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Major Inventory Issues Faced


Lack of Data Insights

  • No Expertise in Analyzing Inventory Data
  • Manual Handling of Inventory
  • Unable to Forecast Sales and Trends
  • Lack of Automation

Lack Of Data Insights
Running Out Of Inventory

Running Out of Inventory

  • Inconsistent Tracking of Sales Velocity
  • Poor Forecasting
  • Late Re-order
  • Deterioration of Amazon Seller Ranking


Poor Supply Chain Management

  • Ineffective Communication with Your Suppliers
  • Delivery Delays
  • Poor Order Management
  • Significant Increase in Operating Costs

Poor Supply Chain Management
Overstocking Inventory

Overstocking Inventory

  • High Storage Fees of Amazon FBA
  • Negative Impact on Inventory Performance Index (IPI)
  • Profit Margins Shrink


Proven Amazon Inventory Management Solutions

strategic procurement

Strategic Procurement

  • Make smart financial decisions and order your products from the best suppliers
  • Confirming timely delivery of goods
  • Using our data-driven understanding, we will find the best supplier for your business so you can scale smoothly and consistently.

Amazon Inventory Forecasting

Amazon Inventory Forecasting

  • Get automated forecasts of product availability based on current inventory conditions
  • Predict your inventory needs by analyzing past sales data and trends
  • Eliminating manual forecasting and providing razor-sharp insights

Effortless Order Management

Effortless Order Management

  • Easing the process of Order Management (getting orders, tracking them, and delivering them to customers)
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction 
  • Streamlining your supply chain process

Superior Business Insights

Valuable Business Insights

  • Getting real-time data insights 
  • Automating every aspect of inventory management 
  • Fast-tracking business growth by making confident data-based decisions

Centralized Sales Channels

Gain 360 Degree Awareness

  • You can get instant updates about your overall current inventory conditions to have more control over your chain activities.
  •  We also provide you with different influential tactics for Amazon supply chain management.

Real-Time Notifications

Real-Time Notifications

You can get instant updates about your current inventory conditions to have more control over your chain activities.

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