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Amazon is one of the most famous e-commerce sites, but You must use caution. The company has several policies and regulations applied to sellers, but there are some things that every seller should know about closing their account. This article will teach you how to cancel Amazon seller account and what happens after completing an account.

Why Sellers Should Consider Cancelling Account

Sellers who are considering canceling their account should consider the following:

  1. Sellers will not be able to sell in the future. The Amazon Seller Central site is rigorous and will only allow sellers to reopen a canceled account after going through an entire application process. To continue selling on Amazon, you must create a new seller account and go through the application process again.
  2. You can lose access to your products, brands, and inventory. When you cancel an account, all your products, brands, and merchandise are stored in Amazon’s warehouses and cannot be accessed by anyone else. If someone else tries to access them (either through theft or by finding your password), they will be locked out of any inventory stored when you cancel your account.

How to Downgrade Your Seller Account on Amazon

To delete an Amazon seller account, you’ll need to cancel your listing on the platform first. To do this, go to Selling on Amazon > Manage Your Inventory (if you still need an active listing).

Then click “Manage Inventory” next to your product’s listing to see if it has been marked as sold or canceled by other users. If it has been marked as sold, then please follow these steps:

  • Click “Cancel.”
  • Select which category(s) and subcategory(s) of products you want to remove from your inventory. In most cases, they recommend eliminating ALL categories and subcategories since they may contain items that could use against us in disputes or claims made against us by other sellers on Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS).

How do I stop selling on Amazon?

You can’t stop selling on Amazon. You can only stop selling on a specific marketplace or by closing your account. If you have an Amazon seller account for a product where it doesn’t make sense for you to be in the marketplace (for example, if your business has a brick-and-mortar store), then this is one way to remove yourself from the list of available sellers:

  • Go into Seller Central and choose “Manage Inventory” under Your Account.
  • Click “Remove From Selling” at the bottom of your inventory page, which will take you directly where we want: removing listings from our inventory!

Can I open a new account on Amazon and close my current one?

The reply to this question is yes and no. You can open a new account on Amazon but can’t close your current one. There are two ways to cancel an account:

Close the Seller Central account (but keep the third-party seller accounts). This will delete all of your products and associated data in Seller Central, but it won’t delete any existing orders or subscriptions you might have.

Delete your listings and subscriptions in Seller Central (but keep the third-party seller accounts). This will delete all your products and associated data in Seller Central, including any active orders and subscriptions.

Canceling your seller account doesn’t cancel your regular account.

If you cancel your seller account, you can’t sell on Amazon anymore. You’ll also lose access to your listings, feedback, and other data associated with that account. But your regular account will remain active.

If you are looking for that how to cancel an Amazon seller account, follow these steps:

Sign in to Seller Central. Press the Account icon at the top of the page. Select Manage Account from the drop-down menu. Select Cancel this Account from the Actions column. Note: You’ll need to cancel at least one listing before closing a seller account. If you have multiple listings on Amazon, we recommend you cancel those accounts before closing your merchant account. Canceling a merchant account doesn’t affect any other accounts you may have created for other accounts at Amazon or third-party sites (such as eBay).

What’s the Value of My Amazon Seller Account?

The value of your Amazon seller account depends on many factors, including:

  • What you have in it. If you have a handful of books and DVDs, or if you have thousands of dollars worth of inventory and shipping costs, the value of your Amazon seller account will be higher than someone who sells just one item at a time. It’s also worth noting that some sellers can make more money from selling multiple items than they could from just one product alone.
  • How much you’ve invested in it? The more money invested into an online store (whether via advertising fees or buying products), the better chance there is for success—and thus, higher profits down the road!

How to Change the Course of Your Amazon Business

You can change your business model in some ways. For example, consider selling a different product or the same product in a different way. Also, change your marketing strategy or how you communicate with customers and suppliers.

If something specific needs to be done differently, ask Amazon Seller Central Support if they recommend it, and then follow their suggestions!

To Close or Not to Close

Closing your account will not affect your seller performance history—you can open a new account anytime. However, if you close the Amazon seller account and then decide to reopen it later on, you will be required to pay fees for the rest of that calendar year. It’s also worth noting that some sellers may not want to keep their inventory on Amazon because they’re trying to avoid paying fees while doing well in other channels. In this case, moving your inventory elsewhere is an option:

  • Sellers who have fulfilled orders through Shopify or eBay can sell via those platforms instead of Amazon (though they’ll still need an FBA store).
  • Sellers who have fulfilled orders through Walmart stores can sell via those stores instead of FBA (though, again, they’ll still need an FBA store).

