How do you become a Walmart seller?

Zeeshan Riaz January 2, 2022

How do you become a Walmart seller? Detailed Guide

Walmart Marketplace is exceptionally selective, whereas platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay are reasonably easy to get started on for novices and experienced entrepreneurs. So, the question is, How do you become a Walmart seller successfully?

When people ask us ‘How do you become a Walmart seller’, we answer them one of the basic requirements for approval: previous eCommerce experience, fast delivery, and excellent customer service. However, it would help if you didn’t rush into it.

You must demonstrate that your reliabilWalmart thoroughly reviews every application Walmart reviews every application. They will not hesitate to hold you up if anything looks amiss or if you lack certain documents.

If you wonder what Walmart looks for when it approves products to sell on its Marketplace, at these requirements? Read this post till the end. In this post, we will go over all the important criteria and provide little-known tips and tricks about how to become a Read this post till the end—Walmart seller by following the proper guidelines.

become a walmart sellerHow does Walmart decide whether to approve your application?

It’s crucial to know what causes the most delays during the Walmart Marketplace application process. Walmart will either ask you to provide the necessary documentation or reject your application if one or more requirements are not met.

There are several reasons why people today get denied:

  • Business or tax documentation that is inconsistent
  • Experience with e-commerce is lacking
  • Non-compliance with customer service requirements
  • The products are overpriced
  • Stocks in the warehouse contain prohibited products
  • Not being able to fulfil orders as quickly as necessary

Now let’s examine a few of these elements and what you should do to meet Walmart’s requirements.

How to meet the needs of Walmart Marketplace

Read this step to step guide on how do you become a Walmart seller:

1. You Should Have Experience in Ecommerce

There are hundreds of online marketplaces, but Amazon and eBay are the most popular. The Walmart Marketplace is looking for seasoned, professional eCommerce sellers. You are asked how long you have been selling on the application and on what platforms you have. Instead of lace on your success over the years, a great deal rather than your experience you have.

Walmart will also consider your customers’ satisfaction with their purchases and the level of service they received. If Walmart Marketplace is the first online platform you intend to sell, your application should be taken off hold. Ensure your branded site generates a good, steady volume of sales before turning your attention back to eBay or Amazon.

Walmart does not impose an exact requirement regarding business size and gross merchandise value (GMV), but we’ve commonly noticed that those with sales of at least $500k seem to succeed the most.

You should remind customers to leave feedback and ratings after each purchase, as you’re priming the pump by selling on other channels. You’ll be able to gain Walmart’s trust quicker if you have more authentic reviews (hopefully all positive).

This is the primary aspect you must consider while learning how to become a Walmart seller. Overall, you have to prove you understand the basics of eCommerce and can sell on Walmart.

2. Maintain an organized document system for the company

Walmart Marketplace requires much more than a social security number to get started. You won’t qualify if you only have a social security number. To qualify, you must register your business in the appropriate jurisdiction (precisely, the United States of America) and show the following documentation:

  • U.S. tax identification number
  • The W-9 form
  • A letter from the Department of Treasury verifying your EIN
  • U.S. address for business
  • U.S. address for the warehouse

Others may be found at the state government or your accountant’s, while some may be online. The documents you have gathered must be carefully reviewed, and the company information must be verified. All details about your company, such as phone number, address, and name, need to be consistent.

Approval or rejection can be delayed if there are discrepancies. You might want to ask your accountant to double-check whether your documents comply with federal and state regulations.

Walmart is opening its Marketplace to international sellers by lifting restrictions and onboarding select Chinese merchants. Walmart will accept W8 ECI and BENE on the application, but sellers must still have a U.S. distribution center or partner.

How do you become a Walmart seller outside of the U.S.?

Walmart does not currently accept applications from international sellers for its U.S. marketplace. The Department of Treasury may grant an exception for international sellers legally incorporated in the United States, possess a U.S. business tax I.D. (EIN), Form W-9, and an EIN Verification Letter proving their U.S. business location or address.

3. Customer service that is second to none

Zach Hekker, Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Walmart eCommerce, says Walmart Marketplace looks for sellers who are “excelling in meeting the customer promise.” Walmart Marketplace has strict customer service policies that all sellers must meet.

