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According to Statista, marketing spending on Amazon amounted to 22 billion USD in 2021. It includes spending on many critical applications to gain valuable insights. Not everyone can afford to spend this much on marketing. Luckily, plenty of effective online best free tools for amazon sellers can inform your product-related decisions and help you scale your business.

70% of the start-up businesses fail to understand the business aspect, including how costs could be minimized. It means that it is essential to know how the free tools can be accessed for managing the Amazon account, which can provide you with cost-effective solutions.

There can be many tools available online which can be used by Amazon sellers to help them succeed in their business. These best free tools for Amazon sellers allow them to reach the right target audience and develop a suitable pitch by understanding their customer preferences.

best free tools for amazon sellers

The tools can also help evaluate the competitors’ strategy, e.g., the pricing strategy of the substitute products available at Amazon. Such top-notch tools can also help you explore the product histories, costs, and many other aspects of sellers in your product category to make an informed choice about your brand.

These tools research to provide valuable insights for scaling your account, so you do not need to spend thousands of bucks on research. Most of these tools can be free, which can also help reduce costs.

Best free tools for Amazon sellers

This article provides the nine best free Amazon seller tools you can use as an Amazon seller. These free tools are the following

  1. Keepa
  2. Camelcamelcamel
  3. Unicorn Smasher
  4. AMZBase
  5. Product Sourcing Tool
  6. Amazon FBA Calculator
  7. Sonar tool
  8. AMZ Finder
  9. DS Amazon Quick View

#1 Keepa

Keepa is one of the best tools for Amazon seller accounts. It can be used as the Chrome extension, allowing you to access many essential insights. This extension can provide the user with an extension of the price history charts, price watches, price drop alerts, daily drops, and browser add-ons.

One limitation of this tool is that it provides a short-term history related to the product. The subscription fee costs $17.50 per month, which gives a more comprehensive price history, but there is a free version of this tool available on the website, which is priceless for beginners at Amazon. This free version will also provide the price history charts and price drop alerts to the Amazon seller, which helps price management.


Free features

  • It allows having the browser add-ons to evaluate the pricing
  • It can have the price tracking feature to compare pricing with competitors
  • It provides alerts of price drops
  • It can give availability alerts

Business application

It is a smart tool that can be used to adjust the pricing of Amazon products based on the prices in the market. It can help in the development of a better pricing strategy. The business models like private labels, arbitrage, and wholesalers at Amazon can choose the product category in which they want to operate and analyze their competitors’ prices and product histories.

For more information, visit the Keepa website.

#2 CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel is similar to Keepa, but it can be considered more effective in one aspect, i.e., it provides the long-term history of the product and its overall performance. It can be an excellent tool for FBA users looking for Chrome extensions to get valuable insights.

This free extension provides the Amazon FBA seller with the latest updates on the product’s price history and sales ranks. Like Keepa, this free tool can also help the Amazon seller receive alerts when the price drops in the Amazon market for a particular product.

Like Keepa, this tool can also be used by private labels, Amazon arbitrage businesses, and wholesalers to evaluate their relevant product categories.

camel camel camel

Free features

  • It can help to get the alerts related to price drops in the market
  • It provides the price history charts with long-term data
  • It allows adding the price history charts and alerts to the browser to gain easy access to the service.

Business application

CamelCamelCamel and Keepa are alike in the business application since both can help adjust the price in the competitive market. It can be a source of competitive advantage for Amazon sellers seeking ways to gain leverage over competitors’ prices.

More features of Camelcamelcamel are displayed on its website

#3 Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is also a unique and fascinating tool that has helped many Amazon sellers make revenue estimates, data analysis, and much more to improve their account efficiency. This tool comes with an interesting layout that has many graphics and colors.

These graphics and colors can be distracting for some Amazon sellers, but the essential features of this tool allow them to make valuable changes in the account strategy. Therefore, this tool can be of great value for many beginners attempting to gain access to useful data to inform strategies.

This tool comes with an extension that AMZtracker accompanies to pinpoint a perfect product that will fast track to getting to the top of your chosen niche. The Amazon FBA sellers operating as a wholesaler, private labels, or arbitrage can use this tool to evaluate their desired niche.

unicorn smasher

Free features

  • It provides you with a list of details for each product in your desired niche.
  • It helps to provide the ranking of different products
  • It gives the estimated sales and revenue of the products
  • It helps to evaluate FBA details

Business application

The Amazon sellers can use it as a research tool to help refine and build the product strategy for their Amazon business.

To download the extension, please visit the website.

#4 AMZBase

AMZBase is another free Amazon product research tool that can help take advantage of the ASINs and product descriptions in a flash. In this tool, you can find data related to product price histories like Keepa and CamelCamelCamel. It will provide insights to beat the competition in the market based on the pricing strategy.

It helps quickly access the ASIN number and the title description of listings on Amazon. It also provides immediate access to Alibaba, eBay, Google search engines, and AliExpress to calculate the FBA fees and the potential profits. This tool can be best suited for Amazon private labels and arbitrage in which the ASINs of different sellers can be evaluated to form product strategy accordingly.


Free features

  • It helps to calculate FBA fees to estimate the potential profits
  • It gives an overview of the price history of products
  • It helps to gain access to ASIN number and details of product listings on Amazon

Business application

The tool can be used to streamline your Amazon product research so that you can develop a competitive strategy against the competitors.

The link to AMZBase can be explored to view more details

#5 Product Sourcing Tool

While starting the business on Amazon, one might wonder how products can be sourced. The Amazon Product Sourcing tool has partnered with Alibaba.com to resolve this issue for Amazon sellers. This app allows access to various products sourced for selling on Amazon. It can help you find the best manufacturer for your desired product range.

