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Sometimes you had a messy house or a workplace, having a lot of things that might not be useless and you just stacked and stored them. Like one of our friend who was in love with old Nintendo systems and video games, he has a huge bulk of old Nintendo’s and games with him. It seems a bit ridiculous to us but he had something else in his mind. He used to buy old broken/faulty Nintendo’s and video games from eBay, repair them, clean them up and after that post them again for sale with a good profit margin.

eBay Selling Tips

With his Nintendo venture, we came to know about plenty of good eBay selling tips. So, we decided to share it with you guys, to help you maximize your profit on eBay. We have applied these tips as well and earned a huge profit in short tenure.

1 – Know When to Use eBay

For maximizing your profit the first step is to opt for the right place. You must get knowledge about eBay and other available options like Amazon, Craigslist or other small commerce sites. For the eBay you have to be very selective for product selling, you can sell items on eStore like:

  • Item that is easy to ship
  • Popular products (to attract multiple bids)
  • Rare items (for customers who can’t find your products elsewhere)
  • Items that can be sold online easily (don’t sell items that require a hands-on experience)

2 – Choose Your Words Wisely

At the time of posting your item on eBay, you have to play with the words very carefully, to choose the right set of words for your product. You should start with a concise title using as many descriptive words that can be effective to keep you on top of the search results for most of the searches related to your product. The more expressive you will be for your product the lesser you have to deal with the buyers questions.

For an effective keyword, you should use all the terms that can describe your item in the best way. Like for “Xbox 360” you can use the title as “Xbox 360 Video Game Console System Controllers.” You can also make a search on eBay to check out titles of similar products with a lot of customer feedback.

3 – Be Honest

It is being absorbed that most of people think that to be honest regarding your product can be handy and may cost you money. But we have immersed that to be honest can build trust to shoppers on you that will ultimately result in good reputation of you on eBay, helping you in boosting your sale and earn more money on eBay. In the virtual market, your reputation is the key factor in generating sales.

eBay has helped sellers by generating feedback option to encourage buyers to give repute with their valuable words for the sellers. People are most likely to complain against you if you had lied to them and will also give you negative feedback that can destroy your repute in the virtual market.

It can be easy for you to gain sales by selling faulty products at a lower price but that cannot be effective in the long run.  We have seen many bidders who look for refurbished or reconditioned items that can be fixed up but it gives a really bad impact on buyers to see items in poor condition. So, always show the true picture of your product on eBay.

4 – Create a Professional Listing

eBay Selling tips is more about professionalism you show to gain more trust. For platforms like eBay, before posting make sure you have written down complete description along with sharp clear pictures of the product. You can also use eBay’s listing generator to minimize your time with organized templates for your listings.

To make your listing more attractive make use of bullets and numbering. Try to be concise with more informative lines, instead of being too wordy and covering a lot of space that might distract your customer.

5 – Take Good Pictures

Don’t be just mad with the images, keep quality instead of quantity. Images are the main tool for generating sales but you must not use more than 3 images per items. You should take pictures of your product from a different angle to represent it in the best way to the customers. Better to take pictures in sunlight with a neutral background, instead of taking it in your messy room.

Note: if your item had any defect you must take pictures of it and display it on eBay.

6 – Set the Right Price

The main thing to be in the run with the competitors is to set the right price for your product. If you have a popular product in the list, start with price as low as $9.99 or even $0.99 and as the demand for the product boost in the market, you can increase your price. If you have a product that is less desired or obscure you should set the price at the lowest level that you are willing to accept. Don’t be stagnant with the price; keep on changing the price as the big giants in the field don’t want the small entrepreneur to get involved in the field.

7 – Choose Start and End Times Wisely

Time is also a very effective factor in boosting your profit; start with doing your auction at night. Statistics show that most of the online shoppers buy in evening hours and weekend nights are the most profitable nights. As you will be charged ten or fifteen cents for your scheduled auction by eBay, but this worth the expense as you get the most out of it.  But also keep in mind, various time zones for your shoppers. You need to be aware of powerful business tactics for your E-Commerce business to uplift your business.

8 – Be Clear About Your Policies

To avoid any kind of confusion or misunderstanding and to maintain your reputation, your policies should be clear for each and everything regarding your product including returns and shipping as well. It’s better to spend your time on some other customers for selling instead of dealing with one upset customer who keeps on asking useless questions, to avoid such hassle be clear with your policies.

You should add a seven-day return policy that requires your customers to pay half of the shipping cost. Most of the customers will don’t take a chance to your product if they know that they can return your product free, but when they have to pay half of the shipment, they will most likely to take a chance with your product.

9 – Ship Smartly, and Don’t Inflate the Cost

Another eBay selling tips include is about Cost. Most of the buyers’ mood turns off when the see “penny to buy, $40 to ship” and inflated shipping costs. When shoppers see any unreasonable price they will not even go for your product. We recommend that if the actual shipping cost is too low, don’t even charge it to a customer and bear the loss yourself. Free shipping policy is too catchy for most of the potential bidders.

If you are dealing with fragile items, you should pack them securely before shipping. Buy some bubble wraps (better to buy in bulk to get low rates) or in the worst case, you can even use newspaper for packing your item, for stuffing you can use a paper shredder to shred some old papers. While packing your item you must also keep in mind that some packages might get wet in rain, so for items like clothing, books or any other precious items wrap them nicely in plastic bags.

Our friend uses USPS Priority mail that is convenient for most of you, especially for not big items. Mostly it costs around $8 and takes around 2 to 3 days for delivery and the best thing is that they provide free boxes and taping for your shipment. For international customers, ask for their country shipping rules and expenses before you finalize your shipping expense with your shopper.

10 – Practice Good Customer Service

In the online community like eBay, it’s not a big issue to provide the best customer service for a long period of time. We suggest you, not to be among those sellers who forget about maintaining a strong relationship with the customers, be the one who does his best to provide the customers with paramount services.

As soon as you receive a query from your shopper, reply to it at your earliest. Getting a reply makes your customer satisfied that you are looking into his issue and you will soon resolve his issue. At the time of shipping send shipping tracking id to your customer and let them know that their shipping is on the way along with the invoice. This effort will be really appreciated by your customer.

While dealing with your customer be polite and use a friendly tone for the conversation, just as you want yourself to be treated in any store. Show some leniency to your buyers in some special conditions that are within your policies but never compromise with terms of payment and always go for the transaction through as it will be secure for you. It might be expected to face some fraud if you deal outside eBay.

Here you are!!! Hope so you find these eBay selling tips useful and will implement them when you will start your eBay business.

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