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Customers don’t have the same preferences while shopping online or offline. For example, some people might like a different color or demand a particular product size. At this point, Amazon product variations play a significant role. 


Gaining customers on Amazon isn’t easy if you are not providing a unique customer experience. Adding variations to your product listings enhances the customer purchasing journey. By providing your customers with multiple buying options, you are making it easier for them to decide among available options. In addition, they can find their relevant product on your listings instead of browsing them separately.

As a result of this effort, conversions improve, and more customers enter your business sphere. If you are confused about how to add a variation to an existing Amazon listing, you have landed in the right place to get the appropriate information.  

Amazon Listing Variation  

Before diving into how to add a variation to an existing Amazon listing, let’s look at what Amazon listing variation is. Variations are numerous related products that come under one listing. As an Amazon seller, you can add different colors and sizes of shirts, etc. 

Amazon listing variation includes three components: 

  • Parent ASIN

Parent ASIN highlights the non-buyable entity. It represents a product that can only be purchased through its variations. For instance, buyers can’t buy a Nike shirt (Parent ASIN) unless they choose a variation based on color and size. 

  • Child ASIN 

The variants of the parent ASIN are known as child ASINsASINs. There can be multiple child ASINs under one parent listing. 

  • Variation Theme 

Variation theme helps Amazon sellers explain to customers how related products differ from each other. Different examples of various themes include color, size, flavors, etc. 

It’s your choice to choose a single variation per listing or combine two variations depending on your product characteristics. For instance, if you want to sell shirts in different colors and sizes, the option you will choose is “SizeColor.” You can remove these variations anytime you want. 

The concept of parent ASIN is simple, but Amazon sellers are often confused regarding adding variations to their listings. However, optimizing your Amazon product variations is not a complex task. 

Benefits of Listing Variations 

Adding a new variation listing or adding a variation to an existing listing can be a rewarding factor for your Amazon business and business strategy. 

Let’s explore some of the benefits of listing variations on Amazon: 

  • Boost Conversions 

Consumers have multiple options to decide from after you add different variations to an existing listing or create a new one. They don’t have to put extra effort into searching for their demanding product if they find their relevant product from your listing variations. Resultantly, conversions are improved. 

  • Discoverability Increases 

There are a few high-performing products within your Amazon listings. You can pair low-performing or new variant products with high-performing products as an Amazon seller. It will increase the discoverability of your new or low-performing products. 

For instance, you launch a new dog food flavor. Then, instead of creating a brand-new listing without reviews, you can add the variation within your already established dog food variation—afterward, the chances of product discoverability increase along with the possibilities of surging sales. 

  • Reviews are Combined 

After adding the new launch variation as a child ASIN to your already established listings, the reviews of variations come under the same parent listing. 

Reviews play a significant role in triggering the purchasing intention of consumers. Customers who witness promising reviews of your product quality are more likely to purchase your product. 

  • Sales History Combines 

Every sale that takes place within your parent listing, including variations, will go into the sales history of that particular listing. It pays you off in improving your organic search ranking and Amazon Sellers Rank.

Way of Creating your Variation Listings 

The vital thing to consider here is that not every category on Amazon allows you to create variations. Particular categories that will allow variations are groceries, Toys, Games, Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories. 

  • Creating New Listing Variation 

You can create a new listing variation on Amazon in two ways. You can do it manually through Seller Central or add information about the variant product and upload an inventory file. 

Going into the Seller Central dashboard, go to the “inventory” option and click “Add a product.” Then click on “I am adding product not sold on Amazon.”

Then select your product category out of multiple options displayed by Amazon. Once you have found the matching category, select that for your new product. 

The next page lands you to fill out “Product name, Brand name, Manufacturers, etc.”

After filling out the necessary information, click on the ” Variation” tab and select “Variation theme.” The theme describes your product variation type. For instance, a seller can choose a color name if the product varies only in color. Enter the list of all colors you are selling and click on “Add Variations.” Then fill in the other sections like Product ID, price, and other variables. 

After adding all the relevant information, click “Save and Finish.” You can see your parent-child listing on Amazon after some time. 

  • Creating Variations Using Inventory File 

Few sellers recommend using inventory files to create variations, so you can easily update the information. 

In your Seller Central Dashboard, go to the “inventory” option and click “Add products Via Upload.” Afterward, enter the product, choose the correct category, and click “Generate Template.” 

There are multiple tabs on the template sheet provided by Amazon. In addition, Amazon provides a bulk of supporting information to fill the template accurately. Filling out the inventory file is challenging, but ensure to carefully incorporate all the necessary information. 

  • Combining Two ASINs into One Variation 

Amazon has answered this point within their Variation Relationship FAQ, but we will provide you the step-wise answer on this point. 

Combining two or more similar ASINs into one variation family is quite simple. 

Follow the below-listed information provided by Amazon: 

  • Firstly, you must download the appropriate category template for your added variant product.
  • Go to the inventory tab and create parent-child SKUs. 
  • For the parent item, enter the required filed values, including SKU.  The parent column is left blank. The relationship type is left blank, and leave all other non-required fields blank.  
  • For the child item, enter the values for the required fields. Use the value of parent SKU on filling the “Parent SKU” field. 
  • Afterward, in the Parentage section, enter “child” and “variation” in “Relationship Type.”
  • Enter the same value in the “Variation theme” field you entered for the parent. 

After filling out all the necessary information, cross-check your file for any possible errors and upload. 

  • Adding or Updating Existing Variation Family Using Amazon Variation Wizard 

Amazon variation wizard is an attractive tool that easily enables you to create parent-child variation relationships, making adding, deleting, and updating variations very easy.

If you want to choose the variation tool, click on “Inventory” and move toward “Add a product.”  At the bottom of the page, you will visualize the option of “Create Variations Using Variation Wizard.”

In the variation wizard, two options are available. The first option highlights the child ASIN you want to update or the addition of a variant into the parent ASIN. Next, fill out all the required information and click “Generate Template” to get the inventory file template. 

The second option is combining two ASINs into one variation, as explained above. 

  • Adding New Variation to Existing Parent Listing Formed by Another Seller 

Sometimes you are willing to add a variation to a listing created by another seller. You can’t add variation to another seller’s private label listing unless your brand is identical. 

It will only apply if you sell a similar product using the arbitrage or wholesale model.  

You can get more information about this point on Amazon Page

In the End

It was a lot of information to go through! Now you know enough about how to add a variation to an existing amazon listing. If you take your time and follow the above steps, it will be easy for you to add or create new variations on Amazon. It’s a bit complex activity to pursue. If you have any questions relevant to the above case or any other, feel free to contact us. 


How do you add variation to an existing parent?

Get to the Variations tab. Select the variation you wish to add to your listings on the Variation theme. For instance, we can use color. 

How do I add a size to an existing Amazon listing?

After logging into your account, go to the Inventory tab and select Add a product. Next, click on Create a new product. Then, from the menu of the category, select the relevant one. Afterward, the information tab is opened, where you can enter all the necessary information and remember to add a variation theme. 

How do you create a variation listing?

  • Go to Seller Hub and click create a listing 
  • Choose the Single listing option 
  • Select the relevant category
  • Enter all the required details on the description page of listing 
  • Select Create variation

How do I add color variations to my Amazon listing?

  • Click the Variation tab and select Variation theme, where you can choose the color. 
  • Fill the Colors field and allocate the color to your product.
  • Fill in the Color Map 


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