How to win Amazon Buy Box In 2022

Zeeshan Riaz July 14, 2022

Amazon has become the leading e-commerce player globally. Amazon is competing with Walmart, eBay, and other renowned e-commerce platforms to take market share. If you are here to know how to win amazon buy box in 2022.

According to Jungle Scout’s latest research statistics, nearly 66 percent of the consumers start product searches on Amazon. The figure below presents a clear picture of Amazon’s global popularity for product searches.

how to win amazon buy box in 2022

Another interesting fact about Amazon is that in January 2022, worldwide Amazon site visits reached 2.7 billion in 2022. Globally, Amazon is recognized as an authentic and credible e-commerce platform for online shopping and product searches.

 buy box amazon seller central

One of the most influential factors on which Amazon’s success is structured is its low price offering for its customers. Besides this, Amazon also pushes its 3rd party sellers to provide their products at low prices, thanks to the Buy Box. Amazon combines the offers for a given product on a single page and afterward uses a single offer as the default offer (buy box).

This article will explain the ins and outs of the Amazon buy box and how you can win it in 2022. Let’s start this informative journey.

What is Amazon Buy Box?

Buy box is located on the right side of the Amazon product detail page, where you can add items for purchase into your cart, as shown in the figure below. Every seller is not eligible to win the buy box.

 what is buy box percentage on amazon

Due to the high competition in the Amazon space, only those sellers with exceptional seller metrics get the valuable chance to win the buy box. To know the incredible significance of winning the buy box, consider the statistic that nearly 83 percent of Amazon sales go through the buy box, and this percentage is higher for mobile users.

Suppose you effectively understand the working of the Amazon algorithm. In that case, it will enable you to work on certain key points to increase your performance which can lead to winning buy box and standout in aggressive business competition.

Why is Winning Amazon Buy Box Important?

As the number of online shoppers increases, the chances of winning the buy box are becoming more critical. Shopping via mobile phones is increasing significantly year after year. Over 72 percent of Amazon shoppers have bought products via mobile devices worldwide during the holidays. Moreover, around 90 percent of online shoppers use the Amazon app globally.

The lucrative option to win the buy box can be achieved by facing unprecedented challenges. Winning the Amazon buy box on mobile phones is highly complicated.

There is an option of the “Add to Basket” feature that appears below product price and photo (combined with the “Buy now” button in the app); it’s difficult to check other sellers’ quality. The sellers who are ranked at the top position will be shown in this section. Hence, if your products do not appear in the buy box on mobile devices, the probability of getting your product noticed on Amazon is very low.

Understanding Amazon Buy Box Algorithm

The views on how the Amazon buy box algorithm work differs. The products that won buy box are witnessed at the top of the Amazon product detail page. Customers can easily include selected products in their shopping carts. You just have to click the “Add to Cart” button.

amazon buy new


Sellers need to provide customers with a delightful shopping experience and meet performance-related requirements to win the buy box in a short time frame. Leaving your customers with a dissatisfactory shopping experience can harm your business reputation.

Myths of Buy Box on Amazon

  • Lowest price product always gets the buy box: Low pricing plays a fundamental role in increasing the odds of winning the buy box. Other factors like customer reviews, fulfillment method, and refund policy can surge your likelihood of winning the buy box.
  • Sellers can always retain the buy box: No seller is guaranteed to have access to this badge permanently or for a long time. Other sellers can take their place anytime. You must be competitive and innovative in your operating strategies to stand at the top position in search results.
  • Amazon doesn’t share the buy box: Mostly, the marketplace wins the buy box on the products they sell. Third-party sellers can also get a significant share of the buy box.
  • Buy Box eligibility can be turned on by sellers: Amazon decides whether the sellers are eligible to win buy box or not.

How can you check your buy box eligibility?

  • Open your Seller Central Account, move towards the inventory tab, and select manage inventory.
  • Select the Preference Menu.
  • In the column display, select the section of buy box eligibility.
  • Choose “Show When Available” from the drop-down menu.
  • There you will see Buy Box Eligible column for your specific SKU. If you are eligible, you will see the option of yes.

As a seller, you can see which of your listed items are eligible to win the buy box. If you think you have met all the criteria to get buy box eligibility status, you can contact the seller support representative to consider your status.

Recommendations to Win Amazon Buy Box

Amazon hasn’t revealed a useful guide to analyze the buy box winner. Still, you should know the constructive points that Amazon considers. Below are some influential tips to stand out as an Amazon buy box winner.

  • Conducting business on Amazon for at least three to six months.
  • Review your product’s performance regularly.
  • Constantly provide highly competitive prices without compromising the quality as Amazon doesn’t tolerate any compromise on the product quality.
  • Sustain a reliable record of your business journey so everything can be audited and stalked.
  • Provide your customers with valuable shipping options, mostly free shipping.
  • Avoid delays in your product delivery to enhance customer experience and get in the good books of Amazon.
  • Maintain less than 1 percent order defect rate.
  • Try to be on the top rankings and have numerous positive reviews and high ratings.
  • Offer your customers the most suitable fulfillment method.

