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You must be questioning how to make money on eBay? How to get sales at eBay? How to hit the benchmark of making $1000 on eBay during your month? Then, guys, you have landed in the right place; today we will guide you about how to earn more than $1000/month. We take guides from several eBay experts and here we are going to share their thoughts with you guys.

It is mostly heard that you have to do too much work on eBay and in return, you get a little. Is that true? We asked the same question from one of the officials of eBay University working on a higher position, who also give lectures on how to make money on eBay as your business platform. He started telling us that on eBay your income is not fixed, it’s up to you how much you want to earn from eBay. Don’t put all the money in your pocket; earn more by investing it again and adding more products to your listings.

This little conversation really made up our mind to take a dive into the eBay study and just look at how much effort is required and how much can be gained. For this we take expertise from an eBay executive, who told us that for getting more customers to your listing you must follow these steps:

  • Use high-quality images of your products
  • Write down a complete detailed description of your product and keep your potential buyers in mind
  • Make your research
  • Schedule your listing and avoid reserve prices
  • Select your product carefully
  1. Use high-quality images of your products

For using images on eBay you have to take care of both the quantity and the quality. For quality, you have to make use of really high-quality images that are not blurry or too old and images should be perfect showing your items nicely in a good atmosphere. For quantity don’t just put too much of your product images. You must be using a good number of pictures showing your product from different angles. As we all know that eBay charges for photos, so you can make use of an outside app like Flickr or Garage Sale and link that with your eBay listing.

  1. Write down a complete detailed description of your product and keep your potential buyers in mind

While posting your product, eBay provides you with several fields. You should fill all the fields and make sure you are providing the right information about your product. Unfortunately, most of the sellers don’t give much importance to that, but we would say that it is total stupidity that you are not making use of all the provided fields. Think like you are a buyer and you see a book having a price of $200, would you buy it – definitely no. You would want to know about every reason why this book is so expensive and if your money will be worth spending.

The next thing for your description is the use of the right keyword. Most sellers think it a difficult thing but don’t be troubled; you can do it perfectly even if you are not a tech wizard. It’s like asking yourself, how any potential buyer will search for your item in the search box.

Try to be more close to that search in your description to be more visible in the search for that query. Like if it’s a brand name, and then most likely people will search for the brand name, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to add any other keyword to it; instead, a brand must be included in the description.

  1. Make your research

Is your item is being searched by people? Take out some time to Google your item to know about its search traffic and market of your product by searching on eBay and other virtual commerce sites. This will help you to sell your product more efficiently, as you will come to know if there is any market value of your product or not, you will come to know about the exact price as well as you will come to know about the right keywords to add to your listing.

  1. Schedule your listing and avoid reserve prices

It’s quite good to schedule your listing, the best is to use 10 days listing starting on Thursday, which will provide you two full weekends to be listed in the search, as weekends have the highest traffic as compared to weekdays.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to use reserve pricing. You should set the answer about how to make money on eBay as you can by reducing the amount of upfront money that you have to pay. You can do so by starting your price to as low as $0.99, which will keep you in the competition. This will give you a little for the time being but this little will add up to make a lot.

  1. Select your product carefully

We asked the most successful person on eBay who made $50k in one year what kind of products we should sell on eBay. He said “Find a niche market and go deep into it – the best is to look into your hobby, sell supplies for your hobbies and make sure that everything is sold off your supplies. Irregular or second-hand things can also be lucrative for you.

After getting all these tips we think of selling one of our products on eBay. Here’s how we sell it in just a few hours.

  • First of all, we signed up for eBay
  • Look for the product we want to sell
  • Searched that product on Google and e-commerce sites
  • Set the price
  • Started marketing our product on eBay listing
  • Listed our first item on eBay
  • Completed our first sale

This whole process almost takes an hour and we got our first sale. Let’s take a look at the whole process in detail:

Step 1: Sign up for an eBay account

It’s quite straightforward. If you are reading this blog and have an email account, then I don’t think that I have to explain it further.

Step 2: Look for something to sell

Nearly everyone around us has something to sell on eBay. Like one of our friends sold a broken laptop last month, which was bought by a man who knows how to fix it and most probably he will sell it again on eBay after repairing.  From this, you can have an idea that eBay is a vast platform where you can sell almost everything.

So, it is not an issue to select a product, you can go for anything lying in the cupboard. As we decide to go for a spare pair of shoes.

Step 3: Research the product and the price

We can’t make the mistake of setting a random price for our product, or not knowing what are the actual hot keywords, which can best describe our shoes. We searched on Google and other commerce sites by the brand name of our shoes; from this, we got an idea about the shoe price as well as a comprehensive detail of our product description to give it a more professional look.

In case you can’t find the price of your broken item, you can simply set a price of $0.99, as you will get something instead of making nothing from it.

Step 4: Market your eBay listing

As we were already done with the research this is not a much more time-consuming step. We took some photos added a concise title including brand name to it and copied the description from other sites for the same item.

Note: It is quite necessary to add product color to your description.

We took the above tip and listed our product on Thursday, for an auction period of 10 days to get the benefit of two weekends listing.

Step 5: List your first item on eBay!

Listing your first item on eBay is quite easy. The best thing is to add free shipping for your product that we did as well for our shoes, which attracts lots of customers. We added shipping costs to the price of the shoes.

Step 6: Fulfill your eBay sale

It’s quite important for everyone to get good seller ratings even if you are not a regular seller. When you fulfill all the requirements you will be a reliable seller and shipper, by delivering your product as soon as possible.

That’s all we are done with a sale in just done a little effort and getting the return in a couple of hours. You need to fulfill all the selling requirements to maximize your profit.

One more thing that we learned during all our work is that you have to think locally, you just do not have to sell your extra things; you have to start it as a business and have to think locally.

I hope so you will find this informative and now you have your answer about how to make money on eBay by even selling small things.


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