How do I create Amazon Product Landing Page?


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The Amazon product landing page is a complete page that helps promote and sell a particular product. It has all the buttons, forms, and content that helps convert more visitors into customers. In addition, this page will allow visitors to get more information about your products quickly. Thus, it helps them to make the purchase immediately without hesitation, without even clicking on video or image links, etc.


In addition to this, if you want to earn money through Amazon, so you can start making a landing page. Affiliate marketing is the one for successful affiliate programs on the internet. It allows merchants to earn commission on sales made by their customers. To find out how simple it is to get started with this type of marketing, check out our guide on building a landing page in minutes!

What does an Amazon product landing page mean? 

 A landing page is a web page created to capture leads for a specific purpose. It is often referred to as an “offer” since it can offer something in exchange for the visitor’s email address.

A landing page can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Promotion and awareness – When promoting a new product or service, creating an effective landing page that clearly shows what you’re offering and why your target audience should purchase from you instead of competitors is essential.
  2. Offer and incentive – Landing pages can also be used as an incentive or reward to encourage visitors to complete specific actions. For instance, signing up for an email list or downloading an eBook or whitepaper on a topic they are interested in.
  3. Social proof – If you’re trying to convince people that your product is superior based on what others have said about it. Then you can create a landing page with testimonials from other customers that will show visitors that others have experienced success using your product, so they too will increase their chances of success by giving it a try themselves! It is one of the best ways to make your customers believe in you. Therefore, you should not forget to include such a point. 

Create your landing page

If you want to make your landing page, there are several ways to avail. So, here are some of the points that would help you in creating your landing page.

Avail different templates 

There are plenty of free landing page software providers that offer different templates. In addition, you can use a landing page builder to create your custom-made template and then use it on Amazon or another site where you want to sell your products. So, check out google and select the best one that suits your needs. 

Use WordPress 

Another method of developing a landing page is through WordPress. It allows many features to help you create a customized landing page. First, let’s build a basic landing page in WordPress.

  • Import the images that you want to use for your product.
  • Create a new WordPress site using the “Import” option, then choose “All Files from Web”:
  • Name your site and enter up to four characters for its URL (for example, “Amazon product page”). This can be different from other URLs on your site if you want it to be unique. Moreover, you also need to add an address bar at the top of each page so visitors can easily find it when they visit again after clicking through their purchase button or signup form!

Landing page with Landing Cube’

If you dislike creating your landing page through WordPress, you can also use Landingcube. It is another way to create a fully customized landing page for your products. Though building a landing page with Landingcube can be a complex task. So if you feel overwhelmed or confused by the process, don’t worry! We’re here to help. As you know, building a landing page is not as simple as it seems. There are plenty of factors that you need to consider and optimize your website for maximum conversions.

The initial action you must take is to understand the different types of traffic that you are targeting. Then, you can choose between targeted traffic (people interested in what you offer) and untargeted traffic (people who aren’t). If your website doesn’t have enough organic traffic or is not converting well, it might be time to move on and pay attention to other advertising forms. Here is the guide to creating your landing page through it: 

Let’s get started and see how easy it is:

  • Import your product details 

To import your product details, go to the Product page and click on the “Import” button. Moreover, you can also copy and paste thing things. For example, copy the URL of your product listing and paste it into the provided field. 

  • Enter your promotional deals 

Once you have imported your product details, go to the Promotion page and enter your promotion details here. At this step, you must enter your campaign’s name, pricing, etc. Make sure that all the fields are filled out correctly; otherwise, you won’t be able to publish your promotion successfully. 

  • Customize your page design 

If you want to customize your design further, choose one of their template designs from there (we have over 100 templates in total). If you continue to desire more power over your design, select the Custom Design option. This will give you access to all the rules necessary for customizing your plan according to what works best for both you and your target audience. So, set the headline, product description, images, and each part of your page, etc. 

