How to create a perfect Walmart product listing?

How to create a perfect Walmart product listing?

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If you become a seller in Walmart, it can be a successful business step with the right Walmart product listing. The Walmart marketplace offers less competition with millions of customers and strong market value.

The potential customers that Walmart can bring to your business will help you generate a lot of dollars that can be invested in your marketing campaigns.

However, your job isn’t over by getting accepted into the Walmart market. For the success of your business products on Walmart, your product listing should be great to capture customers’ attention. Creating an attractive and unique product listing makes customers find you easily and converts them into your regular customers.

In this article, six steps to creating a perfect product listing services for Walmart are elaborated on to help grow your business.

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Steps to Create Perfect Walmart Product Listing

It’s not a complex task to develop a perfect Walmart listing. You have to follow certain steps that are proven strategies for successful Walmart listing optimization.

1st Step: Choosing the right category and subcategory

There are approximately 24 universal categories that Walmart offers. These categories are designed for the retailers and sellers to target their specific audience according to their selected type.

For every category, there is a subcategory. These categories and subcategories are a specific set of attributes that explain the general features of the product and its functionality. Choosing the right categories of products can sell them effectively.

For selecting the best category for an item, you can visit Walmart Seller Help.

2nd Step: Abide by the product image requirements

The image communicates the most meaningful information about the product. If your image’s quality is good, it can quickly urge customers to purchase your product.

Nearly 62 percent of people say that product images influence their purchase decisions. Hence, a good quality image is a necessity to attract customers.

A great image is compulsory, but it’s not the entire job done. Walmart provides certain image specifications guidelines that you have to follow before the product listing on Walmart. Following these requirements will enrich the quality of your content.

Don’t make your image must artistic in front of consumers. It will raise their expectations of your goods, and if the quality of that product isn’t what they projected, you might lose your customer. So, the best strategy that can be effective is to show good and sell the best to your customer. Surely, the customers will be happy to have your product by working through this strategy.

3rd Step: Completing the item setup template

After compiling the image requirements, the next steps come in filling item setup templates on Walmart. In these sections, the details of the products are mentioned, which makes them unique and exclusive.

These Walmart product listing details include attributes related to product identification, pricing, description of items that you have to fill with attractive phrases.

If you are not getting enough sales from your business on Walmart, then it might be why your product details are not specified properly. The more your item is well defined, the more customers can understand the features of your product.

4th Step: Segmentation of similar items in variant groups

Variant groups are easy to understand as these products are different from their group by just a few attributes. For instance, the different sizes and colors of the shirts have the same design.

These details include Variant Group ID, Swatch Images, etc. If you don’t fill out the details of your variant product, they will not be made live on listings in Walmart.

Have you ever heard a customer saying, “What other colors and sizes are available for this T-shirt?” If you have different varieties of the same product, customers can easily make their purchase decision. Understand customer psychology and boost your sales.

5th Step: Setting up Refurbished Items

Refurbished are not meant to be used items. These items should be restored to a completely new look for allowing them to be sold on Walmart.

Remember that being a seller on Walmart, you can’t veil the refurbished item without pointing out that it’s refurbished and buying it as new. The reason is that customers will be dissatisfied with purchasing a new item that later proves to be refurbished.

The sellers must be transparent with their listings and customers to escalate the shopper base. Failure to do this can distort your Walmart product listings.

If you want product listing services at Walmart, different marketing agencies can provide you with these services.

6th Step: Using best practices of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The perfect SEO for Walmart is the key to making your brand noticeable and recognized among different customers. For better Walmart SEO, you can look at the following points that can help you achieve your desired business goal.


  • Adding more than one image from different angles.
  • Zoom-enabled photos can be productive.
  • Try to show your brand class through images.

Product Name 

  • The product name should be clearly mentioned.
  • The title shouldn’t contain marketing words.
  • Length should be between 50-75.
  • Make sure to mention prominent product highlights like brand size, color, and others.
  • Use keywords

Key Features

  • Include around 5-10 key features of the product in your Walmart product listing.


  • The proper use of keywords in the description.
  • Your description should be precise and clear. Don’t get too much into the explanation.


  • Don’t sacrifice the attributes at any cost. If your relevant attributes are missing, the customer will lose interest in your product.

What More You Can Do?

Being an E-commerce seller, you know how important it is to deliver your order on time. Delivering your order on time at Walmart helps you to remain competitive in their marketplace. Your order must be distributed by the end of the next business day unless there is a lag time exception. Sellers who fail to ship their orders on time will have their accounts terminated.

Walmart offers its buyers the best possible market price to retain customers. Walmart sellers regularly compare marketplace listings with other product listings to remain competitive to meet these standards.


Walmart’s E-commerce market is becoming the leading online shopping platform globally. With millions of customers willing to buy products from this platform, it’s not easy for a seller to get approved for selling in Walmart.

Creating a perfect product listing on Walmart is vital to remain competitive in the Walmart marketplace. This article elaborates on the necessary measures to perfect your Walmart product listings. You can implement them and gain benefits in terms of visibility and sales.

Zeeshan Riaz

Zeeshan Riaz

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