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Amazon is a great place to find deals on everything from books to electronics. But what happens when you want to buy something from Amazon? For example, if you’re looking for a certain kind of book that only comes out every few years, you might be disappointed if it isn’t listed as a lightning deal. In this post, we’ll explain what lightning deals are and how do Amazon lightning deals work so that you can decide whether or not they’re suitable for your needs!

What are lightning deals?

Lightning deals are an Amazon Prime member benefit that allows you to buy items at a discount. Amazon will notify you when they’re releasing new lightning deals and how long they will be on sale. You can also browse through the Lightning Deals page, where you’ll see all the latest offers from your favorite brands at discounted prices!

Moreover, these deals may not seem like much. Still, they’re pretty valuable if you take advantage of them regularly—and even more so if you have an Amazon Prime membership (which gives access to other benefits). 

How do Amazon lightning deals work?

How do Amazon lightning deals work? Lightning deals are limited-time offers. They have a set beginning and ending time, which varies by the deal. These deals are highlighted with a lightning bolt symbol on the Amazon homepage and in search results and product pages.

If you want access to these lightning deal offers, first, you need an Amazon account—but only if you’re eligible! So, if you want to qualify for lightning deals (and other promotions), customers must have an active Prime membership or be enrolled in one of Amazon’s student-focused benefits programs. 

Easy steps to create your Amazon lightning deal 

If you make a mind for Lightning Deal and want to know how do Amazon lightning deals work, you must have an Amazon Seller Central account. Moreover, you can create your account and register for free. So, here are the steps that you can follow to make a lightning deal.

There are three steps to making a Lightning Deal:

  • Pick a suitable item from your stock.
  • Based on the available options, choose the time frame for your Lightning Deal.
  • Put a discount on the price per unit and the quantity.

How to find and purchase lightning deals?

If you want to find and purchase lightning deals, you can browse the categories on Amazon or search for specific products. Moreover, if you also want to check out when they will last, you can click on “Product Details” in your shopping cart. Additionally, if you have never registered with Amazon Prime, sign up here before buying lightning deals!

Difference between a lightning deal and a 7-day deal

Lightning deals are very similar to 7-day sales. They are short-term promotions that offer a discounted price on an item. Amazon has a variety of lightning deals for different categories, such as electronics, clothing, toys, and more. The only thing that separates these two kinds of sales is that lightning deals are usually only accessible for a brief period, typically around 24 hours from the time they go live. So if you miss the lightning deal window, you won’t be able to purchase the item at that discounted price.

On the other hand, 7-day deals are longer-term promotions that have been available for several weeks at a time. These promotions typically offer discounts on items that have been hot sellers for their category or brand.

Are lightning deals worth it?

Yes, these deals are worth buying as they are the best way to save money. In addition, they can offer 50% or more discounts, so if you’re planning on buying something and don’t want to wait for the next sale, it’s worth checking out these offers.

Lightning Deals are limited to time and available only in certain countries (or regions), so they won’t last forever. You have just 24 hours from when the deal is posted until midnight on that day—and then another 24 hours after that until midnight again two days later! So if you want the best deal possible, act fast!

It’s also important to remember that not all Lightning Deals are created equal; some will give you more cashback than others, depending on how much your purchase is discounted at checkout. For example, this means that instead of saving $10 off an item with a 10% discount code applied against it before shipping costs were added in, maybe this one gives me 15%.

How do I use Lightning Deals on Amazon?

When you find a Lightning Deal you want to purchase from discounted Amazon, click the lightning bolt icon. This will bring up a list of other available Deals. You can also filter by category or price to narrow down your search.

Additionally, you can look for particular things by brand name, category, or item number. For example, if you know that the Echo Dot you want is in stock at Amazon, but it’s currently on sale for $40 instead of $50, you can search for “Echo Dot” and see if there are any Lightning Deals available for it at that price.

Save money on your favorite things.

The fantastic Amazon Lightning Deals allow you to save money on your favorite things. They’re usually only available for a limited time, but they’re worth checking out if you’ve been searching for a good discount on a product.

These Deals are discounted items that can be purchased at an even lower price than usual to make room for other deals and sales. Moreover, they often have limited quantities and last only 24 hours before disappearing forever! So if you see something interesting, act fast because these deals won’t last forever!

100% claimed the lightning deal 

Lightning offers are excellent for great discounts, but they can be hard to understand.

Amazon Lightning Deals are lightning-fast sales that can be redeemed on Amazon.com. When a deal is claimed, it’s removed from the deals list and replaced with an updated deal at a later date.

The process of claiming a lightning deal works like this:

  1. The lightning deal is posted on Amazon’s home page, and all eligible lightning deals are listed in chronological order below it on the home page.
  2. Customers who want to take advantage of the discount must click through to view and purchase the item directly from Amazon within 24 hours of when the lightning deal was posted and before it expires (if applicable).
  3. Once customers click through to purchase an item, a notification appears in their account activity dashboard, informing them that they have been added as a “claiming customer” for that item. This means that when Amazon posts another lightning deal for that item within 24 hours of when the initial one was published, their name will be prefilled into their account activity dashboard automatically. So customers can see what’s available before making their purchase decision again if necessary – even if they’re already logged in at all times (but not necessarily active).

Eligibility criteria for Amazon lightning deal:

Most vendors can access these deals in general. However, these deals might not be available in some categories, including alcoholic beverages. Additionally, the values do not apply to used goods. So, for eligibility, a few requirements must be satisfied. Vendors must:

  • Have a minimum 3.5-star rating overall for the seller
  • Create five seller reviews each month.
  • Be a professional seller rather than an independent one.

Along with the above prerequisites, you must ensure that the campaigns you design for the same product do not overlap. You cannot apply for the deals if you do not meet the requirements. Amazon occasionally increases the minimum order quantity, so it’s best to keep an eye on this. When you’re creating your campaign, don’t end up with too many items in stock at once. Hence, this way, you get rejected due to exceeding your inventory limit (usually very high).

Benefits of lightening deals

The benefits are that it helps you save money and time, especially when buying things at Amazon.com. This is because you don’t have to pay for shipping or handling costs when you use the coupon codes. The coupons are also valid for multiple purchases, so if you make several purchases using the coupon code, the total will be lower than what it would have been without the coupon.

The other benefit of this Amazon warehouse deal is that it allows you to get great deals on items. By using a coupon code on an item, you can get it at a discounted price. Also, if any sales are happening in your area, then using these coupons will help you get more deals on items you’re interested in buying.


In short, Lightning deals are a tremendous discounting technique to use on Amazon. It is an excellent way to increase sales velocity as a seller, but it must be used carefully. So, if you want to avail them, you must know how do Amazon lightning deals work as Amazon is meant to promote and sell products. Therefore, it can bring in new customers for some businesses but also turns them away from others. We hope you enjoyed this article’s pros and cons of lightning deals. 


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