What Is Brand Registry On Amazon? How Can You Register Your Brand?

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If you’re a brand owner, you may be interested in learning about Amazon’s Brand Registry program. This program offers several benefits to brand owners. First, it protects the seller’s intellectual property and increases their visibility on Amazon. In this blog post, we’ll explore the Amazon Brand Registry, how it works, and why it’s essential for brand owners.

What is Brand Registry on Amazon? How Can You Register Your Brand?

What is a Brand Registry on Amazon?

The Amazon Brand Registry program helps brand owners protect their intellectual property. The program is designed to give brand owners greater control over their product listings. It also helps them protect their brand from counterfeiters and other unauthorized sellers.

The Brand Registry program was first launched in 2015. It has since evolved to offer different features and benefits to brand owners. To join the program, brand owners must apply and be approved by Amazon. Once approved, they can access several tools—these resources to help them manage their brand on Amazon.

How does the Amazon Brand Registry work?

The Amazon Brand Registry allows brand owners to register their brands with Amazon.

 Brand owners can access several tools. These tools include the ability to:

Control the Content of their Product Listings: Registered brands have greater control over the content on their product listings. It includes the product title, description, and images.

Monitor their Brand’s Performance: Brand owners can track their products’ performance on Amazon. They get insights into how customers interact with their brand.

Report Potential Infringements: Registered brands can report possible violations. For example, counterfeit products or unauthorized sellers.

Use Enhanced Brand Content: Registered brands can use enhanced brand content. It includes videos and additional images. These help their products stand out on Amazon.

Why is the Amazon Brand Registry important for brand owners?

The Amazon Brand Registry is essential for brand owners for several reasons. First, it helps them protect their intellectual property. It prevents unauthorized sellers from selling counterfeit products under their brand name. This can help protect the brand’s reputation. It also ensures that customers receive high-quality products.

Secondly, the Brand Registry program gives brand owners greater control over their product listings. This means that they can ensure that their products are represented accurately. Thus, their customers clearly understand what they are buying.

 It can help brand owners increase their visibility on Amazon. With the help of these resources, brand owners can create a more engaging and informative experience for customers.

How do I join the Amazon Brand Registry?

To join the Amazon Brand Registry, brand owners must apply and be approved by Amazon. In addition, to be eligible for the program, brand owners must have a registered trademark for their brand.

To apply for the program, brand owners must do the following steps:

  • Create an Amazon seller account (if they don’t already have one).
  • Provide the brand name and registered trademark information.
  • Verify their identity as the rights owner of the brand.
  • Provide additional information, such as images of the brand’s products and packaging.
  • Once the application has been submitted, it takes a few days to a few weeks for Amazon to review and approve the application.

What is Amazon Brand Registry Without a Trademark?

Unfortunately, enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry program with a registered trademark for your brand is possible. The Brand Registry program requires a registered trademark. It will help ensure that only the rightful owners of a brand can enrol in the program. They can take advantage of its benefits.

A registered trademark is a legal designation. It gives the owner exclusive rights to use the trademark. This trademark is in connection with their goods or services. This includes the right to prevent others from using the trademark or a similar mark because that could cause confusion among consumers.

What is Amazon Brand Registry with a Pending Trademark?

What is a Brand Registry on Amazon? is a common question that brand owners considering selling their products on the platform ask. Suppose you have a pending trademark application with the appropriate intellectual property office. Then, you may be able to enrol in the Amazon Brand Registry program through the “IP Accelerator” program.

The IP Accelerator program is a collaboration between Amazon and a select group of intellectual property law firms. The program is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses obtain intellectual property rights quickly and affordably. So they can take advantage of the benefits offered by the Brand Registry program.

 These firms review and verify trademark applications submitted by sellers. Suppose the trademark application is approved. Then, sellers may be eligible for enrollment in the Brand Registry program while the application is pending.

To participate in the IP Accelerator program, you must work with one of the participating law firms. First, the law firm will submit your trademark application to the intellectual property office. Then, they work with Amazon to expedite the verification process.

What is the Amazon Brand Registry Verification Code?

The Amazon Brand Registry verification code is unique. It is provided to enrolled brand owners. So that they can verify their ownership of a registered trademark. The code is used during the enrollment process for the Amazon Brand Registry program.

There are several steps to enrol in the Brand Registry program. First, brand owners must provide information about their registered trademark. It includes the registration number and the trademark owner’s name. Amazon then verifies this information by requesting a verification code from a law firm. 

Second, when the verification code is obtained, brand owners can enter it into the Brand Registry enrollment form to complete the verification process. This helps ensure that only the rightful owners of a brand can enrol in the program. In addition, so that they can take advantage of its benefits, which include enhanced brand content and greater control over product listings, it also protects counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers. 

UPC or Brand Registry

If you’re new to selling on Amazon, what is Brand Registry on Amazon and UPC? UPC (Universal Product Code) and Brand Registry are two different concepts on Amazon.

A UPC is a unique barcode assigned to a product to identify it to retailers and distributors. UPCs are used to keep track of inventory and sales and to streamline the checkout process. To sell products on Amazon, sellers are required to have a unique UPC for each product they offer.

