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The world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, offers sellers and consumers a variety of products and services. A very large audience of shoppers buys products on Amazon, thanks to its 300 million prime members. With so many products being sold on Amazon, sellers need to gain a competitive advantage on the platform with amazon seller central advertising.

What are Amazon Ads?

Currently, Amazon’s search ads are the most prevalent type of advertising, and they have begun to eat into Google’s market share. On Amazon, certain positions appear as “sponsored” positions when customers search for products, similar to the way Google search works.

This is known as pay-per-click advertising. In PPC advertising, advertisers only pay when consumers click on an advertisement (regardless of whether an item sells). 

A successful Amazon seller needs to advertise in order to build their brand and increase sales. Amazon seller central advertising offers several benefits to your business, including:

  • Increasing consumer awareness and recognition of your brand
  • Reaching customers directly through advertising reduces the sales cycle
  • Enhancing the visibility of sales history and products
  • Since Amazon ranks higher-ranking products higher, organic sales have increased
  • Analyzing changing consumer habits to gain valuable insights
  • Reaching a more specific audience through campaigns
  • Analyzing your brand’s customers, including new prospects for your business
  • Acquiring customers at a given moment in time by learning the best methods
  • Make data-driven decisions and track your results.

Amazon seller central advertising offers several types of advertisements.

Sellers can advertise on Amazon, targeting customers who search for their brand or type of products. Ads on Amazon can be very effective when it comes to targeting customers. It is also possible to gain brand recognition by using video and display advertisements. Amazon seller central advertising offers the following types of advertisements:

  • Sponsored Products

These are the most common ads that appear on the product listing pages and search results of Amazon.com. 

Using sponsored products would allow you to target specific keywords and other product ASINs, such as those used by your competitors. Ads linked to your product detail pages will direct consumers to your website. Clicks, cost per click (CPC), spending, sales, and revenue can be tracked to assess the success of your sponsored product campaigns.

  • Branded Search Ads or Sponsored Brand Campaigns

By showcasing your products (usually three), you can create sponsored brand campaigns to promote your brand. The Amazon seller central ads are also customized with keywords and products.

Multiple products are displayed above, below, or alongside search results. In general, you choose three products to showcase and determine which keywords or ASINs to target for bids. As a result, images of your three products will appear in search results and on product detail pages related to your three products. 

  • Product Display Ads

Advertisements for your products and/or brands are intended to enhance the visibility of your products. Cross-selling and upselling are the primary objectives. 

The use of display advertisements extends beyond sellers to all types of businesses. In these ads, images or videos are displayed on the sidebar, as described later. In addition, you will be able to select the audience to which your advertisements will be directed. This is comparable to Google, but it is an additional means of reaching people.

In addition to appearing on product detail pages and customer review pages, they are also displayed below search results and at the top of offer listing pages. They may also be included in numerous emails, such as abandoned cart notification emails and follow-up messages.

  • Store Ads or Headline Search Ads for Stores

This is the unique Amazon seller central advertising feature where an advertiser’s store page will be promoted through store ads. High-profile sellers must create an Amazon store page to display their entire product offering and brand. 

If your store page is the same as an online store, your customers should be able to navigate through it as if they were on an e-commerce website. Search engine ads are targeted at specific keywords and appear at the top of the search results. In addition to displaying your store, you might wish to highlight three of your best-selling items.

  • Video Ads

Display ads are similar to video advertisements except that they will show a video instead of an image. Among all the types of ads available on Amazon and Google, this is the most underappreciated. 

Since good video advertisements are hard to find, it is rare to find them. Therefore, YouTube advertisements have the highest conversion rates among all the advertising platforms.

Do Amazon Ads pay for themselves?

An Amazon seller central advertising campaign that is well run can help you increase sales, boost your organic ranking, and build your brand identity. It is likely that you are missing a huge opportunity if you are using Amazon as a selling platform only (not an advertising platform).

What are the reasons for trying Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC is one of the most effective Amazon seller central advertising strategies because it allows you to reach shoppers at their places of purchase (e.g. on Amazon). Advertising on Amazon’s site and the app are highly visible with PPC, which runs on desktop, mobile, and tablet browsers.

You can choose from a number of different Amazon advertising types when using Amazon PPC. A variety of detailed reports allow you to see how well your advertisements have performed. You can also set and scale your budget comfortably.

From keywords to products, categories, and brands, Amazon PPC offers a variety of targeting options. Moreover, you can use their remarketing service to ensure your message is reaching your intended audience.

Getting started with Amazon advertising

As soon as you have established your Seller Central account, you may begin creating your adverts. The advertising page can be found under the campaign manager in seller central.

The following steps should be followed to create an Amazon seller central advertising campaign:

  1. Click on the Create a Campaign option
  2. Choosing a campaign type
  3. Set a daily budget for your campaign and name it

How to optimize your Amazon seller central advertising: 6 tips to follow

With a variety of products available on Amazon, you might wonder if your business can benefit from the platform. In the Amazon Marketplace, you can do a few things to help make your product stand out. The only difficulty is coming up with an effective Amazon marketing strategy.

You can get started right away by following these six tips.

  • Organize your campaigns according to product categories

You likely have already mastered this if you’ve used Google Ads for some time. Using Amazon’s ad platform, you can structure campaigns and ad groups using your Google Ads organizational skills. Having separate campaigns for each of your primary product categories and creating more specific ad groups for each campaign is the best strategy here.

  • Compose an effective and urgent ad copy

Among the cluttered search results of Amazon, you need to stand out if you want to get noticed. If you can, try to add some creativity and humor to your ads along with being accurate regarding what you’re selling. Stressing the urgency of your offering may be effective as well.

  • Be as specific as possible in your ad copy.

Moreover, you should be as specific as possible with your ad copy. You may want to tell me the amount of ounces/cups of water it holds or the length of time it keeps my water cold. There may be difficulty in including all of this information in the ad text; however, it is essential to include all the most vital details in your Amazon seller central advertising.

  • Try all three types of ads.

The sponsored product ad format may seem to provide the fastest and most visible return on investment; however, headline search ads might result in repeat sales from loyal customers. If you experiment with all three types of ads, you will be able to see which generates the most successful results. Once you collect enough statistics, you can re-allocate your budget as a result of the results.

  • Use Negative Keywords

The use of negative keywords is similar to what is employed when advertising on Google in order to reduce wasted expenditures. 

In addition, you may wish to employ more conservative match types, focusing on phrase and exact matches rather than broad matches. Ensure you are optimizing your website for the right keywords by conducting keyword research.

What is the cost of advertising on Amazon?

The average cost of a click on an Amazon advertisement is $0.81. It should be noted that the cost is not a fixed amount. Depending on your budget and your competition. Over the past two years, CPC budgets and bids have doubled on average.

Bidding wars often mean that you will pay more for highly competitive keywords since a number of other stores are also bidding for these placements and keywords. In addition to your budget, your CPC rate may also play a role in your results, which may not be perfect if you have a limited budget.

Self-Service Ads vs. Premium Ads

These two work similarly, except that self-service ads appear on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Premium ads appear more like regular display ads, sometimes at the bottom and on the sidebar. In addition to Google’s Display Network, premium advertisements may also appear on other websites.


Prepare your very own successful Amazon seller central advertising strategy using this complete step-by-step guide. You should conduct comprehensive keyword research and analyze performance metrics, such as ACoS, CPC, Orders, Sales, and Spending.

Your ad and product campaigns should be tested against each other. Also, your ad budget should be adjusted, and your ads should be monitored periodically to develop the best campaigns.

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