shipping time & shipping cost. If you get high DSRs you will most likely to enjoy higher rankings and more earnings on eBay.

New Feedback, New Strategies for eBay Sellers

In the start it was in practice both sellers and buyers give each other good ratings to avoid being blacked marked; that result in artificially inflated ratings.

But now the things have changed, buyers can’t get negative feedback from the seller that gives them an open platform to give their feedback about the seller without any fear.

Before the start of any transaction, first of all, make your detailed product listing, define your terms and conditions that lead to positive feedback.

During and after the transaction remain fully intact with your customer in order to get a good review.

Here are some tips, how to do so:

1 – Clear and detailed product listing

Your customer is not seeing your product; it’s your description that defines your product to your customer. Write a clear and detailed description of your product to provide your customer with every question that may arise in their mind regarding your product. Your detailed description is the first thing that can lead to customer satisfaction.

2 – Use clear and sharp pictures

Remember your customer is not holding your product in his hand; you only have description and pictures to guide them about your product.  Use multiple high-quality images, most preferably of the actual product you are selling as it gives a bad impact to the customer when he receives a product that is different from the picture displayed online. Try to take pictures from different angles and try to buy cheap hosting of eBay to post several images as you can only post one free picture on eBay.

3 – Mention everything added in the Shipment

If your selling products contains several pieces or required some installation, write each and everything about it. It’s better to take pictures of your box with each item laid nicely.

4 – Cheap Shipping

On eBay, you get the benefit of “Best Match” search system that provides you with the lowest shipping. After your product delivery, send an email to your customer to remind them about free shipping and in return ask them for good feedback.

5 – Define your shipping time policy clearly

In case even you are running a small business on eBay and don’t deliver your products daily, you must write it in your policy that your products might take 5 business days for delivery. It’s not an issue that you don’t deliver your products daily, but it is necessary to mention it prominently on your product listing so that buyers must know about it.

6 – Easy Return Policy

You must accept returns from customers if there is any fault in your product to get positive feedback from your customer rather than not accepting return and getting negative feedback.

You must not charge any return fee instead you can ask them to share shipping cost with you. The best policy is to mention that the buyer will pay for the return shipping as you will be paying for product delivery shipping.

7 – Quick response to Emails and Messages

You must always be connected to the internet and must reply instantly to any massage and emails received from your customers. In case you have any bad news or don’t know the exact answer, still, give a quick reply.

You can simply reply with a small massage that “I have read your message will look into the issue and will reply back shortly”, you will be appreciated by your customer.  Think like a customer, won’t you hate it if you send an email and don’t receive any response at all.

8 – Put a Nice Feedback Letter in Your Shipment

Along with your product add a nice letter letting them know that their issue will be resolved if they have any problem. Ask them to get in contact with you (provide your contact details in a letter as well). The main reason for it is that the customer will be satisfied that he is buying a product from the right person who will help them out in case of any problem.

9 – Ask to give you Feedback

Don’t get feared by your customer feedback, ask them openly to give you feedback. Let them show that you want your customer satisfaction. Your existing customers will really like this and will ignore small mistakes of you. Best is to send a stamped postcard of self-address to get feedback or you can send an e-mail after your product delivery to give feedback.

10 – Get in touch with customer before canceling an unpaid item

Once a customer adds your product to cart and commits to buying it, your transaction will be counted. It means now your customer can leave feedback to you and the Final Value Fee will be charged by you. In case you don’t get any money from your customer, you can ask eBay to refund your fees by filing an Unpaid Item Dispute. But before filing a dispute, ask your customer about it and if he doesn’t want to buy you can mutually cancel it. For non-responsive customers send three reminders and after that, you can continue with your dispute.

11 – Give shipment tracking number to customer

Buyers want to know about the status of their shipments. Whichever shipping provider you are dealing with, make sure you keep a track of the shipment. It’s quite good if you let your customers know about the shipment tracking number so that they know about the exact delivery date.

12 – Give freebies or refund shipping for a return

If you feel that you have done something wrong that might frustrate your customer or make him unhappy, to avoid getting negative feedback provides him with free shipping or give some freebies like free samples or coupons for their next shopping. Patrons love free shipping and it will do a lot to make your angry customers happy. This techniques best works for returned shipments.

13 – Resolve customer problems to make them change their feedback

eBay has introduced a new feature that allows sellers to ask their buyers to revise their feedback but you can’t do it for all your reviews, you have a limitation of 5 requests per 1,000 feedback.

While submitting your feedback revision request, you will have the following options to give your customers along with a small message box for providing a small explanation.

  • I resolved a problem the buyer had with this transaction
  • The buyer confirmed that he or she had accidentally left the wrong Feedback
  • Other

This system is an updated version of the previous “mutual feedback removal” feature that allows sellers to extort customers to give them only positive feedback, which inflated every seller’s feedback rating.

14 – Reply negative feedback immediately

Whenever you receive negative feedback on eBay, respond to it immediately. In those case especially when you can’t change your customers’ mind, even though you can sort out their problem but still answer them at your earliest.

When you reply to a comment it will give you a chance to give your clarification and if you don’t respond to it, you will give a really bad impact on your new shoppers. You will be assumed as the worst on the site by the patrons, who even don’t reply to customers complaints.

15 – Move on Quickly

Don’t just live with the negative feedback on eBay, move on to make your products selling better. Your business is a moving wheel, so just keep it on the track and do as much as you can to make your customers happy. Positive feedback will be synced down by positive feedbacks if you have done well to fix the problem and responded to the negative feedback.

16 – Block Bidder/Buyer List

If you are facing problem from buyers or any sellers you have bought something from and received negative feedback from them, just put them to the blocked bidder list. By doing so, you can avoid retaliatory bidding and in further purchases that may cause much trouble than their worth.

Hope so you find the avoiding tips about negative feedback on eBay quite useful; do share your feedback with us. Thanks!!!

Zeeshan Riaz

Zeeshan Riaz

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