How To Print Labels For Amazon FBA

Zeeshan Riaz January 19, 2023

Amazon FBA labels are a great way to prepare your products for shipment, whether you’re shipping from home or abroad. These simple barcodes can help ensure that your packages are delivered safely and on time. This article will look at labels for Amazon FBA, how they work, and some tips for printing them yourself or using an existing barcode label service.

How To Print Labels For Amazon FBA

What are Amazon FBA labels?

Amazon FBA labels are used to identify products in the Amazon FBA system. They’re also used when you ship products to Amazon warehouses. They also help you to find your products on the Amazon website.

Amazon FBA Label Requirements

You must have labels for Amazon FBA on all products sold through The title must contain the product’s UPC or GTIN-12 code and be printed with a barcode.

A barcode is an identifying number used in retailing that represents your product when you place it in the store’s inventory system (which will be managed by Amazon).

What are the most common types of labels?

The most common type of label is the manufacturer barcode, which is used to identify products from a single manufacturer. However, there are other types of brands that you can use in conjunction with this one:

  • Amazon barcode labels
  • Individual Product Labels

Manufacturer barcode

The manufacturer’s barcode is a unique identifier for your product. It’s used to track inventory and identify the manufacturer of the product. The barcode is printed on each box and bottle and can be scanned by Amazon FBA customers as they check out their orders.

Amazon barcode

The Best labels for Amazon FBA are Amazon barcodes. These are a type of product identifier you can use to track your items on Amazon. They’re also known as UPCs, used by most companies that sell products on Amazon.

You’ll need an Amazon Seller Central account to generate an Amazon barcode for your items. If not, check out this tutorial on how to create one! Once created, the first step is developing an actual label—and luckily, there’s no need to deal with the difficulty of printing them yourself unless that’s what you prefer doing with your tags (and even then, there are plenty of options). Once printed out and attached directly onto an item before shipment or sale fulfillment (or both), these labels will serve as proof when someone buys from them later.

Individual product labels

Individual product labels are used to label the individual units of a product. In other words, you will label each unit individually unless it’s a small batch that can be labeled in bulk.

Some people like to use individual packaging for their products. It is because this type of packaging is more adaptable. Moreover, it enables it to be bought by different people with different tastes or needs. For example, if you have a shirt that comes in multiple sizes, but each one is made from the same fabric, then an individual shirt would be best for those who want their clothing custom-fit!

Amazon FBA shipping labels   

A label printer is the best option for printing your FBA shipping labels. The benefits of using a label printer include the following:

  • You can print on any label, including paper and plastic. However, you may need clarification on whether you want paper or plastic. In that case, we recommend sticking with the latter since it is more durable and easier to remove from most items.
  • It will save you time because there’s no need to cut out shapes or glue them onto an object—the machine does all that work for you (with some exceptions).
  • The quality may be better than if done by hand due to its automation. However, it still looks professional enough when printed on high-quality printers like Amazon!

Printing Amazon FBA labels

You can print FBA labels at home, but it’s more challenging. First, you’ll need to have a printer and computer (or laptop), then there are several different types of printers to choose from, and how they work varies wildly depending on what kind of label you want to print. You may also need special software for your computer or printer to recognize the barcode on each package. If all these steps sound daunting, don’t worry—many companies offer professional printing services to eliminate all this hassle!

Placing your Amazon FBA label

To place labels for Amazon FBA, you need to register for an account.

Once you’ve created an account, you can view your supply and demand details.

You can also view the status of each order by using the Orders tab on the main dashboard.

To place a label, you need to:

1) Navigate to the Inventory tab in your Amazon Seller Central account.

2) Click on Place Label Button.

3) The next screen will ask you whether or not there is already a label on this item, which we recommend checking before placing it again. If this is the case, click Yes and put your new brand. If this is not a problem, click No and enter data for your new product.

How to print your FNSKU labels?

The most reliable method is printing your  Fulfilment Network Stock Keeping Unit,  FNSKU labels with a label printer. There are many different options, but I recommend going with an inkjet printer if you’re on a budget and don’t have time to wait for your laser printer to finish printing.

The ideal method to begin this procedure is downloading the free Amazon FBA Labels app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store (for Android phones). Once downloaded, open up this app and select “Create Barcode.” When prompted for a name for your label, enter “Amazon CSR” as shown below. 

How to print your Amazon FBA labels?

