A Complete Guide To Product Listing Ads On Amazon


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Do you want to know about product listings? If you’re an Amazon seller, you know that product listing ads on Amazon are a crucial part of running your business. Whether you want to sell products online or in-store, having a reliable way to advertise them is critical for success. That’s why I’m going to walk through how listing ads work and how they can help boost sales for your brand!

A Complete Guide To Product Listing Ads On Amazon

What is a Product Listing Ad?

A Product Listing Ad is a way for sellers to promote their products on Amazon. It’s an ad on Amazon when customers search for a particular product or keyword. The ads can be shown on the website, in mobile apps, and via email to customers who have shown interest in your brand.

What is an Amazon listing?

The product listing is a page that shows the product description, images, and customer reviews. It’s also where customers can find information about your product.

The first thing to do when creating an Amazon Listing is to choose the category. The category is an integral part of starting a business. You’ll then need to select from one of three options: “Brand New,” “Used,” or “Refurbished.”

Once you’ve made these selections and chosen whether any filters should be applied (such as price), click ‘Create my listing.’

What must an Amazon seller do for the new product’s item description?

The product description is the first thing customers will see when they land on your page. Therefore, it should be written in a way that is attractive to the customer. Always explain the product’s features, benefits, and uses.

Writing only a little about your brand or company is essential, as this can make it look like you need to try harder to get them interested in buying from you. Instead, focus on what makes your brand unique compared to other Amazon sellers. For example, if only two sellers sell similar products, highlight those differences. Then, you can explain why customers should buy from you instead of one of those sellers.

How to list products on Amazon?

To start Amazon product listing ads, you must create a seller account. You can do this by going to Amazon Seller Central (you may need to create an account). Once you are on the new page, click “Start Selling.” So, follow their instructions on completing this process quickly with just one click!

After creating your Seller Account, it is time to list products for sale on Amazon! So, you got to know the importance of product listing ads management! But If you do not know how to do it yourself, do not worry! Our experts will write the most compelling listings. These will help you in the most significant traffic.

How do listing ads work?

Listing ads are a great way to drive traffic to your product page. They are a fantastic method to get your products in front of potential buyers. It can help increase sales.

If you’ve ever tried selling something online and couldn’t get the traffic necessary for it, this is what we mean by “driving traffic.” If someone is looking for something specific on Amazon (like toothpaste), they’ll check out all their options before deciding. Using product listing ads on Amazon can get more visibility. But you should always keep the prices low enough so that people will be interested in buying from you!

Use Keywords

  • Keywords are used to find products on Amazon.
  • They’re also used to find listing ads (PLAs).
  • You want your PLCs to be as relevant and competitive as possible so that you can drive sales from them.
  • High-resolution images are essential. It is because they help people understand what your products look like and how they work. For example, suppose a person needs help to see how it works or how it’s different from other products in its category. They will always look up the images and product listings in that case. Thus, it is important to write the best product listings.

High-Resolution Images

An image’s resolution is the second most crucial thing you must consider. It means the photo has many pixels, making it look sharper and more detailed. Therefore, you should always avoid lower-resolution picture would. It’s also essential that your images show off your product in use. This way, you want them to be straightforward for customers who may need to become more familiar with the product or brand name.

Another thing about high-resolution photos? They need good lighting! If there’s even one spot where the light isn’t bright enough on the image (like behind someone’s head), it can make people question. Thus, always choose the right pictures for your products. Moreover, you can hand it to our team if you do not know where to start. We know to attract customers with the best images.

Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC is an excellent way to present your products to potential customers. Additionally, it’s a great way to gauge your product listing and see any demand before spending money on production. PPC ads are more expensive than Google ads. But they can effectively drive traffic back to your site or landing page. Especially if the ad fits with what people are looking for on Amazon.

Pricing your products

Pricing the products is another critical factor that you need to consider. You should always make sure you are pricing the products rightly. It means you never have to price your item too high or too low. Since people always like to buy an item that is on their budget. So, always ensure you have chosen a suitable pricing scheme for your product.

How to Optimize your listing?

The title is the first thing people see and decide whether or not they will click through. Therefore, the title should be relevant to the product. It must include keywords relevant to your niche.