  • Business phone number (not a personal phone number)
  • A human response must be provided to every email within 24 hours
  • It must be possible to notify the Better Business Bureau or Attorney General within one hour if an emergency occurs
  • Support must be provided in English
  • Customers should be able to reach customer service representatives from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (EST-PST).
  • All representatives must be able to use voicemail while assisting other customers.
  • You have 24 hours to return all voicemails.

To provide an accurate assessment of your customer service, Walmart will review the reviews and ratings of your company across other eCommerce platforms. It would help if you addressed any shortcomings you may have in your company before applying.

Changes to your customer service procedure may be needed here. Ensure your team is up-to-date on any changes to policies and adequately trained to stay current.

4. Don’t forget to tailor your products to the Walmart community

If you sell products on Walmart, make sure your products are relevant to the products Walmart sells. Walmart still favors unique products and helps diversify its product lineup, though it is a loosely defined criterion.

The company is selling bedsheets; for example, it will not appeal to Walmart because they already have a variety of vendors to choose from. Similarly, Walmart won’t consider a luxury goods company where products cost significantly more than average Walmart products.

Examine the products you intend to sell carefully on Walmart Marketplace. Walmart’s business model fits them well if you can provide them at a cost that’s affordable, competitive, and fits everyone.

5. Ensure that your prices correspond to the model

Your products should be priced similarly to Walmart since Walmart’s prices are some of the lowest. You do not always have to sell your products at the lowest price, but you should come close to it. The Walmart search engine will search other websites offering the same product if it cannot find your listing.

If the buyer discovers you or another seller are selling your products for a lower price elsewhere (including shipping), the buyer may be rejected.

Besides your profit margins, it’s a good idea to think about other benefits you can offer as a way to make up for a low price. When competing with a competitor with a lower price, try shipping your product sooner.

6. Integrate your products effectively.

To sell on Walmart Marketplace, you will have to integrate your catalog as soon as possible and begin trading. Walmart Marketplace will require your integration strategy at the beginning of the process.

To succeed, you must organize your inventory corresponding to Walmart’s categories, know how many products you plan to sell in each category, and determine how you will store your merchandise on Walmart’s website.

Registration for Walmart Marketplace

Using the guidelines above, you will have an easier time getting Walmart’s approval. Let me now walk you through the steps required for registering as a Walmart seller. These simple steps will explain how to become a seller at Walmart! You begin by registering for Walmart Seller Central, creating a Walmart Partner Profile, adding inventory, and finally creating your Walmart seller central account.

If you are facing any issues with registering at Walmart marketplace, reach seller help Walmart for any related queries

Ensure all your documents and information are in order and fill out all applications completely.

How to set up your account at Walmart in 6 simple steps?

After learning how to become a Walmart seller, the next step is to learn how to set up your account at Walmart.

Step 1. Create an account on Walmart Marketplace

You must first apply for approval/create an account to begin the Walmart onboarding process. You will have to apply online for your Walmart Marketplace account – provide your contact information, and wait for an email that includes further information about your account. It typically takes just a few minutes to complete this step.

From this page, you can start the Walmart Onboarding Process without the hassle of doing it all yourself. Click Start Application to complete the Walmart seller application.

Step 2. Complete the registration form

Once you have been provided with information about your account, fill out the registration form. If you are using a laptop or tablet, you should complete the application in one sitting; it will take barely over 15 minutes. Walmart registration consists of five steps:

  • Registering for an account
  • Arrangement with Walmart Retailers
  • Company registration
  • Tax Form W-9
  • Information about payments
  • Detailed information about shipping

Step 3. Set up your partner profile

You must complete the “Launch Checklist” to register as a Walmart Marketplace Seller. After completing the Partner Profile and gaining access to the Seller Center, you will receive this list. This describes what you need to do to create an account with Walmart.

The first item on a company’s checklist should be completing their Partner Profile since, from here, customers can find information about their company, its name, description, logo, policies, and tax information.

According to the Checklist, the first step is:

  • Detailed information about the company
  • Service to customers
  • Contact management
  • Details about shipping
  • Consider implementing a refund policy
  • Policies Regarding Privacy
  • Detailed information about taxes

Here are some points to consider.

Company Info

The details of your company need to be updated here. Your Display Name, Logo, and a Short Description of your organization should be included.

