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There is a lot of discussion within the Amazon seller community about the creation of private label brands and reselling items through wholesale and retail arbitrage. Rather than ignore the fact that is it possible selling used items on Amazon, we should emphasize the fact that you can actually start doing this.

It is important to note, however, that you will not be able to list anything you find lying around in your home as you might do on eBay or the Facebook Marketplace. You may, however, sell used products on Amazon in specific categories. 

The Amazon Marketplace is an excellent resource for finding used products that you can list free of charge and build up the cash flow needed to invest in a private label product. 

As we discussed above, there are several steps involved in selling used items on fulfillment by Amazon, including: 

  • Used items can be included in the following categories
  • Selling used products: where to find them
  • How to sell refurbished and pre-owned products
  • What is the best way to list used merchandise on Amazon

In Which Are Categories Selling Your Used Items On Amazon Allowed?

Some products can only be listed as “used” on Amazon, and there’s a good reason for that. In order to ensure safe, authentic, and customer-satisfying products on its website – whether new or used – Amazon conducts a safety audit.  It is not possible to sell any used or preowned goods on Amazon. Amazon is not a flea market. Here is a table showing which categories on Amazon are appropriate for selling used goods.

For selling used items on Amazon check this list: 


It is evident that you can list used items on Amazon under a wide range of categories. Please keep in mind that you will still have to ensure that the items you wish to sell meet Amazon’s used condition standards.

What is Amazon’s policy on selling used items as new?

The Amazon policy regarding the sale of used items as new should be taken into consideration. Let’s examine each in more detail:  

Guidelines for Amazon’s Used Condition Policy

Following are the official guidelines for selling used items on Amazon platform: 

Used – Like New or Unopened:

If the product is not in the original packaging, it is in excellent working condition and in good condition with minor damage possible. It may be in its original packaging or not. An instruction sheet must accompany the product.

Used – Excellent condition:

As a result of being well taken care of and used sparingly, the item has still been tested and found to work properly. Some minor signs of wear may be evident, such as minor scratches or cosmetic problems. The item could be damaged in its original packaging or repackaged. If any accessories are missing, these should be clearly indicated on each item.  

Used – Good:

However, signs of wear from frequent use are evident in the item’s good condition and full functionality. Packages may be repackaged or maybe damaged upon arrival. Minor cosmetic damage and markings are possible. Accessories, parts, or instructions might be missing. 

Used – Acceptable:

It is still functioning in the item, but it is somewhat worn and in damaged or repacked packaging. Become rusted or scratched, show dents, wear on corners or have identifying markings. In some cases, parts and accessories are missing.

Amazon prohibits products from being listed on its website if the following conditions exist:

  • There are visible signs of uncleanliness such as mold, heavy stains, corrosion, or other signs of discoloration.
  • The item has been damaged, which affects its functionality.
  • A part or accessory for using the item is missing (includes instructions).
  • It is necessary to repair the product. 
  • Copying, counterfeiting, replicating, or copying an original product is the act of copying. 
  • It was created for marketing purposes, such as a promotional item or a copy of an advance reading copy. 
  • The expiration date has been altered, or the item has all been removed or removed, or the item is close to expiring. 
  • The manufacturer deemed the item unsellable. 

To ensure a positive experience for customers, you need to specify the condition when listing a used product on Amazon. A customer who is dissatisfied with something because it was described as “Used-Like New” when it was actually “Used-Acceptable” is quite detrimental to your business.

In most instances, it is common practice to state a condition that is lower than what you consider the item to be. It is better to list an item as “Very Good” if it is “Like New.” Then the customers’ expectations are met instead of being unmet. 

Comparison of Amazon Renewed and Amazon Refurbished

You should be aware of whether your item falls under the category of Renewed or Refurbished when you begin to sell on Amazon. Which category does your item fall under? 

In what ways does Amazon Renewed differ from Amazon Used?

Used may also be referred to as Renewed. An important component of what makes these products quite different is that they are thoroughly inspected and tested to make sure they are as good as new by an Amazon-certified vendor or supplier. Despite their minimal cosmetic wear and tear, these products are backed by a 90-day warranty in case the products do not perform as expected. 

Refurbished? What about that? What does it mean when a product is labeled “Certified Refurbished”?

In Amazon, what is the difference between Refurbished and Renewed products?

An item that is refurbished is one that has been inspected by the original manufacturer or is re-tested to see if it works just as well as a new item. It may be repaired or replaced if any aspects are found to be deficient. Amazon uses the term refurbished interchangeably with the term renewed, with both meaning the same thing.

Where to find used products on Amazon?

Our main objective is to locate used products that customers are interested in purchasing. For this purpose, you need to identify locations where used items can be purchased and resold at a profit. You may have a lot of unneeded items lying around, but there is a limit. Your inventory of used products will soon run out.

Take a look at other online retail platforms for used products

What is known as online arbitrage is the practice of buying products from one online retail platform and selling them on another.  Those involved in this type of selling generally prefer to resell new products rather than refurbished or used ones.  

However, the price fluctuation between different marketplaces when it comes to used products can actually be advantageous to you.

To begin, let’s look at eBay. Select an item that interests you and search for it. We considered “trucker hats” and decided to give them a try. If you have entered a search term, be sure to set the condition of the product to “Used”. The filters are found below the search bar and can be used to achieve this.