The description is where you can go into more detail about what makes this product unique. For instance, how it solves a problem or fills a space in your life, etc. This section should be brief, as Amazon limits the number of characters allowed here. Listing images and videos can also help with increasing CTRs. It shows people what they’re buying before making a purchase decision!

Title & Description

The title and description are the first things people see when they search for your product, so they must be clear and concise.

You want to make sure that your title is unique. If you already use the same keyword in another listing or category, you’ll be penalized by Amazon’s algorithm if a customer searches for both of them at once. And remember: don’t use any spaces between words unless necessary!

Finally, ensure that each part of your description contains relevant information about what is being sold on Amazon (e-books vs. physical copies; two different versions of an item).

3 Steps To Make Your Title Eye-Catching & Optimised

  • Provide a short, compelling title.
  • Use relevant keywords in your title.
  • Use the most important keywords that target your audience and product without being too “over-optimized.”

If you require assistance with inspiration for titles, try using Amazon’s keyword suggestion. You can also use it to see which keywords have been searched for recently by customers who purchased items similar to yours (but not necessarily exactly like yours). Finally, you can hire us if you need help figuring out where to start. We will do all of the stuff for you! 

Step 1: Brainstorm Keywords 

To brainstorm keywords, first, you need to identify the main keywords that describe your product.

To do this, you’ll need a keyword tool that can help you find related keywords. For example, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner or WordStream’s Keyword Tool (free). Once you’ve seen these related keywords, consider what other products are being sold on Amazon with similar descriptions and pricing as yours—this will give you an idea of how competitive the market is for these terms.

Step 2: Narrow Down Your List 

The following step is to focus your search list of keywords. You can do this by using a keyword tool and looking at the most searched, least searched, most expensive, and least costly keywords.

Step 3: Write Your Title

Now that you’ve created your product listing ad, it’s time to write the title. The title should be short and descriptive, including keywords relevant to your product. If someone were searching for a specific item on Amazon using those keywords, they’d see your ad first—and if they clicked through to buy from you instead of another seller, great!

You don’t have to include any unnecessary words in your title; just make sure it’s clear what kind of item you’re selling (e.g., “Superhero figurine” vs. “Funko Pop Vinyl Batman Movie Detective Figurine”). Also, try not using numbers or symbols in titles because these can confuse users who might click on one result over another without realizing it’s a different type of product altogether (e.g., “$49” vs. “99”). Finally, avoid using model numbers like this.

Why is it essential to list competitively priced products on Amazon?

You have a wide range of options for listing your product on Amazon. You can choose from different categories, including

  • Books and eBooks.
  • Home & Garden (examples include household products, patio furniture, and gardening tools).
  • Toys & Games (examples include action figures, board games, and puzzles).

However, the most important thing you need to do when listing competitively priced products is to be competitive in pricing. Your customers will appreciate it if they feel they are getting good value for their money.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that Amazon is becoming more competitive every year as more sellers join its platform and compete for traffic through advertising campaigns such as this one! So even though we’re seeing high demand for specific items at certain times of day or week, feel free to lower your price just because someone else has already done so!

Ideas for capturing your product in high-quality photographs

  • Use a camera.
  • Use a tripod.
  • Use a lighting kit.
  • Get some white background behind your product, like an old t-shirt or similar material, that will provide some contrast to make it stand out from the rest of the picture, but not too much (if you’re using natural light).
  • Take photos at different angles so viewers can see how they would fit onto their shelf or countertop if they weren’t displayed in front of them in person!

How do I run a product listing ad?

To create a product listing ad, you first need to approach product listing ad management on Amazon. Then choose your category and add images of your product(s). Next, add text describing why people should buy your products and set a budget for the campaign. Next, select when you want this campaign to run (up to four per week), and start advertising!

Moreover, you can hire us if you need to know where to start. We have an expert team to make the best product listing ads for you.


In short, product listing ads are the most crucial part for sellers. But, before investing in advertising campaigns, you must take time to understand the process and how it works. They also take some order processing time to complete their orders. So, if you hand it to us, you will never get a problem. We have an expert team to make the best product listing ads for you. So, from writing the listings to adding the images, Urtasker will do all for you!



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