Tips to Start An Amazon FBA Business With Little Money

Zeeshan Riaz April 18, 2022

How to start an Amazon FBA business with little money

Did you know that it is virtually free to start a business on Amazon? You will learn how to start an Amazon FBA business with little money by reading this article. Additionally, we will cover every aspect of selling on Amazon without opening your wallet that you need to know.

how to start an amazon fba business with little money

Following that, you can start to invest a little more in your business once you have a grasp of how Amazon works.

Let’s get started with the guide to how to start an Amazon FBA business with little money:

What is the best way to start an Amazon FBA business without any money?

There are four simple steps to start an Amazon FBA business with little money. By following these steps, you will be able to earn a free Amazon business using FBA.  You should develop a business plan for Amazon FBA in order to get started  

  • Try to find something free to sell. There is a good chance that you have a large number of items lying around your home. Have you considered selling them on Amazon?
  • Make an account with Amazon for free. Amazon does not charge any fees for individual seller accounts. All you need to do is provide Amazon with a few details and your account will be set up.
  • Make your product available for free on Amazon. Many products are available on There is a good chance that whatever you are hoping to sell is already available on the site. You will simply have to add your name to the list of sellers who already offer the product.
  • Ship the product once it has been sold. All that remains is to deliver the product to the end-user once someone completes a purchase on Amazon.

How much does it cost to operate an Amazon FBA ecommerce business?

While ecommerce business at amazon FBA can be expensive, there are ways to do it for free (or for much less than you would imagine). The first thing you should take into account when starting out is the costs for your product and the fees you need to pay.

How much does Amazon charge?

When you start an Amazon FBA business with little money, fees could be an issue for you. You should be aware of two main fees:

  • It is Amazon’s commission (usually about 15% of the sale price) that determines referral fees.
  • You will pay $0.99 per item for individual per-item fees if you are not a professional seller. 

You will be charged both fees after the sale has been completed. For this reason, you will not be required to pay them upfront.

What free products can be sold on Amazon?

As a new seller, if you are looking to keep costs down, it’s best to sell used items around your house.

There are a number of things around your house that you can find used, including books, kitchen appliances, toys, and electronics. Listed on Amazon, these items can be easily sold almost immediately after they are listed if they are popular enough. Alternately, you can create your own products. Amazon Handmade and/or Merch by Amazon may be of interest to those with a knack for craft and design. 

Materials used in the creation of Handmade products comprise your product costs. In contrast, Merch does not require any upfront costs aside from your time. 

Does your product have the potential to sell on Amazon?

It is important to ensure that your product will sell before you list it on Amazon. The good news is, that Amazon has developed a way to make predictions as a way of “telling the future”. This is how they do it:

  • Look at the Best Sellers Rank (BSR) for the product

Almost all products in Amazon’s database of 166 million products receive a special rating, known as the Best Sellers Rank (BSR). Each product is assigned a BSR based on the category in which it is categorized.

In addition, the lower the BSR, the better the product will sell. As compared to a product with a BSR of 300,000, a product with a BSR of #1 is likely to sell thousands of units per month.

Make sure to check the product’s BSR when the product is sourced and listed. The BSR can be found in the Description field of the product listing page. In case it is low, you may be able to try to sell your product by adding your product to the listing.

  • Calculate your sales

It is possible to estimate sales of the products you desire using several third-party tools available on the Internet. 

  • Calculate the speed at which your product will sell

You can divide the average number of monthly sales you receive by 30 once you know your product’s BSR and average monthly sales.  Basically, what it tells us is how often the product gets sold on Amazon every day. 

It’s not unheard of to sell a product with a sales rate of 10 units a day (300 a month), so there’s a pretty good chance you’ll sell it the day you list it.

What is the process for listing a free product on Amazon?

Amazon is a website that offers almost every product anyone could possibly need. 

Unless you are selling something entirely new, such as an item you manufacture or a handmade product. If you want to list a product on Amazon, you just need to find the existing listing of the product you want to list.

