How to Find Products to Sell on Shopify?

Zeeshan Riaz February 7, 2022

Learn How to Find Products to Sell on Shopify

Creating an attractive website alone is not enough for an online store to succeed. Many qualities are important, such as a passion for craftsmanship, a keen eye for quality, and the ability to understand the market. The same thing goes for the Shopify store. Customers need to be able to buy products that they are interested in. That is why you must be well aware of how to find products to sell on Shopify?

how to find products to sell on shopifyEven if you have a lot of passion for your product, you won’t succeed without customer demand. Your target audience cannot be a single individual. The best way for you to make money is to sell a product you have a passion for and in high demand. What should you look for when choosing a product? This blog post will discuss what you should look for when selecting a product. Make sure to read it through from beginning to end.

7 best ways to find products to sell on Shopify:

If you want to know more about your fellow humans and future clients, there are tools you can use. It cannot be easy to find the right products that will capitalize on the current trends in the current market. Here’s how you can understand those potential clients.

Following are tips on How to find products to sell on Shopify. Knowing this will determine whether they buy from you.

1. Analyze search trends and keywords

Every second, Google searches millions of websites based on the varied phrases people type into its search field. This information gives Google a great deal of insight into the kinds of searches people engage in. The data is freely available on Google Trends. With Google Trends, you can enter a product idea and choose a period for data to show you how popular the product is (or isn’t).

Change the timeline to see your research in a longer or shorter time frame, and add other ideas to compare. The following sections show which regions are most popular and what related search queries are trending. Therefore, once you find the product you wish to sell, you will know what states you should target and what search terms you should use to optimize your SEO.

Keyword research can also be done with the help of SEO tools. You can find trending product topics by using tools found in SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz.  As well as that, you can find out what consumers are searching for by looking at some of the most searched-for questions.

2. How is crowdfunding done these days?

Visiting crowdfunding websites can be a great way to get a first-hand understanding of what customers care about. Imagine the cash they’re dumping on projects that may not ship for months.

Kickstarter is the biggest, of course. Click on Discover (upper left corner) and then Trending to learn what’s popular on Kickstarter. This will display the most popular projects. If you know what vertical your product is in, you can narrow it down by category.

Many of the most popular projects have already been funded (some have even exceeded their funding goals). Most Funded can also order the list or Most Backed to display the most popular or most backed projects throughout history (but those results may be dated).

3. Check out what is being sold on Amazon

In our opinion, one of the best places to obtain market awareness is Amazon. That’s because Amazon is the world’s largest online retailing system. They allow you to see which products are selling well easily. Check what is selling over Amazon, and you will get your answer to how to find products to sell on Shopify? You can find best-selling products by category by clicking the Best Sellers link in the navigation bar.

The following product lists are also accessible from here (by clicking along the top):

  • Movers & Shakers: The top gainers in sales rankings over the past 24 hours
  • Most Wished For: Items that are added to Wishlists and Register Records the most
  • Gift Ideas: The products most frequently ordered as gifts

4. Look for trends on eBay

There is also eBay, another huge marketplace. There are sellers from all over the world, and you can find just about anything. eBay has everything from boats to car parts to motorcycles. Shipping must be quite expensive. You can find out the most popular item in each of the major categories of the site by clicking on Shop by category next to the logo, then clicking All Categories.

The top products for each category can be found under the subcategories for each one. You can also see the top-performing topics for each category in the Popular Topics section.

5. Markets for wholesalers

Direct-to-consumer brands are everywhere these days, but products found on wholesale marketplaces can still be resold for a good amount of money. You can find trending products on Alibaba which are bought by businesses across the globe. It is one of the biggest B2B marketplaces out there. There is no question that it’s not the easiest site to navigate how to find products to sell on Shopify? Conversely, DHgate, Worldwide Brands, and SaleHoo rank highly among top wholesale marketplaces.

6. Associated products

You might find it useful to look at similar products on platforms like Amazon as you identify what you will sell. For instance, start a business selling custom bike seats and find that customers also want custom panniers to accompany their custom seats. These are some ways to find winning products to sell on Shopify. Try each method and see what you find and what works for you.

7. Market niches that are popular

To know why a product is likely to sell well, it is important to understand why it is selling well. Niche markets can help us understand this. This serves as a broader category to outline what you’re going to sell and what products you might pair with your main offering. Consumer trends can be predicted better and reacted to if you know the central reasons. Below are some current niche markets that are gaining popularity.

Best Products to Sell on Shopify:

Have trouble over selling products on Shopify? We have compiled a list of bestselling product categories for you.

1. Making a sustainable living choice

This demand for search terms has steadily increased in popularity, and companies have responded to it. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the effects of climate change are changing people’s consumption habits across the globe. As a result, one of the most important trends in this category is packaging materials that do not involve a lot of plastic.

2. Exercises you can do at home

Due to excessive time spent at home and concerns about the safety of gyms, home exercise equipment has become a big business. The fitness industry is estimated to be worth nearly $160 billion in 2021 is predicted to increase 172% to $435 billion by 2028. This is thanks largely to online and digital fitness companies. Fitness industry parts have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nowadays, there are several big brands making exercise equipment. For instance, Peloton has an extremely popular exercise bike. There is much more to come. Weight lifters will love Tonal’s weight lifting experience, while Mirror’s power workouts will help keep them in shape, boxers will love FightCamp, and climbers will love CLMBR. The treadmill has also gotten smarter.

3. Nutrition and fitness

It is impossible to predict how big nutrition markets will be, but they can rise quickly and die quickly, but there is no doubt about their potential, even for a short time.

Atkins’ diet was once very popular. It soon lost popularity as other diets claimed weight loss, happiness, and the war’s end.

After Atkin’s nutrition plan had fallen out of favor, the keto and paleo diets began gaining popularity. This enables sellers to figure out what new products to offer-from keto-friendly protein powders to paleo snack bars.

4. Work from home

Early in 2020, the concept of in-office work ceased to exist when the world came to an end. Several companies have responded to this phenomenon by allowing home offices and implementing asynchronous workflows via video conferencing, which allows face-to-face communication. As a result, there has been a boom in the B2C office equipment market.

5. Home automation

We all lead busy lives. Technology has developed to meet consumers’ growing demand for automation of daily routines. Technology companies have developed smart devices such as home security systems, lights that turn on and off based on rules, locks that prevent burglars from entering. Other products include monitoring your children’s sleeping habits and tracking your vitals.

6. Travel 

Over the years, many brands have emerged, helping tourists travel the world more easily. People are only becoming more interested in packing into flying metal tubes despite COVID having slowed travel significantly. Some products make packing easy, walking through airports comfortable, and getting through security checks quickly. Some products make sleeping easy.

Travel bags have become more compact with a greater number of specialized compartments. Pillows for your neck hold on tight to keep you comfortable until you’re ready to take a nap. Secure checks are easier and faster when you wear slip-on shoes and sweatpants.

Final Words

After researching many trending products and finding tools for analyzing your next big idea, it’s time to put the plan into action. The search for how to find products to sell on Shopify does not end here. We hope this list has guided you on how to find hot products to sell on Shopify and narrowed down choices for you. You’ll need a beautifully designed storefront to encourage customers to purchase in your Shopify store, no matter what products you decide to sell.

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