Urtasker Receives Media Spotlight for Synthesizing Digital Tactics with Human Innovation

Touseef Riaz September 5, 2020

In the digital age, humans remain the epicenter that drives innovation, visceral connectivity, and ultimately your success.

Urtasker has been delivering impactful, robust, marketing services with a global team of marketing professionals for years. With more than 500 clients harnessing the variety of Urtasker services, including Amazon Listing Optimizations, Amazon Account Management, and more, there remains one foundational component that Urtasker has not only maintained, but celebrated. This secret ingredient is humans.

While there is always a plethora of data to process, cross-pollinate and extrapolate, and while this data can guide us and steward our initiatives Urtasker has always believed that we are only as good as our people. The people who review the metrics, discern the learnings and craft strategies from the information. The people who understand that it’s not bots which buy products nor services, but rather humans.

Our team fundamentally understand that we must harness human innovation and ultimately connect with audiences on a visceral level to propel our clients potential.

Omer Riaz, CEO of Urtasker, had this to say:

“The human element is often overlooked and should not be underestimated. Personal interaction aligns our clients with the best marketing consultant to drive their business forward to maximize revenues and profits. As well, one of our most coveted human characteristics is our ability to be creative. There is no mimicking human innovation, an epicenter of creativity and a synergy between our clients and alignment with our marketing professionals.”

Major media portals picked up on this news and Urtasker was recently featured in Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Seeking Alpha, ABC News affiliates and more.

We invite you to explore MARTECHCUBE the links below and enjoy the media pick up as we continue to empower our services and your marketing growth with marketing experts, our team, our people.


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