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Amazon is the world’s largest online retail store. More than 800 million people utilize it regularly, with over $500 billion in sales annually. It offers some of the best deals on products and services, but it also has a fantastic opportunity for you to make money. If you are a seller looking to increase sales and be found by customers, then it is essential to follow some guidelines. For instance, you should be careful while listing products on Amazon. However, before that, it is vital to understand how this platform works so that you can optimize it for your benefit! Additionally, you should be aware of what makes a seller stand out on amazon. So, read the article below to get the best suggestion to become a top seller on this platform. 

Is it a good idea to be a seller on Amazon? 

The short answer is yes. Selling on Amazon is a great way to make money with your products. The most upfront investment of time or money. However, if you have a unique product or service that is hard to find, then selling on Amazon may be worth your time and effort. 

Below are some tips and tricks that can help you to become a best seller on amazon

Make an impression on customers.

When selling products on amazon, it is essential to make an impression on customers. Whether they buy your product for the first or third time, customers always like to opt for a discounted product. Additionally, to believe in your products, they would like to read your product review as it helps them trust your product quickly. So, here are two main tips you should consider while making your product stand out on this platform. 

  • Offer a discount: The best way to get more attraction on your product page is by offering a deal, especially if it’s not too big. For example, if you’re selling an expensive item elsewhere, but if you provide a discount on it, many customers would like to buy it from you. It is because you are offering them a deal. Therefore, it could be an effective way to get most of the attraction on your products. 
  • Ask for reviews on social media: You can also ask customers directly through platforms. For instance, Facebook and Twitter, where they might share their thoughts with others in their network. So, if they were satisfied with your product or service enough times that they would like to give you feedback publicly. Hence, this would help the new buyers to trust you easily as many people like to see product reviews to know about their quality. 

Create a brand name.

The name of your business is what people will see when searching for it on Amazon. Therefore, it’s essential to have a unique and memorable name, easy to spell and say, easy for people to find—and most importantly: memorable! If you’re undecided on what to do yet, what you want your brand name to be, or if the concept isn’t working out for some reason, then try changing things up until something sticks with potential customers. So, if you’re still unsure of your plans, and what makes a seller stand out on amazon–you should try naming your store uniquely. 

Evaluate your product’s selling potential.

If you want to find the most popular products in your niche, look at the top sellers on Amazon. You can also look at lists of bestselling products and see which ones have been selling well for years.

If you’re unsure how to find out what’s popular, try asking other people who advertise for amazon – they’ll be able to tell you!

Create easy-to-navigate titles and product descriptions

  • Use keywords in product descriptions.
  • Use keywords in the title.
  • Add keywords while naming image files (e.g., images with a descriptive product description).
  • Add bullet points that include your top selling features, benefits, and advantages of the item you’re selling on Amazon. Moreover, you can also add other relevant information about it that would help potential buyers decide to purchase from you instead of someone else who is also selling an item similar to yours but with different features or benefits. In addition, you can also add helpful information about why this particular product should be purchased over others like it on Amazon based on its quality, price point, and ease of use/functionality. 

Always go for effective product listings.

One of the best ways to become a top seller is by having effective product listings. You might do this to attract the interest of potential buyers browsing through your products in the search bar or through the category page. Additionally, your listing must be informative, concise, accurate, and precise so that consumers can easily understand what they are buying.

Optimize your listing for keywords.

You can discover what people are searching for using the keyword tool, so use it! You can use the “keywords” section of the search bar to enter specific phrases that you want your product to be found. For example, if you’re selling a book, say, “How-to guide” or “Buyer’s guide.” If it’s an item like clothing or jewelry, try “Men’s Jeans.” These are just examples—you should consider each item individually in deciding which keywords will work best for each one. Hence, this is another way to make sales on amazon. 

Top sellers offer competitive pricing.

Another reason sellers can succeed on Amazon is that they offer competitive pricing compared to other merchants in their niche market. Therefore, if you have a unique, unique, customized product with some special features like free shipping, customer support, or even free returns, you can attract more buyers. So, it is always a good idea to offer low prices to customers. 

Provide high-quality images and videos.

You can provide high-quality images and videos to help your product stand out. These are the main things buyers look for when deciding whether to buy a product, so you must use them effectively.

Images should be clear, relevant, and professional-looking (no logos or text). They should also include all pertinent information, such as size, color options, etc., so buyers know what they are buying before placing their order. Videos should be short clips that capture critical features of your product. So, this makes it clear whether or not this is something worth buying!

What makes a seller stand out on Amazon?—Become a featured merchant.

Becoming a featured merchant allows you to get exposure for your products on Amazon’s front page. Being featured will enable customers who visit the site to see your listing without having to click through from another retailer’s website or search results. If you are already selling products on it, this can help boost your brand’s awareness and increase sales.

Be a responsive seller.

A good seller on Amazon is someone who can answer questions, solve problems and help customers. This is particularly important for sellers selling physical products, as the customer may have questions about the product before buying it. A seller should also be a responsive seller. If an order has a problem or a question about how to use something they sell, they should be able to get back to them quickly and resolve it. Finally, sellers must be knowledgeable about their products. They should know what makes their products unique and better than competitors.

Additionally, they should be able to answer questions about how their products work and how they compare with similar effects. So, are you looking for the key or thinking about what makes a seller stand out on Amazon?  Then you should follow this trick now!

Make sure you’re following Amazon’s policies and guidelines.

Amazon is a massive company with many policies and guidelines that sellers must follow. So, follow the guidelines if you are still thinking about what makes you stand out on Amazon. Most importantly, all listings must be accurate, clear, and concise. You can’t lie or make up information about your product or service — if it’s not true, it won’t get approved

Provide excellent customer service.

You can’t just put up a listing without providing any customer service whatsoever. It’s essential to keep customers informed about shipping times and other details and respond promptly when they ask questions or offer feedback. The more you communicate with buyers and answer their questions before they leave negative feedback, the better your chances of keeping them happy with their purchase!

Product quality and consistency.

Many sellers just slap their products up on Amazon and hope they sell. That’s not going to cut it. You need to take the time to make sure your product quality is consistent, and your packaging is professional. For example, if you’re selling electronic devices, ensure they work correctly — even if they’re just USB chargers or power banks. If your products don’t work properly, customers will be less likely to buy them in the first place. In short, it is essential to sell quality products. Otherwise, no one would like to get things from your page. 

Return policy

The most crucial element that separates a seller from others on Amazon is their return policy. While many sellers will accept returns, only those who offer an easy and hassle-free return policy will succeed. A good return policy should have these key elements:

  • A clear explanation of what qualifies as an acceptable reason for a return (e.g., “Item did not fit,” “Item was damaged during shipment,” etc.)
  • The ability to process returns within a reasonable timeframe after receiving the item (e.g., two weeks is too long)
  • No additional shipping fees for returns

So, if you add these features while selling your products, you will be more likely to get sales on them. Hence, follow these rules to get a maximum number of sales to funnel. 


In short, if you still have this question, what makes a seller stand out on amazon?  The above tips are a complete guide for you. However, ultimately, the choice is yours. There are many options for selling on Amazon, each with pros and cons. You must decide which option you believe will be best for your business. Whatever decision you make, there will be opportunities (and pitfalls!) to consider. Hopefully, we’ve given a good starting point in helping you decide which is best for you. Additionally, you can speak with our experts for advice to get a complete solution to your query. Finally, Urtasker will help you to sell your products on the amazon platform and enjoys the entire sales funnel. 


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