FBA New Selection Program: Everything You Need to Know About

Zeeshan Riaz January 28, 2022

What is FBA New Selection Program?

The Amazon New Selection Program is essentially a no-risk effort by Amazon to foster the growth of new products and/or encourage new sellers to get their products listed on the site.

fba new selection program


The following benefits will apply to your item if it’s new to Amazon:

  • Up to 50 units can be stored for free each month for 90 days
  • A 180-day grace period for removing any of the 50 units free of charge
  • You can return some items for free. Such as apparel, shoes, Handbags, Jewelry, and watches

This means that you can store your products for up to 90 days for free. New sellers will also receive free shipping credits up to $100 from Amazon’s partner carriers.

How Does the FBA New Selection Program Benefit You?

With Amazon FBA new selection program, sellers will be able to launch products more easily and at a lower price. THEREFORE, the FBA model allows both brands and sellers to introduce new products into the marketplace without incurring additional costs immediately.

Amazon handles customer service and returns orders, and a seller shouldn’t worry about those. It’s an excellent service that connects sellers to Amazon’s vast fulfillment and storage network. By outsourcing their recurring fulfillment operations, sellers can offer a better customer experience to their users and streamline their business activity. Amazon’s other services include storing, picking, packing, and shipping your orders.

Despite the benefits of Amazon FBA, the fees can continue to mount quickly, especially if you sell a lot of items. This can make inventories sit in storage for some time. The FBA New Selection Program can help alleviate this problem.

According to Amazon’s help page, here’s a list of all the benefits you’ll receive:

Thousands of new Amazon FBA ASINs

With the program, you may create an unlimited number of new-to-FBA parent ASINs with the fee waiver. You can launch up to 100 new products each month and all of them will qualify.

Standard-size ASINs are free to store and remove once a month

The first 50 units of each new ASIN will be free of storage fees for 90 days after the first unit is sent to the fulfillment center. Within 180 days of receiving your inventory, you may remove any 50 of those units without incurring any removal fees.

The Amazon FBA fee will apply to each unit after the first 50 are delivered.

Store and remove oversize ASINs for free every month. Storage fees for the first 30 parents’ ASINs will not be charged for 90 days following their arrival at the fulfillment center. Within 180 days after the first set of 30 units are received, they can be removed at no charge. Amazon’s usual FBA fees will apply to every unit sent after the first 30.

Apparel and shoes have additional benefits

The first 100 standard-size parent ASINs will not be charged a monthly storage fee for 120 days after receiving them at the fulfillment center. Within 180 days of your first inventory-received date, you are not charged for removing any of the first 100 units. In order to qualify for a refund, items must be received in the fulfillment center within 180 days of when they were first received. A fulfillment center must receive returned items within 180 days from the first date inventory is received.

For new FBA sellers only, receive $200 in promotional clicks through sponsored ads

As a new seller, you will be provided with $200 in sponsored ads, promotional clicks, and free campaign creation if you enroll in FBA New Selection. Upon enrolling and launching a campaign for an FBA ASIN with no end date, you’ll get a $100 promotional credit. The second $100 promo credit will be applied after you have advertised the FBA ASIN for at least 30 days. If you do not use your promotional clicks within 30 days, they will expire. A new ASIN does not need to be affiliated with FBA to qualify for this benefit.

Amazon sellers who are new to FBA can get a $100 discount on shipping

The first $100 for Amazon partnered carrier shipping will be waived for new FBA customers who enroll in FBA New Selection. This discount is available to ASINs that are not new to Amazon.

Requirements to be eligible for the New Selection Program for Amazon FBA

More than 680,000 New-to-FBA ASINS have been sent to fulfillment centers and qualified for this program, with 60,000 sellers currently enrolled. What’s the purpose of this? This is a program for new and existing professionals. New sellers are only eligible for a free $100 shipping credit through the fulfillment center when they open a professional seller’s account. Amazon is competing both to attract new sellers as well as to bring in new products for existing sellers.

People looking to launch new products or trying to expand their product lines will be happy to hear this news. You may even qualify for some savings if you use this program. The savings are small, but every little help, especially if you plan to launch many products this year.

Sellers new to FBA ASINs as well as professionals can apply and be accepted. Using the FBA product search tool, you can determine if a product or SKU is new to Amazon by searching the product. This tool has great value for wholesalers who want to sell their products on Amazon but may not know whether their product qualifies.

An ASIN’s eligibility does not depend on when it was created; instead, it depends on when it was first received. While you are still waiting for inventory to arrive at Amazon after creating an SKU for your new product, you may still be able to enroll in this program before the inventory arrives. Depending on your eligibility, you can use that SKU, plus any additional SKUs you plan to add.

Does IPI score matter to qualify for the new FBA selection program?

Your IPI score is also a requirement for this program. Ideally, you should have a score of 400 or higher. You would not qualify for the program if your IPI score was less than 400. As long as you sign up for a professional selling account, you can enroll in the program even if you don’t have an IPI score.

How Does Amazon’s New Selection Program Work?

You will need a Professional Seller account if you are a new seller, and it will cost you $39.99. Most sellers already pay that fee, so it shouldn’t make a difference.

The next step is enrolling in the FBA New Selection Program. You can convert existing FMB listings to FBA listings and sell them as FBA listings if you haven’t sold them already. When you list your products or switch existing listings to FBA, you need to have an IPI score of 400 or higher. If you have not listed before, you can either start over or switch to Amazon FBA.


What is the purpose of Amazon’s new selection program for FBA?

Amazon is being extremely generous by offering free benefits with its new products, but it is unclear why. Among the reasons could be:

  • In order to encourage sellers to use FBA, they want to offer incentives.
  • Sellers who send products into FBA through merchant-fulfilled shipping will be encouraged.
  • In order to prevent inventory from stagnating for new products and ensure a fresh selection of products, they are trying to eliminate the risk of stagnation for inventory.

Does the FBA New Selection Program Remove ASIN Limits?

People were excited when they read the following line when the FBA New Selection program was announced:

“Individuals enrolled in this program are eligible to register up to 500 new ASINs each year. On January 1 every year, the ASIN limit will start over.”

Make sure you read this carefully. The New Selection program will not remove ASIN limits. If you qualify for the FBA New Selection program, you will be able to add 500 new products.

What are the eligibility criteria to qualify for the Amazon cross-market selection expansion program?

Sellers must meet the following requirements to qualify for the new selection program.

  • An account as a professional seller is required. An individual account cannot be used.
  • Having an Inventory Performance Index (IPI) over 400 is required.
  • It is still possible to become an FBA seller without an IPI score if you are new to FBA.
  • Your IPI score must remain the same for you to continue receiving benefits from the program. Your eligibility will be terminated if it falls below 400.
  • For a new-to-FBA ASIN to qualify for the program, it has to be received at a fulfillment center on the date that you become eligible.

What are the procedures for enrolling in the New Selection Program?

You can easily join the program if you have a professional seller account. Simply click “Enroll now” on the FBA New Selection page to enroll in the program. To take advantage of the benefits of the program, you must upgrade your account.


There is no risk involved in Amazon’s FBA New Selection Program, so you should take advantage of it. Even if you don’t have any qualifying products, there are no fees or other downsides, so enrolling is a good idea.

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