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Ask any merchant with a storefront on Amazon, and they will tell you that the customer experience is paramount. You need to ensure that your customer gets a seamless and enjoyable shopping journey while they are on your brand’s page. So, when it comes to content marketing, brands have a lot of attractive opportunities, from blog posts, case studies, and customer testimonials, to videos and infographics. At the same time, some challenges occur when creating content for your brand’s website. One thing that I’ve noticed is that most brands create unique content that integrates into their website. This includes text, photos, and videos. So, if you also want to avail this feature, you can go with Amazon Enhance Brand Content. 


EBC is a new feature that allows brands to share information about their products in a similar format as reviews by other customers. Brands can create enticing content about their products, and once published, the content will be available for your customers to read through Amazon’s search and product recommendation engine.

Here is a complete guide to learning about this promotion tool and how it can help you to get maximum conversions. 

Amazon enhanced brand content.

Enhanced brand content is an effective way to improve the performance of your Amazon store. It’s a form of content that can be used to drive traffic with enhanced images and texts and is also known as A+ content to your product listing. Additionally, this feature also helps in answering the customer’s queries. Hence, it helps in making a maximum number of purchases of your products. Moreover, this feature is readily available to Amazon sellers and currently does not charge sellers. 

For instance

If a brand sells a chair table through sponsored ads, people want to buy it. So, the Amazon Enhance Brand Content EBC allows the seller to showcase their product’s maximum number of features. Like they will tell the buyer about its quality, durability, capacity, and other feature. Hence, this way, buyers are more likely to buy your product. In light of this, if you are a vendor, you should avail of this feature to enjoy the maximum conversions. 

Steps to add EBC content to Amazon

Create free Amazon enhance brand content to get rich product descriptions for your products. Publish your products on Amazon’s website and set up your brand registry by following these steps:

To add EBC content to Amazon, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon Seller Central account by visiting the Seller Central home page and clicking on My Account in the window’s upper-right corner. No matter which direction you choose, please note that no fees are associated with creating an individual seller account!
  2. Click on the advertising tab from the menu. 
  3. Now, click on start creating A+ content. 

So, once you complete the above steps, you can customize all the details for your product listing. Start all the detailing by writing a template name and selecting the language. You can choose any template for your listing. Once complete, click “Continue” at the bottom of the page. This step takes 10 minutes, so please wait patiently while completing it!

What conditions must be met for improved brand content?

Enhanced Brand Content is an outstanding new marketing opportunity for brands wanting to stand out from the noise and cut through the saturation of media on the internet today. As such, it does require a qualified applicant before going through with anything. Interested in getting started but unsure if you’re qualified? Here are the requirements that you need to fulfill: 


This tool is free for sellers, so you will not be charged any penny. You head to the advertisement section and select a brand enhancement tool from it. 

Submission process

Once you publish the details of your brand, so you may be asked to revise certain parts. However, given that it only requires two days to get your details processed. 

Brand content video 

Since EBC is used to make your product descriptions more unique, at this point, this tool does not provide video uploads. But it is anticipated that it may offer this feature in the future. 

Benefits of enhanced brand content:

There are many benefits you can get by using Amazon Enhance Brand Content (EBC) content. Some of them are listed below:   

Increase the conversion rate

We’ve seen merchants using unique content increase their conversion rate by 8-10% and their sales rise by 10-30%.

This gives consumers more information about what they’re buying with many benefits. Moreover, it allows them to learn about the product more easily. It is easier for them to navigate through all the different features in one place instead of having them scattered throughout the rest of your site or app.

Writes a bespoke content 

Enhanced Brand Content allows sellers to create bespoke content to help their customers find and buy their products. This can be anything from an instructional guide to a video on how to use a car, washing machine, or vacuum cleaner. It can also include more general information about your brand, such as its values and beliefs, history or mission statement, etc., depending on what you need for each product type/category/industry, etc.,

It helps in adding interactive tables.

Amazon A plus content options include images, interactive elements like accordions and tables, and text.

You can use these to enhance the look of your site’s Home Page by using image carousels or slideshows. You can also include an accordion widget that opens up when users click on a product in search results or another page with enhanced content.

If your website features videos that are relevant to the topic being discussed in your blog post (for example, if it’s about how to make homemade Pizza), then adding a video player will allow viewers who land on this page access to all of them. Moreover, always make sure that they are not too long.

Make Your Customers Feel Special 

When customers come across your brand, they are looking for certain things. First, they want to feel like they are being acknowledged and appreciated, which will make them feel special. Brand content allows you to do this by giving rich content highlighting your business’s unique traits. They will feel appreciated as clients as a result, which will keep them coming back again and again.

Create Conflict 

You can use brand keywords within articles and other forms of content to create conflict between two or more brands or products that would otherwise compete against each other in the marketplace. This creates more options for customers who may not have considered buying from one particular company before because it gives them another reason to purchase from you instead of from another competitor in their mind.

Increase Organic Traffic

A great way to increase organic traffic is by creating compelling new content regularly about topics related to your industry. So, you can avail of this feature to create enticing content. 

Be the vendor or manufacturer of it.

To use enhanced brand content, you need to have your product and be the vendor or manufacturer of it. However, if you are a third-party seller, such as an individual or retailer who is not directly involved with creating or selling the product, then Amazon cannot provide you with this service.

Add detailed descriptions of your Amazon listings. 

Amazon’s enhanced brand content is a great way to stand out from the competition. It’s available to all sellers on Amazon and can be added immediately with just a few clicks of your mouse.

  • Product features are displayed above the product image in one or more lines, depending on how many lines you choose to display. There is a 5,000-character limit for the description, and it may include pictures, videos, and other media content (such as 360-degree virtual tours).
  • Rich media descriptions are shown below text links that allow customers with visual impairments or who use screen readers to explore products using related products instead of direct links like “Buy now.”

Brand content on Amazon 

Brand Content on Amazon is the content you produce and publish on your website, social media channels, blogs, and other digital properties.

The types of brand content on Amazon include:

Product descriptions. These include product details like images, prices, specifications, and bullet points of what makes your product special.

Reviews and ratings. You can create user-generated reviews and ratings for products on Amazon. Reviews are a terrific approach to gaining clients’ trust by looking at your products before buying them.

Customer reviews. Customer testimonials are a great approach to developing trust with customers looking at your products before buying them. They can also be used as keyword research for your store’s SEO strategy.

Product listings & images. You can submit photographs of your goods in high resolution and display them in various ways using the product listing feature on Amazon. Pictures help promote your brand by making it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for when browsing your store’s pages.


In short, Amazon’s enhanced brand content program is another tool in Amazon’s arsenal that helps you better connect with customers. For example, if a customer enjoys a particular product detail page (the product, brand, and price), they can “enhance” it with additional information about the product. For instance, availability, customer reviews, editorial content from other sites (like this one), the user’s reviews and ratings if they are logged into their Amazon account, and so on. Moreover, this tool can help Amazon shoppers who want to go beyond just finding products but want to find products that meet more of their needs. 


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