Does Amazon SEO Services Help to Increase Sales?

Zeeshan Riaz September 16, 2022

Currently, you can see numerous online brands trying to improve the quality and quantity of their website traffic from search engines through a technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Similarly, the leading e-commerce platform, Amazon, allows different brands to improve their visibility through Amazon SEO services.

People searching for products on Amazon can only find your products if their search queries match your keywords. It’s a significant challenge to use those keywords that your targeted audience is searching to find a similar product to yours.

The vital factor is that the Amazon A9 algorithm promotes products based on performance and relevance. Performance highlights your product selling volume, and relevance is linked with the matching of keywords with the search query.

If you have done a very effective Amazon SEO of your listed products, there is a high probability of your products appearing on the top search pages of Amazon. Resultantly, it will increase your sales.

If you have Amazon SEO knowledge and hold expertise in this area, you can practice it yourself. In other cases, a renowned Amazon SEO agency will help you in promoting the best Amazon SEO practices for your Amazon business.

Amazon SEO services

Why Is Amazon SEO Important?

Amazon SEO services allow your products to rank higher in product searches on Amazon. If you want to know why it’s crucial for your business, let me share with you some influential statistics.

The figure above shows that in May 2022, 2.4 billion people visited Amazon through combined desktop and mobile phones worldwide. If we take the average value of Amazon visitors from Dec 2021 to May 2022, then approximately 2.48 billion people visited Amazon within these timelines.

Currently, Amazon is the most visited e-commerce platform in the United States. So now you can witness the importance of your product appearing in top search results and the volume of sales you can get from such a large number of visitors.

If you are working with an Amazon seo services agency, they will help you in:

  • Enhancing products visibility
  • Driving more traffic on your product listings
  • Triggering high conversion rates
  • Increasing sales growth

How Amazon Amazon SEO Services Works?

Let’s explore how Amazon search engine optimization works.

  • Amazon search box

At the top of the Amazon homepage, shoppers can type their search phrases in the search box to look for their desired products. You can also click on the “All” icon in the search box to look at products related to a specific department. Shoppers also have the option to look for products after typing general keywords. Amazon will show you the most relevant results depending on your search queries.

  • Search Filters

Amazon customers can use multiple filters to list their search results in a particular order, including:

  • Department
  • Customer reviews
  • Bestsellers
  • High or low price
  • And many more
  • Search results page

The fundamental factors that help determine search results are:

  • Products titles
  • Descriptions of these products
  • Image optimization
  • Product Features
  • Competitive Pricing

Amazon SEO agency will improve each of the above-listed factors through their Amazon SEO services and boost your rankings in Amazon search results.

If you have a Professional Amazon seller account enrolled in the Amazon Brand registry, you can use Sponsored products to promote your product listings. You can see ads on the page of shopping results and product detail pages.

Amazon matches the ads to shopping queries so people with high intent of shopping can see your products at the top of search results.

  • Sales rank

Amazon provides all sellers with a rating based on seller performance. These performance measure indicators include account health, product reviews, prices, etc. Higher ranking illustrates your big selling potential.

Ways to Improve Amazon SEO

If you want to appear in the top search results of Amazon, opting for Amazon SEO best practices is essential. It will enable you to reach a relevant and potential audience.

  • Conducting keyword research

You know about the keyword research method if you have done Amazon SEO. Amazon SEO is somehow similar to traditional SEO, but it’s more buyer-focused.

Focus on long-tail keywords that contain three or more words. Most of the people looking for products on Amazon use long tail keywords in the search box.

Don’t include any irrelevant keywords that can distort your Amazon SEO. Different tools can help to improve your Amazon SEO campaign.

  • Managing reviews

Reviews play a vital role in business success. People can instantly make their purchasing decision based on your product reviews. Therefore, managing your reviews is crucial to improving Amazon’s SEO campaign.

The products shown in the top search results have four or more stars. It is because people are enjoying to consume their products. Encourage your customers to leave a review of your products.

Amazon business owners might receive negative feedback from customers. Always respond to these negative reviews and manage them. If you are responding to negative reviews extraordinarily and resolving their problems, it can leave a positive impression in customers’ minds. Resultantly, they will prefer to buy products from your store, improve ranking, and increase sales.

  • Title optimization

Title format plays a significant role in appearing in top search results. You should include vital elements in the product’s title. You can follow the general structure:

  • Brand
  • Feature
  • Material
  • Key ingredients
  • Product Type
  • Model number
  • Size
  • Package count
  • Color
  • Flavor

A few categories might not be relevant to your product type, but you must use the ones that relate. The order of your product title impacts the ranking of your product. Hence, following the proper order is essential.

  • Following image guidelines

Product images play a central role in triggering the purchasing intention of buyers. It is because people observe products from different angles to boost their satisfaction.

Amazon allows users to see images from different angles and provides a zoom feature. Optimized images can boost the confidence of consumers to buy your products. Follow the Amazon product image requirement guideline to perform better.

  • Competitive Pricing

Price is one of the crucial factors that consumers value. They want to get the best product with the least money. Analyze the prices of your competitors. If you are selling your product at 50 dollars and your competitor is selling the same at 20 dollars, there is no way consumers will prefer your product. The rankings are also negatively impacted by offering high prices.

After analyzing your competitor’s pricing, adjust your product prices accordingly to meet the competition. Different tools can automate your pricing feature based on competition.

Hence, the value of Amazon seo services cannot be neglected, and it’s a powerful catalyst to increase your Amazon sales. If you don’t have time to do this complex and technical task of Amazon SEO, you can outsource this from a responsible and authentic Amazon seoservices agency.

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