Customer Service

The Customer Service section requires details about your company. Customers can see Customer Service’s email address, timings, and phone number here.

Manage Contacts

In this section, you can update details about people within your organization who handle different aspects of the business, such as technical, Customer Service, Content, Performance, and Shipping.


You should provide shipping details here, including shipping rates, shipping schedules, and shipping policies.


Return rules, Return fees, and Return methods need to be configured here.

Privacy Policy

Describe your privacy policy here.

Tax Info

It is essential to provide all tax-related information, such as Nexus, the Shipping Tax Codes. Please also include the Sales Tax Policy.

Once the Partner Profile is complete, 100% will appear in the Progress Bar in the top-right corner. The item will be completed and marked off your checklist upon completing all steps.

Step 4. Setting up the items

The next step is to choose how to integrate your products with Walmart before you create items. These are the options available to you:

  • Integration method using APIs
  • Uploading in Bulk
  • Method for single items
  • ​Solution Provider

You must complete the following steps after you have decided on an integration method:

  1. Your Walmart products should be categorized and subcategorized correctly. At Walmart, there are 24 categories. Within each category, there are subcategories. Make sure you pick the right one for your Walmart items.
  2. You now need to prepare image files or URLs. Be sure to follow Walmart’s image guidelines when creating product images.
  3. The Item Setup feed must be prepared. Using the API method, you should send the Item Feed details as XML files and using the Bulk method; they should be sent as Excel files.
  4. The final step involves uploading Item SetUp Feeds.

Step 5. Add your inventory

The Inventory Spec can be used to update inventory by clicking Bulk Updates under Items & Inventory. Click on the Bulk Inventory Update dropdown menu within the Select Spec Template and click Download. Fill out the following fields once you have downloaded the spec template Excel file:

  1. Those SKUs which you are updating.
  2. There is a new quantity of the SKU (stock)

Upload the completed file to the Bulk Updates page. You can now choose Bulk Inventory Update from the Select Spec dropdown. Click on Submit when the distribution facility is selected from the dropdown menu. Please keep in mind that you can upload inventory for only one facility at a time.

Step 6. You’re ready to launch

You must fulfill the following criteria after uploading inventory:

  1. Your catalog must have at least 10% (or 1000, whichever is lower) of the products in it.
  2. Your products must be correctly classified in at least 95% of the cases.

Click on ‘Ready to Launch’ after completing all the steps. Following that, you will see a popup asking you to confirm your readiness for launch. A message will be sent to the Walmart team as soon as you click that button. The team will evaluate your profile.

Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive a message from the group stating that it has been approved. When you receive this message from Walmart, the Walmart catalog should be available within 48 hours.

5 Tips on How Do you Become a Walmart Seller

We have gathered 5 easy tips on How do you become a Walmart seller told by marketplace experts.

1. Put together 2-3 products for testing before launching

At least one of your products must be tested and previewed before you can publish them on Walmart Marketplace. However, it is recommended that you try two to three items from your catalog for the best results.

2. Win the buy box

A Buy Box is a familiar term among businesses that have worked with Amazon. Walmart also makes use of a Buy Box to display product listings. You’ll become the first choice for users when adding a product to the Buy Box.

3. Deliverr is used to fulfill orders.

Walmart offers two-day free shipping through Deliverr, similar to Fulfillment by Amazon. The benefits are identical to those of Amazon Prime.

4. Assembling products bundles

You become a Walmart seller through the use of product bundles. Bundling offers both values to shoppers and the ability to move out-of-stock products that are slow to move.

5. Running Walmart performance advertising.

Utilizing Walmart Performance Ads (WPAs) and Walmart Sponsored Products is possible for companies that use Deliverr. To get started, contact Deliverr. Walmart’s performance ads are also available to companies that do not use Deliverr, but you must apply through their Marketplace team.


A key aspect of Walmart’s reputation is its superb customer service and affordable products. Walmart Marketplace thoroughly vets its sellers to ensure that they can sell on their third-party platform, so it’s not surprising.

To be sure that your application meets all Walmart Marketplace requirements, you should take the time to double-check each step described in this article. In the case of haphazardly submitted applications, rejection is most likely.

We hope this article provides easy guidance on how to sell on Walmart for new sellers. If you have any queries regarding How do you become a Walmart seller, do let us know in the comment section.

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