How to Sell Successfully and Profitably on Shopify – Like a Pro!

Touseef Riaz May 14, 2018

Ready to start selling products online? Whether you are selling products or services, sell on Shopify is one e-commerce solution to consider. It is suitable for businesses of any size and caters to a broad range of industries.

Shopify is one of the easiest e-commerce builders to help you run your online store for the first time, making the process straightforward and painless.

What You Can Sell on Shopify?

Overall, if it’s a physical product, drop-ship product, digital product or service that isn’t illegal to sell online, you can sell it on Shopify. If you visit their sitemap and look under “Ecommerce by Industry”, you’ll find a listing of the most popular verticals using their platform, ranging from art to coffee, ebooks to guitars, shoes to homeware – it’s hard to find something you can’t sell!

If you already have an offline physical retail store, you are also able to merge and manage your entire sales and inventory system in one location with Shopify’s Point of Sale (POS) System.

Selling on Amazon With Shopify

If you’re interested in expanding your business to Amazon, there are many benefits to selling using Shopify’s sales channel:

  • Create new Amazon listings directly from Shopify in a number of categories
  • For products that exist on Amazon, create offers directly from Shopify in any category
  • Sync product details, variants, and images to your Amazon Seller Central account
  • Link Shopify products with your existing Amazon listings for any category
  • Set unique prices and reserve inventory just for Amazon listings
  • Easily reconcile revenue from Amazon sales using Shopify reports
  • Sync inventory tracked by Shopify with Amazon listings
  • Fulfill Amazon orders directly from Shopify

Selling on Ali Express With Shopify

Dropshipping is an excellent way to start an e-commerce business without needing to worry about inventory or shipping. It’s as simple as listing a product for sale on your website and sending an email to your supplier to ship the item on your behalf whenever you get an order.

While starting a dropshipping business is a great way to start an e-commerce business, digging deep through the internet to find a reliable supplier can be tough. However, with Aliexpress, there is a convenient marketplace you can use to dropship.

Once you set up your Shopify store, it’s time to add a product. This step is important to cover in detail because it’s not as simple as copying the images and description of the AliExpress listing and placing that on your website.

Instead, if you want to position your store for success, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Write powerful product descriptions
  • Let customers know about delivery times
  • Use an order tracking app.
  • Offer free shipping
  • Price products appropriately
  • Add products to your store with Oberlo

Selling on YouTube with Shopify

YouTube usually ranks around the second or third most popular search engine on earth. It provides a powerful tool for business owners and has an unlimited amount of creative ways in which you can drive traffic and sales to your e-commerce store.

One of the main advantages of YouTube is that your video will be included in Google and YouTube search results. Each video you create is a piece of inbound marketing content that will help you sell for years to come.  You can also use YouTube videos on your own website to help communicate the benefits of your products.

You can engage your customers and generate interest in your business by adding a video to your online Shopify store. You can create your own videos or link to videos that you want to share.

You can add a video to your Shopify store in the following ways:

  • Add a video section to the homepage of your theme.
  • Add a video to other pages of your store with the rich text editor.

If you want to add a video to your home page, then add a video section to your theme. If you want to add a video to blog posts, pages, product descriptions, or collection descriptions, then add a video with the rich text editor.

Other Sales Channels

There are other effective ways products to sell on Shopify whilst using various proven sales channels. One of them is Pinterest

You can use the Pinterest sales channel to enable Pins with links to your Shopify products to be turned into Buyable Pins by Pinterest. Customers can buy your approved products from Buyable Pins directly on Pinterest, and Pinterest orders will be created in your Shopify admin.

Customers can use Pinterest to discover and share products that inspire them. The Pinterest sales channel helps you build your business in some great ways:

  • Enables Pins with links to your approved Shopify products to be turned into Buyable Pins by Pinterest
  • Creates an order in your Shopify admin when a customer buys your Shopify products on Pinterest
  • Allows you to use the Pinterest Tag to track how customers interact with your store

In conclusion, Shopify is a major sales platform for online entrepreneurs and eCommerce vendors. Using it the right way by harnessing the power of Amazon, Ali Express, YouTube and Pinterest are crucial in determining consistent profitability of your business. Adopting the right approaches, steps, guidelines, and processes for each of these vital sales channel will do a world of good to your online business management, customers, brand name and ultimately your bank account!

 Now start your business and sell on Shopify!

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