There are many methods to print Amazon FBA labels.

You can print your labels through the Amazon Seller App or third-party services like Printful, Shipstation, and Shipwire.

With Printful, you can print your shipping labels within the app in minutes. It’s free to use and always works with any size order you place on Amazon FBA.

Shipstation is another service that allows you to print your shipping labels for free. This one is a little more complicated than the other two since it requires some setup and billing, but it’s still straightforward.

Shipwire is an online shipping label generator that allows you to create custom shipping labels quickly and easily. You can even upload pictures of your packages! You don’t have to pay anything upfront either – they offer a 14-day free trial before they charge anything.

What size label for Amazon FBA?

The label size depends on how many products you want to ship. If you’re only sending one or two products, it’s not worth using a custom label with your logo and contact information.

A smaller label is easier to apply and less expensive, but if you need to print multiple brands on the same roll of paper, you’ll get better results if they’re all the same size. The recommended minimum size is 8.5″ x 11″, but a larger format can be more convenient (for example, if you have several different product SKUs).

Placing your Amazon FBA label

Place your Amazon FBA label on the top of the shipping box. Make sure you have enough space to print your label vertically and horizontally.

The following details should be considered while placing your Amazon FBA label:

Font size: The font must be large enough to ensure that it can be read by the customer and will not be cut off.

Colors: For maximum visibility, choose a color that contrasts with the box’s background color. You can also use black or white text on a colored background.

Text placement: The text should appear straight from top to bottom, left to right, or both. If you need an exception, such as when there is no room for the text on one side, then place it where there is space on both sides of the box.

What are some barcode label printing options?

  • Printing yourself: If you have a printer at home, printing your barcode labels is simple and reliable. You can print as many tags as you need without paying a fee or waiting for an order.
  • Amazon label service: Amazon offers its label printing service that makes it easy to get your barcode printed on any paper product. This option is ideal if you don’t have access to a printer or want to avoid the hassle of dealing with shipping materials yourself. It also offers free shipping within the U.S., saving time and money on transportation costs!
  • Use existing barcodes: If none of these options work for your business needs—or if there aren’t any available in your area—it may be worth considering using an existing code instead of creating one from scratch! Some sellers choose this route because they don’t want their brand name associated with anything other than high-quality products; others enjoy something unique so customers know what they’re buying before purchasing anything else from them later down the road.
  • Printing yourself

  • You can print your labels.
  • You will need a printer and a label printer, an electronic device used to create printed labels using inkjet technology. The label maker is another piece of equipment used with these machines to make custom-sized stickers and other designs on paper stock (also known as “printing”).
    Suppose you’re looking for a great deal on some supplies. In that case, Amazon Prime members get free shipping on qualifying orders from third-party sellers through Shopify’s platform as part of its Marketplace program—you may want to check out this guide before making any purchases there!
  • Amazon label service

Third-party companies print the best labels for Amazon FBA, but they are not your own or original.

Amazon label service offers an excellent choice for those looking to make their labels. You can choose from hundreds of different sizes and shapes of titles at a low cost.

Labels are an essential part of product packaging. They help you display information about your product and its origin and make it easier for customers to find them. Amazon label service can help you create high-quality labels suitable for all products, including food, cosmetics, and medicine.

  • Use existing barcode

The third option is to use the existing barcode. You can use a current label and print it out again on your printer or buy a new one from Amazon itself.

If you’re using an existing label and want to print it yourself, make sure that it has been designed for printing with laser printers (as opposed to inkjet). If not, there may be some issues with the text being too small or illegible when printed at home.

  • Custom-printed barcode

The most popular option for Amazon FBA labels is custom-printed barcode labels. This can be expensive, but this is the best option if you want to brand your products and have a professional look.

Custom-printed barcodes are more expensive than printing yourself because they require more time and effort from the printer that creates them. However, they also have higher quality than printing yourself because there are no mistakes when doing it this way.

Custom printed barcodes are perfect for branding products with logos or text that needs to stand out against other similar items on Amazon FBA like:

  • A symbol (logo-only.)
  • An image/photo of your product.
  • Text that describes what makes your product unique (text-only.)


Choosing the best Amazon FBA for your business takes time with all the available labels. Moreover, if you do not know how to do it, you can hire Urtasker. Our team will help you find the best labels for your Amazon FBA. So, instead of looking here and there, hire us now!


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