  • Set the backend settings

Once you have finished altering the design, make sure to set all the backend settings. For instance, you have to do the email integration, a follow-up email for reviews and set up at least two URLs for targetting the specific keywords. 

  • Upload unique promo codes

This is going to be the last step for your landing page. So, at this step, you must add the unique promo codes and set the URL for them. Lastly, you have to press on publish. 

Convert your visitors into buyers.

The primary purpose of the Amazon product landing page is to convert your visitors into buyers. Therefore, the goal of this type of landing page is not necessary to create awareness, but rather, it’s meant to encourage visitors to take action. Moreover, this page should meet the user’s expectations and provide value in return for their time and attention (for example, by providing helpful information). Here are other more tips to make conversions through your landing page:  

  • Present a satisfying offer

The landing page is your company’s initial impression audience has about your brand. So, you must make an excellent impression because if they leave your website without buying anything, they will never return. Consequently, it is crucial to maximize your landing page so that it converts into sales. You should offer an enticing offer to customers, so they would not leave your site without buying. Then, you can check your competitors and make the best offer for your customers. Moreover, it can also be done by providing straightforward answers to their questions or giving them what they need.

  • Scarcity features 

If you have something people want but don’t have enough of, then use scarcity features (such as limited edition products) to drive traffic from search engines and social networks where people share information about products and services. It usually plays with the customer’s psyche since you are telling them that only two pieces are left, etc., so, this way, they would like to buy it as they do not want to miss the chance. 

  • Call to action 

Make sure visitors come to your landing page and there is a prominent call to action for them to buy from you once they arrive at the page. For example, “buy now” or “shop now.” You can also add a button redirecting people to the Amazon landing page. Ensure no elements on your landing page will distract them from buying your product, and ensure it’s in line with user expectations. Provide value upfront, so they don’t have to scroll through too much content before finding what they’re looking for!

  • Branding: 

Use imagery consistent with your brand identity and color palettes that complement each other, as it is another best way to attract customers. 

  • Images/videos:

Use high-quality images of your product in action or use infographics or videos that showcase the benefits of using your product. The idea is a vital part of the Landing Page. It should be high quality, and it needs to be relevant to the product you are promoting. For example, if you are selling a book on becoming a fashion designer, your image should not include clothing or accessories. Instead, use an image that shows off your skills as a designer (such as sketches). Also, make sure that the image size is correct! There should be no image that is smaller than 300 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall (or any other dimension).

  • Easy to navigate 

The page ought to be simple to use, so users can easily find what they want. It means the page should not have unnecessary links as they will distract the user from buying your product. It should also be concise and to the point, with no excessive space-wasting content like images, videos, etc. And finally, ensure there are no elements on your landing page that would attract unwanted attention or attention away from buying your product (e.g., pop-up ads).

  • Make sure there isn’t any clutter on the page. 

If too many links are on one page, people won’t click through all of them quickly enough, which means less traffic overall!

Track your page performance 

One of the most popular affiliate schemes is the one for Amazon’s online marketing platforms. It allows you to promote products on your website or blog and earn money for each sale made by your visitors. You can also use this platform to track the performance of each campaign using their tools and report it to them in real time so they know exactly how much profit has been generated from each product promotion campaign.

Things required for landing page 

To create an Amazon Product Landing Page, you need:

  • An existing website where visitors will land after clicking through from another page (e-commerce store)
  • An ad format that displays large images with text underneath them.

Amazon product landing page

Amazon is a giant online store with a variety of products. They have their website and also sell products through other retailers.

Amazon has a landing page for each product but does not have one for its homepage. It doesn’t even have a home page. Their homepage is just the search box at the top right of your screen on the main page.


In short, the above techniques will help you create your Amazon product landing page. Moreover, the tips will also help give you more leads and boost sales of your Amazon Products. Since the Landing page is the first page, people see it when they visit a website for the first time. So, it has got to be designed in such a way that it attracts the maximum attention of visitors. 


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