Benefits of closing your Amazon account

There are many benefits to closing your Amazon seller account. First, you can focus on other things, such as spending time with family and friends, saving money on fees, and avoiding the stress of selling.

  • Focus on other things: When you have an active Amazon seller account, it’s stressful to think about what will happen next. While some sellers make enough money from their business that they don’t need an additional source of income (and may even use it as an emergency fund), others may choose to close their accounts because they want more freedom in their lives!

You need to lodge a support case to close your account properly.

The process to close my Amazon seller account is not automatic. You need to lodge a support case with Amazon and wait for them to close your account.

For this step-by-step guide on how to cancel an Amazon seller account to be useful, we first need some context. You want to close your Amazon seller account because it’s no longer profitable enough for you or because there are other reasons. That makes it hard for you or your business model like this one that doesn’t work anymore but still needs some time before selling again.”

It may help to link your accounts in the first place.

If you want to cancel your Amazon seller account, it may help to link your accounts in the first place.

  • You can have multiple accounts. Suppose you’re the sole owner of an Amazon business and want to sell products on the platform. In that case, it’s probably best not to have any other person or entity using their email address as a contact for their Seller Central or Vendor Central accounts. 
  • Linking accounts is also useful if multiple people share access (or just one person). For example, I’m currently managing my personal and professional social media accounts from my phone. Since most people prefer seeing posts from friends’ profiles rather than brands’ pages (and vice versa), it has two separate logins that allow me more flexibility when responding back and forth with people online about product reviews or promo codes!

Canceling your Amazon Seller account can be frustrating, but do it right, and it’s possible.

Amazon Seller Central is a platform through which sellers can list products on Amazon. You can also start selling directly on Amazon by creating a seller account. If you decide to leave the platform, you have the option to cancel your seller account.

Here are some tips on how to cancel an Amazon seller account:

1) Create a new one. If you want to move forward with another business structure, it’s best not to keep your existing seller account active. Instead, create a new one with all the same features and benefits as your old one, removing the ability to list products on Amazon.

2) Cancel orders that are in process or being fulfilled. If any orders are coming through your account, you’ll need to cancel them before deleting your account from the site entirely. Some sellers may have multiple accounts, so it’s important not to delete them all at once if there’s work being done in progress or if they’re still fulfilling orders from their old account (which needs to be deleted separately).

3) Delete listings from your old account and then create new ones for each product line that was previously managed by your previous “real” business structure (i.e., no longer listed on Amazon).

How long does it take to close an Amazon seller account?

If you have been retailing on Amazon for a while, you might have noticed your account is in the process. It is common for Amazon to close accounts after they have been inactive for several months. However, Amazon Seller Central accounts can be closed within 90 days from your last sale. 

The best way to avoid losing your business is by making sure that your listings are active and that your products are listed as quickly as possible. Many sellers may think closing their accounts will prevent them from having any future issues, but this is different.

If you do not sell anything for a long period, there are two ways in which your account can be closed:

1) Your account could remove from the Amazon marketplace if no new items are added during the period of inactivity. This means that even if you re-list items previously removed from the site, they will still appear unavailable.

2) You could also lose access to Buy Box privileges (the box on the right side of each product page where customers can click). This means that customers who search for certain keywords will no longer see your products in those searches, which can significantly hurt sales because people won’t know about them anymore!

What is the closing fee for an Amazon seller?

The closing fee for an Amazon seller still needs to be fixed. This covers closing your account and processing your refund (if applicable). If you sell a lot of items, this can add up quickly—and it’s worth considering whether or not it’s worth paying those fees to keep selling on Amazon.


There you have it, a detailed guide on how to cancel an Amazon seller account. With this information, it should be easy for you to get your Amazon account shut down. The biggest advice we can give you is to refrain from trying to negotiate with Amazon. Avoiding customer service representatives at all costs is best for your health. Once you’ve completed the process of getting your account canceled, wait 90 days for the account to be fully closed, and then you can start up again if you like.


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