Remember that if you own a buy box for particular products, there is no guarantee that you will retain it. Any changes in the Amazon algorithm can impact your buy box possession.

Probability of Winning the Buy Box

The product catalog on Amazon is the largest around the globe. One can easily find thousands of sellers competing with each other on similar products. If several sellers on Amazon sell parallel products, which product will the buyer choose? Eighty-three percent of these buyers will choose to buy box-winner products.

One of the influential factors that are emphasized before you win buy box is customer feedback. Sellers who are the winner of the buy box have plentiful positive feedback. However, how much feedback and average score should be maintained to sustain buy box win is still the mystery. Amazon also emphasizes affirmative feedback. It’s a key element to beating your rivalries operating within the Amazon ecosystem.

Promising Tips to Get Your Amazon Buy Box

The assessment of Amazon products by customers is based on the ranking system. The system uses stars for ranking. 4 to 5 stars represent that customers are fully satisfied with the product. Competitive prices, fast delivery, and exceptional customer service result in an optimum feedback score. Below are some tips that will help you get the buy box.

  • Offered Products

Carefully give titles and descriptions to your best-selling products on Amazon. Write compelling and reliable descriptions that will appeal to Amazon customers.

Ensure to add top-quality images of products. Product images play a decisive role in persuading shoppers to buy your product. The research found that 83 percent of US smartphone users say that product images play an influential role in motivating their purchasing intention. Hence, adding attractive product images is crucial.

how to increase buy box percentage

  • Product Shipment and Price

Providing customers with reasonable prices is highly preferable on the Amazon platform. If the competition is high with your product niche, then you have to lower your productive prices to stand against your competitors. Nevertheless, if you are providing an innovative product with low or no competition, there is no need to lower the price.

Free shipments can win customers. Deliver your products within two business days to enhance the customer shopping experience.  Using Amazon FBA service can greatly help manage your inventory and shipment. Fulfillment by Amazon escalates your business trustworthiness, and your products can become eligible for Amazon Prime.

As Amazon emphasizes the fulfillment system to be exceptional, using FBA can surge your chances of winning the buy box. It’s not the case that FBM sellers can’t stand out against FBA sellers; it’s extremely hard because offering low prices and optimum scores across other metrics are essential to winning the buy box.

  • Customer Service

Customer service is a highly valuable factor in achieving excellent feedback. The seller’s reputation is protected by receiving influential feedback.

Sometimes your available stock can run out immediately, or items can get lost during the shipment process. These situations are disruptive to your seller account health. Immediately reimburse your customers in these scenarios. It will be more favorable if you resend those products for free to customers. Resultantly, your customers will appreciate your care about them.

  • Demand Feedback

Despite having an extraordinary shopping experience, few customers forget to provide feedback. Therefore, you can request to get comments through emails.

Remember! Always follow Amazon guidelines to request feedback from customers.

  • Improving the Feedback Score

The seller performance score is vital to determine the buy box winner. If the seller receives a perfect feedback rating, the likelihood of winning the buy box increases significantly. Use feedback auto-request as manually asking for reviews can be devastating. Hence, automate your feedback process.

Key Metrics Which Amazon Buy Box Algorithm Looks For

Many variables impact your chances of winning the Buy Box, but these four factors highly influence buy box win; you shouldn’t ignore these at any cost if you want to win the buy box.

  • Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Landed Price
  • Seller-Fulfilled Prime
  • Shipping Time

Effective handling of these variables is highly important because these factors make customer experience either highly valuable or dissatisfied. You have to be competitive and innovative for all enlisted variables.

Optimizing Your Price on Amazon

As discussed in the myths section on the Amazon buy box, sellers think that providing lower prices increases the possibility of winning the Amazon buy box. If you continuously reduce your prices, profits will reduce, and people can also perceive your product as low quality.

Optimizing the prices increases the odds of winning the buy box. When you optimize your product pricing, the prices and profits increase when competitors run out of stock for a selected product.

Different software optimizes your product prices on Amazon and sets them on automation, saving your time and efforts. Moreover, the repricing tools like Repricerexpress optimizes your product pricing and increases your possibility of winning the buy box.

Concluding Remarks

There is not a single trick to winning the buy box; rather, you have to perform well in multiple business metrics and improve them unceasingly.

Concentrating on the most influential factors like considering FBA service, enhancing your customer’s service, understanding the pricing factors, and having Prime-eligible products increases the likelihood of winning the Amazon buy box.

If you want to make most of the sales on Amazon, you have to appear as a buy box winner. We hope you find this article helpful in understanding the ins and outs of the Amazon buy box and the recommended things to consider for winning it.

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