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Are you ready to maximize your Amazon inventory management efficiency? Hire our professional team today to simplify your Amazon inventory management and supply chain process.
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Account Health Management
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Major Inventory Issues Faced

Lack of Data Insights

No Expertise in Analyzing Inventory Data

Manual Handling of Inventory

Unable to Forecast Sales and Trends

Lack of Automation

Running Out of Inventory

Inconsistent Tracking of Sales Velocity

Poor Forecasting

Late Re-order

Deterioration of Amazon Seller Ranking


Poor Supply Chain Management

Ineffective Communication with Your Suppliers

Delivery Delays

Poor Order Management

Significant Increase in Operating Costs

Overstocking Inventory

High Storage Fees of Amazon FBA

Negative Impact on Inventory Performance Index (IPI)

Profit Margins Shrink


Proven Amazon Inventory Management Solutions

Strategic Procurement

Make smart financial decisions and order your products from the best suppliers. Confirming timely delivery of goods Using our data-driven understanding, we will find the best supplier for your business so you can scale smoothly and consistently.

Amazon Inventory Forecasting

Get automated forecasts of product availability based on current inventory conditions Predict your inventory needs by analyzing past sales data and trends Eliminating manual forecasting and providing razor-sharp insights

Effortless Order Management

Easing the process of Order Management (getting orders, tracking them, and delivering them to customers) Ensuring customer satisfaction Streamlining your supply chain process

Valuable Business Insights

Getting real-time data insights Automating every aspect of inventory management Fast-tracking business growth by making confident data-based decisions

Gain 360 Degree Awareness

You can get instant updates about your overall current inventory conditions to have more control over your chain activities. We also provide you with different influential tactics for Amazon supply chain management.

Real-Time Notifications

You can get instant updates about your current inventory conditions to have more control over your chain activities.


We only make commission when that number goes up after we start working togetherWe get paid for growth. On delta. This makes both parties approach the conversation from a Partnership mentality. We find the right balance of %, and construct that first, together.


At onset, we take the time to ask the questions that most agencies breeze right past, to allow us to give an incredibly Indepth audit of A) what is wrong and costing money today in your account B) What is not great but can wait, and C) what is great, and we should not touch. This informs all timetables and execution from this point forward.


Once we know the order of major optimizations from our Diagnosis, it’s time for us to take everything off your plate and remove you from the process in every way that makes sense. Updating you biweekly, we go over the optimizations that are being worked on while getting your approvals and feedback (this is your baby after all).

We do all our work with the clear understanding that the growth of YOUR brand is the only metric to success. We believe in “putting your money where your mouth is”, and we have every incentive to explode your brand however we can, since it directly relates to our billables.

With each account there is a minimum of an Account Manager, Paid Specialist, and a Business Manager for Project Management. Our people are responsive to questions and emails every workday, and responsiveness is built into job description.

Too many agencies do not guarantee their work. We believe in doing so. Depending on engagement the guarantee varies but is always either: double your investment back in 90 days”, or “we will put in contract $X in growth, if we don’t achieve that in 90 days, we work for free until we do”.

You want to know the ups and downs of the business at every turn possible. We fashion weekly reporting and send to you between our bi-weekly Zoom calls. This lets you keep the pulse on your brand in-between face to face meetings with your team.

There are optimizations to be done, in your account,
today – that will help profitability and eliminate waste. Our experts can identify these problems.


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