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How do I relist closed listing on amazon? Mean that your product was either removed or canceled by the seller and is no longer available for sale on Amazon. This can be due to one of several reasons such as:

Not fulfilling orders (poor customer service or missing orders) Abusing the system by setting prices too low to compete with other products on the site Damaging your brand image by selling knock-off products that don’t match originals in quality and durability Introducing poor quality products into their listings as a way of boosting sales volume.


The main reason for an Amazon closed listing is that the seller has not been fulfilling orders. This can be due to a variety of reasons such as They have no inventory and are not able to restock their products in time for new orders, or they simply are not responding to customer service emails or phone calls from Amazon. If a seller has multiple closed listing, Amazon may decide to close all of their listings. This will prevent them from selling any products on the site until they are able to resolve these issues.

How can I reopen my closed order on Amazon?

As a seller, you can reopen your closed order at any time. If you have received an email notification from Amazon stating that your orders are closed, this means they have been updated to “Closed” status. To reopen them:

  • Log into Seller Central and click on ‘Service & Support.
  • Click on ‘Seller Performance’. You should see a list of orders that have been closed by Amazon or yourself (if you have chosen to close them).
  • Click on ‘Open Closed Orders’ at the top of your screen under Inventory/Invoices & Reports/Order Management; or if you do not see that option, click on Orders across from Replenishment Triggers and then select Open Closed Orders from there instead! A new window with all of your open items will appear for you to begin selecting which ones should be reopened – just make sure to check those boxes before clicking Save Changes!
  • This will set up a re-opening order for you, but it is important to remember that you can only re-open items that have been closed by Amazon. If you have chosen to close a product yourself (e.g., because it was damaged or unsatisfactory), then this option will not be available until the time has passed and Amazon has decided whether or not they are going to refund the customer’s money back into their account.
  • If you have chosen to close a product yourself (e.g., because it was damaged or unsatisfactory), then this option will not be available until the time has passed and Amazon has decided whether or not they are going to refund the customer’s money back into their account.

Appeal inactive listings with a note on your contact information.

You can appeal in the following ways:

  • Email
  • Phone call
  • Fax
  • Letter to the Amazon account manager (not required but recommended)

When you appeal, be sure to include your contact information, including your phone number and email address. You can also fax or mail a letter directly to your account manager at this time as well. Amazon offers an online form where sellers can easily submit their appeal request online through the Seller Central website by logging into their accounts, selecting “Your Account” from the drop-down menu, then clicking on Appeal amazon inactive listing.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few pointers:

  1. Include a detailed explanation of why the listing was removed from Amazon.
  2. Provide all available information about your product and how it complies with Amazon’s policies and standards.
  3. Be respectful and professional in your appeal request.
  4. Make sure you provide all the information Amazon asks for, including your seller ID, contact information, and shipping history.
  5. If you’re appealing a banned product listing, include proof of the product’s safety and compliance with Amazon’s policies.
  6. Mention any changes that have been made to your business or products since the suspension occurred.
  7. If you’re appealing a listing removal, include proof that the product was removed by mistake.
  8. If possible, provide a link to your product page and explain why it should be reinstated.
  9. If you’re appealing a suspension, including any supporting documentation that might help your case.
  10. Conclude by thanking Amazon for its consideration of your appeal and asking when they expect to provide a decision.

Appeal on why you have violated the policy.

If you feel that you have not violated a policy, or if you believe that there is a misunderstanding about what has happened, then it’s important to appeal.

The first step in appealing is to explain the situation. Explain why you believe that you have not violated the policy and provide any proof of your explanation or misunderstanding of the issue. For example, if your listing was removed due to unauthorized selling on third-party websites but you were unaware of this practice, provide documentation showing that your products were always sold only through Amazon and never via other sites like eBay or Craigslist.

If applicable, also include information about how any issues with your listings were remediated so they would comply with company requirements—for example, if listings were removed because they had incorrect prices listed on them but have since been updated accordingly according to Amazon’s minimum bid rules for new sellers (eBay).

Adhere to the remediation provided after the first appeal.

Remediation is a process that calls for you to comply with Amazon’s rules and regulations for closed listing content. It can be as simple as removing offensive keywords from your product titles, or it could require that you remove all of your listings from Amazon. Remediation can also involve changing the way in which you sell products on Amazon, such as complying with their FBA requirements.

After you have completed the necessary remediation, you can appeal again. The second appeal will be reviewed by a different Amazon representative who has no knowledge of your previous appeals. If this attempt is successful, then your account will be reinstated.

After being given a remediation plan by Seller Performance, implement it immediately. Do not wait until your next quarterly review or annual appeal; follow through with what they tell you in order to get off their radar once and for all.

What’s next after your seller’s suspended appeal is approved?

Once your seller performance appeal has been approved, it will take another 30-90 days to update. You won’t be notified when this happens, so keep checking back in with Amazon until you see that your account is back to normal.

You can check on the status of your appeal by logging into your seller central account and navigating to the “My Account” tab. From here, click on “Appeals Management” under “Seller Performance.” On this page, you’ll see a list of all appeals (including those pending and those that have been resolved).

To check on specific appeals from within Vendor Central:

Log into Vendor Central Click Account Settings > Appeal Status and Policies (left pane). Review any policies that may have resulted in an action against an order or return request received by Amazon FBA (eBay) sellers using our service(s).

You can relist closed listing on amazon through seller central or vendor central

If you want to relist your products, you need to go to your inventory tab and click on ‘manage inventory. Then select the product that you want to relist from the list of all of your products.

You will be taken to an overview page where it’s possible for you to see all of the information related to this particular product, including its tracking number, ASIN number, and more. From here, click on ‘Closed Listing’ which will take you back into Seller Central where it is possible for one thing that we want help connecting with sellers who are selling similar items as well as other information which could benefit us when doing business with them in future years- if ever needed again!


In conclusion, it is important to remember that every seller has access to a second chance. If your account has been suspended or closed due to an infraction of Amazon’s policies, you can appeal the decision. You can also ask for help from an experienced seller support specialist who will be able to assist you through the process of reinstating your selling privileges back onto Amazon’s marketplace.


How long does it take to reinstate a listing on Amazon?

It takes about a month for your listing to be reinstated on Amazon.

Amazon has a strict policy regarding the content of product listings. If you violate this policy by submitting anything that is not true or accurate, Amazon may remove your listing from the site. This can happen if you make any changes that are not allowed, such as changing the price or description of an item after it has been posted.

In order to get back onto Amazon’s website and start selling again, you need to contact customer service and explain why your listing was removed. They will review your case and determine whether or not it should be reinstated.

How do I reactivate my FBA listing on Amazon?

If you have an FBA listing on Amazon, there are a few ways to reactivate it.

First, you’ll want to check your inventory levels and make sure that they are all at 100 percent. If you don’t have enough inventory for all of the items in your FBA listing, you can’t reactivate it.

Once you’ve done this, you can go to the “Inventory” tab on your Seller Central page and click “Reactivate Fulfilled by Amazon.” This will allow you to choose which items from your FBA listing you want to reactivate.

You can also use this page to see which items in your FBA listing have been sold recently or are currently out of stock so that you can decide which ones need attention first when it comes time to reactivate them.

What happens if you have closed listing on Amazon?

If you have a closed listing on Amazon, it will be removed from the Amazon marketplace and you will no longer be able to sell that item. You may still have an inventory of the product left over in your inventory, but once it is sold out, the listing will no longer be available on Amazon.

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