How to rank your product on Amazon first page?

ayaz yasin January 3, 2022

Tips To Rank Your Product On Amazon First Page?

According to any online seller, the key to selling more online and growing your business is Amazon. There’s just one problem: it’s incredibly competitive. Wouldn’t it be difficult if you had to compete against thousands of other companies to rank your product on Amazon’s first page? You should better understand how Amazon will rank your product on first page. Understanding the factors that impact ranking can create a better product listing and earn better results.

Amazon constantly changes how it determines seller rankings, so we must also understand that. Due to this, you might not see the same results some months ago that got you to the top of the search engine results page. What can you do to get your product listed as one of the top products on Amazon? This blog post will help you understand how to rank your product on amazon first page.

Let’s get started. Before we begin with ranking tips, you need to value a couple of things about Amazon’s ranking system, and then we will tell you some valuable tips to rank products on Amazon’s top results.

rank product on amazon first pageBecome familiar with A9

The A9 search algorithm is used by Amazon as part of their search results, helping them rank products. Once you get a sense of how A9 works, it will be much easier to make the small changes needed to help boost your rankings. Additionally, it’s necessary to continually modify your product listings to keep up with the change because it’s constantly changing.

SEO for Amazon is different from SEO for search engines

While the search engine optimization tactics you use for Google may work well for you, Amazon SEO is different. On the other hand, Amazon aims to sell products rather than provide readers with relevant information. So, the ranking algorithm places the most likely purchased products at the top.

Rankings are based on keyword research.

Finding a product is only possible if the search query matches the keywords in the product listing. Relevance determines the ranking of a product, so the higher the product appears. Put these keywords into your product listing by researching what keywords your customers are searching for. Shoppers are rarely interested in browsing search results pages to find the products they want. Your listing needs to appear on the first search results page since your customers want to find the best product.

Factors to rank your product on Amazon first page

When it comes to search engines like Google, their results are ordered based on which answers the searcher’s query accurately. At the same time, Amazon, on the other hand, prioritizes the listings based on which products they believe the searcher is most likely to seek out. While everything I’ve discussed so far is essential, the most important thing to remember is how well you optimize your product title, and description isn’t the only thing that determines your search ranking.

Understanding the other ranking factors on Amazon is essential. The following are some other ranking factors to consider.

  • Sales rank on Amazon.
  • Rate of click-through and conversion rate.
  • Price
  • Amazon Fulfilled Products.

Valuable tips on how to rank your product on amazon first page

Now that you understand how Amazon ranking works, let’s look at some valuable tools to get top orders on Amazon.

The following strategies may help you in ranking on Amazon.

1. Product listing optimization

You must optimize your product listings before you can consider promoting organic search. If users don’t click, ranking and selling your products are meaningless, so how can you make your listing more effective?

A potential customer will begin by searching for your product using keywords. Even though it’s significant to incorporate keywords into your listing descriptions, make sure to put the buyer first, not the search engine. To ensure that your product is a great fit, you should answer all the crucial questions. Potential customers, for example, should be familiar with the product, what it consists of, and its benefits. The product page should be optimized to conform to Amazon’s guidelines along with the description.

2. Keep your keywords relevant.

A keyword’s relevancy is Amazon’s first concern; a good match between the keywords searched and relevant products. Search results on Amazon are tailored to provide relevant information that encourages users to purchase. Choosing the right keywords is essential for your products to appear in search engines. As mentioned earlier, keyword research matters a lot for Amazon product ranking.

Keywords only need to be included once on Amazon to rank. The product description and title should consist of the most important keywords. That way, your product will appear higher in search results.

Your product will be visible in relevant searches if you include keywords, however, do not resort to keyword stuffing. No, this won’t get you ranked on the first page of Amazon. However, your listings will become more visible if you position your keywords strategically.