Make the most of the Facebook Marketplace by becoming a first-mover

Add Facebook Marketplace to your arsenal of research strategies.

It is easy to overlook the fact that Facebook has its own marketplace, especially in the presence of Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Facebook is the fifth largest marketplace in the United States. Several reasons justify using the platform as a starting point.

  1. Fewer people choose to shop there (therefore fewer buyers)
  2. There are products available for purchase in your local area, thereby regulating demand and maintaining prices
  3. Signing up for a service or downloading an app is not necessary-open Facebook and begin browsing used products!
  4. Alternatives to garage sales are becoming increasingly popular

You can find used goods in the following categories:

  • Sports goods
  • Supplies for pets
  • Games and toys
  • Entertainment
  • Gardens and outdoor spaces
  • Supplying Home Improvements
  • Supplies for the workplace
  • Clothes
  • Electronics

You may wish to take a look at Facebook Marketplace and adopt the same strategy as eBay.

Be on the lookout for garage sales

There have been fewer garage sales across the country due to the growth of eCommerce platforms and the pandemic. In spite of this, this trend is still strong, particularly in suburban and rural areas. If you are lucky (and determined), you may even find antiques that are worth more than the seller realizes.

You can get very good prices on Amazon for items such as Pokémon cards and collectible coins. Don’t hesitate to cash in on old gaming consoles, DVDs, and cassette players if you are selling old items. The chances of finding uncommon goods and artifacts make the journey worthwhile even if it is not as easy as purchasing used goods on eBay. 

Selling used books on Amazon makes the most sense out of all the products to sell.

Using Amazon to sell used books

Books tend to be the topic of discussion when discussing the sale of used items on Amazon. The sale of used books is one of the easiest and fastest ways to generate income online, after all, that’s where Amazon got its start in the first place.

If you were born into the comic book age, you may have old books lying around. You may also go to book and/or library sales. On Amazon, there is a wide variety of rare and in-demand books available that can be purchased at a high-profit margin. You could also purchase bulk items on Facebook, Craigslist, or eBay if outdoor activities are not your thing.

One of the greatest advantages of buying or selling second-hand or used books is that there is no investment required. Starting small will allow you to work out how everything works, and then scale up as needed. You do not have to purchase and ship thousands of items to Amazon’s warehouse-start small and scale up as needed. There are a lot of cheap books available, and if things do not work out, you can always list them on Facebook Marketplace for free.

The best method for selling used items is through fulfillment

Finally, we will discuss how to sell used goods on Amazon. This can generally be accomplished in three steps:

  1. The choice of a seller’s plan
  2. Choosing a method of fulfillment
  3. Announcing a new product listing

The first step in the selling process is to develop a sales plan.

Selling as an individual versus as a professional

You will be charged $0.99 per sale if you choose the Individual selling plan, whereas the Professional selling plan will cost you $39.99. The Professional plan is more suitable if you have many items available, for example, comics by a single author.

What is the best way to ship products to the customer – FBA or FBM?

FBM and FBA are two shipping methods available to you. 

Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) involves self-packing and delivering used goods to your customer. On the other hand, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) involves Amazon taking over these tasks. The items you wish to ship are able to be dropped off at a nearby fulfillment center, where an Amazon employee will pack and ship the items.

Whether you are selling a few or large dimensional items, you should consider FBM. Alternatively, you may have developed your own logistics network that is cheaper than Amazon’s.

Making an offer for a product that already exists

It has been decided which fulfillment method to use; all that remains is to create an offer on Amazon. Because we are interested in selling used products, we use the word offer instead of listing. In most cases, a product like this has already been listed on Amazon.

A seller may not create new listings for items that are already on the website, even if the listing does not feature used offers.


1. How to add a description for selling used items on Amazon?

Select Inventory on the left-hand side, click “Edit,” and then select Manage Inventory/Description. Please use the ‘condition note’ box under the ‘offer’ tab to include any notes regarding the condition of the book (for used books).

2. How to start selling used items on Amazon?

A used item can be sold on Amazon in three steps: 

1. Choosing a seller plan

2. Selecting a fulfillment method

3. Creating an offer on an existing product listing

3. Can I sell used items on Amazon?

It is true that Amazon allows used items to be sold in nearly all major categories, outside of clothing, cosmetics, and fashion. Most of the devices and accessories sold on Amazon, along with home and garden items, books, cellular phones, and used electronic devices are permitted for resale.  

If you plan to sell used items on Amazon, make sure to review the Amazon guidelines on selling used items. 

4. Can I sell used clothes on Amazon?

As of now, Amazon does not allow the sale of second-hand or pre-owned clothing, makeup, or skincare products. 

5. How to sell used clothes on Amazon?

Amazon allows only new clothing to be sold. In other words, the next time you inquire as to whether Amazon sells used clothing, you will have to acknowledge that you cannot resell your used clothing on Amazon. 


That is all you should know about selling on Amazon used items. The types of products that can be sold used, along with how to list used items on existing product detail pages, have been discussed. Here’s everything you need to know to sell on Amazon!

Nevertheless, the difference between surviving and thriving on the platform is profound. It is much more likely that you will be successful at creating an Amazon business if you learn from others who have already traveled this path and achieved success. You can generate passive income by selling used items on Amazon if you follow the guidelines. 

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