The tool helps to connect with the suppliers freely and place orders. It can be a good start for those who are new to Amazon. This tool is quite valuable for the sellers who operate as Amazon Arbitrages as it provides reliable sources from where the product can be obtained and sold for profit. The private labels can also use it to find a suitable manufacturer for their new product.

Product sourcing tools

Free features

  • It has to find reliable suppliers for your product with a given keyword.
  • It helps to provide information for multiple manufacturers that can provide on-time delivery.

Business application

This tool can be used as an Amazon seller to gain access to reliable suppliers and manufacturers who can ensure timely delivery and quality control. It will help in the long-term success of the business. Amazon Arbitrage sellers can best use the tool for sourcing products that can be sold on their accounts.

To download the best free tools for amazon sellers, click here.

#6 Amazon FBA Calculator

The Amazon FBA calculator is useful for knowing the profit margins expected from your overall business strategy while considering the fees and related charges. It is an important feature that works beyond merely knowing the keywords and the prices, as running an FBA account can be much more than this.

Before investing in Amazon, every seller calculates the profit to ensure future success on the platform. It can require a lot of research at the initial stage of investment. However, with the help of the Amazon FBA calculator, the costs can be inserted to evaluate the future profits expected from Amazon. Since FBA accounts operate as private labels, arbitrage, and wholesaler, then costs can be evaluated for each category.

Especially for the private labels, there can be fewer profit margins which is why this tool can be more recommended. Also, for the sellers operating with arbitrage and wholesalers models at Amazon, evaluating the costs, seller proceeds, profits, and revenues can be useful statistics that can determine whether to proceed with a strategy or not.

Amazon FBA Calculator

Free features

  • It helps to evaluate strategy at different pricing points
  • It helps to enter the cost to estimate the future profits
  • It determines the maximum profit potential of the business
  • The costs like shipment, marketing, and other related expenses that impact the revenue and profits can be determined with this tool
  • It comes with an extension and the application

Business application

Beginners can use this feature at Amazon to ensure future profits by adding the factors that can add to costs.

The Amazon FBA calculator can be downloaded from here.

#7 Sonar Tool

Sonar Tool is a free FBA tool that many Amazon sellers use to aggregate product data into the handy database. It can help collect the information related to product research which is helpful for Amazon. It narrows down the product list to those products that are worth selling on Amazon so that you can make an informed choice.

It has the idea generator feature to help you find a direction to go if you are new at Amazon. Based on the feature of this tool, it can be applied in all types of Amazon FBA accounts to scale the brand and develop product strategies that can help compete with other private labels, arbitrages, and wholesalers.

sonar tools

Free features

  • It helps to aggregate the product data to create an effective database
  • It allows researching the products which are worth investing at Amazon
  • It provides reverse ASIN lookouts
  • The tool has millions of effective keywords for your use

Business application

It is the tool that Amazon sellers, agencies, and vendors can use to find a relevant product worth spending on, improve the Amazon product strategy, and enhance its SEO.

Find more information about the Sonar tool which is the best free tool for amazon sellers.

#8 AMZ Finder

If you intend to find a profitable product at Amazon and start selling quickly, there might be plenty of research. For example, you might try to evaluate the sales estimates and FBA fees. AMZ finder can help you check the sales data, evaluate product rankings, price histories, competition, trends, and many other statistics in just a few clicks. These features are valuable on the free trial of the application.

This tool also operates as an extension to provide the niche score ratings and product scores for the private label and reselling. Based on these factors, the tool might be worth looking at. This tool is most useful for private labels which have high competition in the development of the brand image.

Similar to this, Amazon sellers with an arbitrage model can benefit from this tool to maximise reviews and access more customers in the future.

AMZ finder

Free features

  • You can search 15 niches based on the free trial of the tool
  • Evaluate the product sales history
  • Calculate the monthly revenue
  • Evaluate monthly sales, profit margins, and quality
  • Analyse and find new keywords
  • Evaluate the lowest seller price information
  • Review numbers and rating averages

Business application

As an Amazon seller, this tool can scale the account by evaluating the costs and developing useful strategies based on the competitor’s data.

The link to the tool’s free extension is here.

#9 DS Amazon Quick View

This tool also operates as the Google Chrome extension, which displays information on the Amazon search results page. After installing this free extension, one can view a product sales rank, ASIN number, and more information related to the competitors on Amazon.

The product can also be hovered over to see the change in view and full details of the product. It can be a useful tool to save plenty of time where instead of spending time on every single product listing on the Amazon search bar, you can get the desired information on the search result page.

It means that you will have much more fast research than ever. The private labels and arbitrage brands at Amazon might feel it challenging to develop a strategy that can help to compete with the other sellers on the platform.

This tool will likely provide them with the best insights related to the product’s bestsellers rank, ASIN number, seller information, and many other aspects that will help devise a competitive strategy.

DS amazon quick view

Free features

  • This tool allows you to search related to the type of products that you are interested in
  • It helps review the product’s bestsellers rank, ASIN number, and seller information.
  • It allows viewing product-related additional information such as product size, weight, customer reviews on the product, and much more.
  • It provides relevant insights related to products on the search results on Amazon.

Business application

This tool will help save time for those who want to view the competitor’s strategies and modify their strategies accordingly. The tool can be majorly applied for use in private labels and arbitrages to adjust strategies against top competitors.

You can download the best free tools for amazon sellers from here.


Using the free tools will save an unbelievable amount of money as a start-up at Amazon, whether the brand is operating as a business model of private label, arbitrage, or wholesaler. It is important because of many other additional expenses on Amazon, affecting the profit margins.

The above nine best free tools for Amazon sellers are the effective way to start your product search and form a successful strategy to kick-start a new account. These tools will allow you to minimize costs while providing promising results for your future strategy. Download these tools or visit their website to explore more features that you can benefit from.

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