But, Brand Registry is a program offered by Amazon. It allows brand owners to register their brands. So, sellers can gain more control over their product listings on Amazon

What is Amazon Brand Consulting?

Amazon Brand Consulting is a service that provides expert guidance. It supports helping brand owners optimize their presence on the Amazon marketplace. Amazon Brand Consulting can be instrumental for new and emerging brands to establish a strong presence on Amazon. Besides, it is also helpful for established brands looking to enhance their existing presence.

What are Amazon’s Brand Guidelines?

Amazon has a set of Brand Guidelines for sellers. These help sellers maintain a consistent and professional brand image on the Amazon marketplace. These guidelines outline the rules and requirements. Each seller must follow them. They use their brand name, logos, and other brand-related elements on Amazon guidelines.

Here are some of the critical elements of Amazon’s Brand Guidelines:

Brand Registry

To maintain control over your brand on Amazon. It is vital to enrol in the Amazon Brand Registry program. This will give you access to additional tools and features. It protects your brand. It also improves your customers’ shopping experience.

Product Listings 

Your product listings must accurately represent your products. It must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. You must provide clear, accurate, and complete information about your products. It includes product descriptions, images, and other details.

Brand Names and Logos 

If you want to use your brand name or logo on Amazon, you must have the rights to do so. You cannot use another company’s brand name or logo without their permission. Your brand name and logo should be easily recognizable. It should be consistent across all your product listings.

Advertising and Promotions

Any advertising or promotions for your products must comply with Amazon’s advertising policies and guidelines. This includes rules about using trademarks, images, and other brand-related elements in advertising materials.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an essential aspect of selling on Amazon. But they must be legitimate and honest. You cannot manipulate reviews or solicit fake reviews for your products. You must also comply with all of Amazon’s policies and guidelines regarding customer reviews.

What is Amazon Brand Management?

Amazon Brand Management manages and optimizes a brand’s presence in the marketplace. It involves a range of strategies. These tactics help to improve the visibility, sales, and reputation of a brand’s products on Amazon.

How do you list a product on Amazon without a brand registry?

It is possible to list a product on Amazon without a Brand Registry. However, it may limit your ability to optimize your product listing and protect your brand entirely. Here are the basic steps to list a product on Amazon without a Brand Registry:

Create an Amazon Seller Account

 To sell on Amazon, you must create a seller account. This will allow you to create and manage product listings. Sellers can handle orders and customer service with ease.

Choose a Product Category

 Select the category that best fits your product. This will help Amazon organize your product in the right place and make it easier for customers to find.

Create a Product Listing 

Create a detailed product listing with a title, description, images, and pricing. Include accurate and complete information about your product. It will help customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Set Up Fulfillment

 Decide how you will fulfil orders for your product. You can choose to handle fulfilment yourself. Or use Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). In FBA service, amazon will handle warehousing, shipping, and customer service.

Publish Your Listing

Once you have completed all the necessary steps, then publish your product listing to the Amazon marketplace.

How do you check brand name availability on Amazon?

To check brand name availability on Amazon, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Amazon Brand Registry website: https://brandservices.amazon.com/
  • Click on “Enroll Now” to start the enrollment process.
  • Create an Amazon account or sign in to your existing account.
  • Enter the brand name you want to check in the provided field.
  • Amazon will then check the availability of the brand name in its database.
  • Suppose the brand name is available. Then, you can proceed with the enrollment process for Brand Registry.
  • Suppose the brand name is not available. Then, you must choose a different name or change the existing name to make it unique.

Do you Need a Trademark for the Amazon Brand Registry?

Often, sellers ask questions: What is the Brand Registry on Amazon, and do we need a trademark for the brand registry? To enrol in Amazon Brand Registry, you must have a registered trademark for your brand. Amazon requires a registered trademark. It ensures the authenticity of the products sold under the brand name.

Can I sell on Amazon without a Brand Registry?

Yes, you can sell on Amazon without being enrolled in the Brand Registry. Many sellers on Amazon do not have a registered trademark. Yet, they still manage to sell their products successfully.

How to Protect My Brand on Amazon?

 Protecting your brand on Amazon is crucial. It helps to maintain your reputation, customer trust, and sales revenue. Unfortunately, it is typical for counterfeiters and unauthorized resellers to hijack your brand. And they are starting to sell inferior or fake products. 

What is Brand Protection?

Brand protection refers to the proactive measures a brand owner takes to safeguard their intellectual property and reputation. It involves implementing strategies. It prevents counterfeiting, piracy, and other forms of brand abuse. So sellers can protect the brand’s reputation and profitability.

 This program gives you greater control over your brand. Another critical step is to monitor your product listings regularly and proactively. Finally, building a solid and recognizable brand identity is essential to winning customers’ trust. 


We hope this article gives complete insights into what brand registry is on Amazon. The Amazon Brand Registry is an essential program for brand owners. By joining the program, brand owners can access several tools and resources. To help them manage their brand on Amazon and ensure that customers have a positive experience. Urtasker is a leading full-service Amazon agency. We offer comprehensive solutions to help businesses succeed on the platform. 

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