This can be accomplished with the fastest method of going to Amazon, just as if you were shopping.

1. Visit the Amazon page for the product

You should enter the name of the product you wish to sell in the search bar. If the product is a book, you can enter the ISBN or the UPC by typing in a description. To locate the exact product that you wish to list, you may need to scroll through the search options.

2. Simply click the ‘Sell on Amazon’ button shown

You will see a gray button reading ‘Sell on Amazon’ once you have located your product on the right side of the screen.

3. Enter the information for your product

Following the click of the button on the Amazon webpage, you will be asked to enter the following information about your product:

  • Condition. An item that is brand new will be listed as New. To determine the condition of the used product you are selling, you should refer to Amazon’s condition guidelines.
  • Pricing. You are likely to want to offer the lowest price unless your product is in an improved condition. A price suggestion is usually provided by Amazon so that your price becomes the lowest possible.
  • Quantity. What are the numbers of copies you have for sale? This field can be left blank if you only have one copy for sale. The total should be entered otherwise.
  • Method of fulfillment. In what manner will you deliver the product once it has been sold? This can be accomplished in two ways as described below.

Once you have done that, click ‘Save and Finish.’ In about two hours, you will be able to see your product on the listing page of that product.

In the event that a product has sold on Amazon, how do I fulfill/ship the order?

Congratulations! You have successfully sold your product. What next? The time has come to ship.

There are a lot of ways to keep Amazon’s costs low even if you can’t actually “ship for free.”. 

The following tips may help:

1. Make use of your existing packing materials

Your house is probably filled with boxes, maybe even Amazon boxes. If the boxes are still in good condition, repurpose all the packing materials including air pillows, packing peanuts, and shredded paper that came with them. Ensure that the boxes are in good condition and do not have old labels on them. 

2. Offer portable and compact products

You will pay less shipping fees if you sell a smaller product. In particular, books and other media products are less expensive to ship. If your book weighs less than one pound, you can ship it for less than $3.00 using USPS Media Mail.

3. Consider using Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service

Were you aware that Amazon will hold your products on your behalf and ship them to your customers once they sell? The company does this as part of its eCommerce offering Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon

Furthermore, Amazon does this at a much lower cost than you would incur if you performed the same task yourself. The shipping charges are deducted from your funds just like a fee as if they were a processing fee. You can do this by having a shipping company ship your products directly to your customers for a fraction of the cost.

In order to run a successful Amazon FBA business, it is important to maintain product quality, customer service, and timely shipping. 


1. What type of business is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA sellers operate businesses that sell in Amazon’s store and outsource the management of their inventory to Amazon’s FBA programs.

For order fulfillment, Amazon warehouses receive products from sellers. They then store the inventory until the customer makes a purchase. The order is then picked, packed, and shipped by Amazon.

2. How to start a business with Amazon FBA?

Start an Amazon FBA business by following these five steps. 

  • Research niches and products
  • Create a seller account on Amazon
  • Locate a supplier
  • Choose Amazon FBA as the fulfillment method
  • Promoting your product 

3. What kind of business is Amazon FBA?

These sellers outsource their inventory management to Amazon’s fulfillment center. They are part of Amazon’s fulfillment center. Amazon ships products directly to its fulfillment centers, where the orders are processed. Amazon stores goods in its warehouses until the customer places an order. The order is picked up, packed, and shipped to the customer by Amazon after the customer places the order.

4. What is FBA Amazon business?

In the case of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), the service provides access to Amazon’s logistics network in order to help businesses grow. Amazon fulfillment centers receive products from businesses and when customers make a purchase, they are responsible for handling the receiving, packing, shipping and customer service related to these orders.


There you have it. Everything you need to know about how to start an Amazon FBA business without or with little money. You will not need to spend a penny in order to become a successful seller if you follow the steps above. Remember Amazon FBA is a slow process and you never get dream success overnight you have to earn it. If you still have any issues in understanding how to start an Amazon FBA business with little money tell us in the comment section. 

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