3. Prices

If you’d like high rankings on Amazon, you should price your products appropriately, customers are all looking for the best deals, so it’s significant for you to do so. To get an idea of pricing, you’ll need to compare your competitors’ product listings for your keywords. Amazon won’t consider overpriced products since they are more expensive than their competitors. The Amazon algorithm ensures that a higher price point means a lower conversion rate, and, as a result, your product will rank low due to a lower conversion rate.

To remain competitive, you can choose a comparable price point or lower your price slightly to attract customers. However, being the cheapest seller does not necessarily mean a successful pricing strategy. The simplest way to make sure your prices increase sales is to monitor your competitors’ pricing and seller metrics and apply intelligent pricing software.

4. Availability of stock

You must stock your products to achieve and maintain high rankings. You won’t rank highly on Amazon if your products can’t be purchased immediately. As a customer, imagine the frustration of clicking on a listing to find that the product is out of stock, and you won’t be able to purchase it for some days.

If you decide to choose another listing, you should click on a similar product in stock. Your ranking will be adversely affected if you don’t have stock. Manage your inventory to avoid this. Restock your items beforehand to prevent running out of stock if you generate numerous sales.

5. Get authentic reviews from customers.

Amazon values review highly because customers use them as references before purchasing and because they affect rankings. Customer reviews are critical to making informed purchases on Amazon. The reviews you receive from customers show that you are a trustworthy seller whose products match descriptions. Nonetheless, you’re unlikely to get a review unless you ask for it in the right way and at the right time.

Amazon’s feedback software allows you to automatically email customers after they purchase, saving time and increasing the likelihood of getting positive product reviews. Remember, your goal as a seller is to ensure that every potential buyer Amazon recommends your product will receive exceptional customer service.

6. Title of the product

Amazon is primarily used by customers the same way they use search engines. You’re more likely to type it into a search query than to browse through categories or sections for the item you’re looking for. To enhance your product page’s relevancy, you should optimize the product titles with the right keyword combinations. This will increase the chance of users discovering your product page.

By standing out from your competitors, you are more likely to get customers to click on your listing.

7. Content That Is Unique

Your product or service must be described in detail and appeal directly to your target audience. It’s a common mistake for sellers to use the default description provided by manufacturers. This causes several problems, including:

  • Duplicate content is likely to result from other vendors replicating manufacturer content
  • It produces poor search engine optimization
  • Rather than stating the value accurately, it simply summarises basic specs and features

Make sure you explain the benefits and features that may be of most interest to your audience. Knowing the reasons for your customers’ need for your product will allow you to create comprehensive and helpful product pages that will tell them more about your product and lead to more conversions.

8. Images for listings

It is Amazon’s policy to use images and display them in listings in a way that complies with their guidelines. If you do not have a high-quality picture for your product page, you won’t be able to list it in some categories, which is why they even restrict the listing of product pages.

The more high-quality images you provide, the better your conversions will be. Your images must also show your product from all angles to give your customers a sense of what you’re selling since they can’t touch it. As an Amazon seller, you can also include videos, so make sure to include videos when you can. Optimizing images in this way could result in higher conversions.

9. Sponsored ads are worth investing in

You’ll agree, it’s challenging to obtain organic reach on Amazon’s search results if you’re launching a new product or are an Amazon seller because you lack reviews and sales. We understand it takes time to rank on Amazon, but investing in sponsored ads is the most effective way to jump-start your rankings.

10. Conduct a category audit

Putting the wrong product in the wrong group is one of the most common mistakes new Amazon sellers make. Amazon’s search engines operate based on stringent indexes; if you fail to index your products correctly, in other words, not in the correct place, you will not rank on the first page of Amazon.


This concludes our guide to how Amazon SEO works and what you can do to rank your product on the first page of Amazon search results by improving your listings. The key to getting the right and relevant traffic to your listing is not simply getting traffic. Using relevant images, keywords, product descriptions, and images while offering exemplary service will help you to rank your product on Amazon first page.

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