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Walmart listing optimization is essential for your business strategy as an e-commerce seller. Having a detailed and well-managed listing increases your product’s credibility and boosts the confidence of consumers in adding your product to their shopping cart.
Walmart is a potential competitor of Amazon. Reports like Retail Dive found that the number of sellers in Walmart has doubled since mid-2019. Moreover, Walmart has become the second-largest retailer in the USA by surpassing eBay.
Walmart marketplace always values the customer experience. Providing your consumers with a unique shopping experience is the key to making them regular customers. Product listing optimization enables the seller to attract buyers and stay competitive in the market.

Top 6 Factors to Consider in Walmart Listing Optimization

You have to focus on these things while doing Walmart product listing optimization to make a strong listing and show higher in search results.

Including Effective Content

There are several important elements to adhere to in Walmart’s product ranking, one of which is content. The product content includes the category of your product, writing the accurate and clear descriptive title and description, and finally defining attributes.
The category field defines the group or classification of the product. If your product is well defined, it’s easy for the customers to search and connect with it. During selecting a category, you have to ensure that your product perfectly fits that category.
A different set of attributes accompanies every category. In the attributes section, you have to add specific information that resembles your product. Resultantly, it will improve your listing performance and searchability.
A strong product title makes it easy for shoppers to find your product. You have to be concise and clear in defining your product title and avoid over-stuffing. The title should be between 50-75 characters. It’s feasible to include other features like color, brand, and model if possible.

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In the description section, you can dig deeper into explaining information about your product. You can add some relevant features about your product, like its uses and reliability. Adding relevant keywords in this section is another benefit of showing in top search results.
You can add 3-10 key features of your product and a detailed paragraph of the product description. Walmart allows a minimum of 150-word count, but it can vary according to product category.
Attributes help to organize products on Walmart listings quality. Customers can see your products through the search on Walmart if you incorporated the most relevant characteristics of the product.

Inclusion of Keywords

Keywords help customers to locate your product in Walmart’s online market. There are two types of researched keywords that should be incorporated into the content for Walmart product listing optimization. These keywords are:

  • Short-tail keywords: These are broad search phrases like “cat collar.”
  • Long-tail keywords: These are more specific search phrases like “white cat collar with plastic clip.”

The reason for including both keywords is for connecting customer search queries to that specific product. If you search for a cat collar, you don’t want to see search results for men’s shoes or any other category. Therefore, these two keywords help you locate the perfect product according to your search query.
Short tail keywords are general, and more results are shown after typing these keywords. It makes these keywords more competitive. On the other side, long-tail keywords are more specific and help you find the exact product you want, like its color, size, etc.).
Including these keywords smartly inside the content will make your products more visible in the search results of Walmart. Consequently, your search ranking will be improved.

Addition of Quality Images

Nowadays, people are more willing to see product pictures and videos rather than reading a lengthy description defining the product. Nearly 67 percent of product users say that images are the fundamental part of making a purchasing decision.
Add multiple high-resolution pictures of your product to your Walmart listing optimization checklist. The size of these images can be at least 1000 x 1000 pixels. It’s the minimum zoomable size.
While showcasing your product, its background color should be white. Moreover, you can also include lifestyle images of products that can better communicate product information to customers.
In addition, with images, you can also add rich quality videos about your product usage. Adding attractive photos and videos can boost conversion rates.

Inclusion of Product Relevant Attributes

To maximize Walmart listing optimization, ensure adding product specifications known as attributes when constructing your listing content. This information is relevant to your product specifications and helps to filter results during the customer shopping journey.
Every online shopper search for a product with different keywords. For instance, a customer purchases a mobile on Walmart, wanting a specific brand, color, and size. They paste that info in the search bar. As a seller, if you haven’t included your product attributes, you will miss the chance of making a sale.

Fast Shipping and Stock Availability

Inventory management is a really difficult aspect of the business and is important simultaneously in Walmart listing management. Always try to find and implement a useful inventory management strategy and master the demand forecasting technique.
Running out of stock will allow your competitors to grab sales, and you will lose market share. Please pay attention to your stocked inventory, analyze its selling speed, and ensure products’ smooth supply from suppliers or manufacturers to maintain inventory levels.
When you have adequate inventory levels to sell, deliver your product quickly to your customers. Due to extreme competition in the e-commerce industry, customers are expecting to receive orders within 2 or 3 working days.
According to Walmart, if your shipping methods are fast, you can witness a 40 percent lift in your sales. The user experience will be enhanced by the fast delivery service of your company. The quality of quick shipping gives your listing a push to appear in higher search results.

Importance of Listing Quality

Listing quality is always valued by Walmart. They know the importance of listing quality as it enhances customers’ shopping experience. Walmart always wants to ensure that its platform is the best-recommended destination for shoppers.
In the Walmart listing optimization guide, there are five reasons why listing quality matters for sellers.

  • Products become more visible in search results.
  • High probability of winning Buy Box.
  • Improving the conversion rates.
  • Improves customer lifetime value and minimizes product returns.

Some renowned Walmart listing optimization companies can optimize your Walmart listings with great efficiency.

Concluding Remarks

Now you know about the few important things to focus on while optimizing your Walmart product listings. It’s time to practice them and create a strong listing to attract customers.
These tips will help your products to appear at the top of search results and gain maximum sales. Start practicing these proven Walmart listing optimization tips and see the positive results.

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